Tuesday, November 5, 2013

does the occupy movement target its own members?

the occupy movement is obsessed with raising minimum wage...well ive worked a lot of minimium wage jobs and although id like a hell of a lot more pay and cannot tolerate busting...literally breaking my back and busting my ass for rude degrading managers that dont even let you break for 15 minutes even when you are on break without putting a company slogan or directive in your face...i cant tolerate 40 hours of that every week for 220 dollars....220 dollars somthing people making in a day for a less demanding job..yeah thats fair..fucking ridiculous..then again ive worked amongst some of the most arrogant ignorant corporate suck ups that dont give a shit if the company is bad..that hustle on its behalf..that mistreat their fellow coworkers and that dont really have a very demanding experience while working for the store..but of course these people are somehow noble because they make minimum wage and look like theyre really busting their ass. these people will assume the role of the boss when dealing with other employees will insult and put their coworkers and police them then suck up to malicious corporation behind the business.  you know what occupy i dont give a shit if these assholes only make minimum wage. these people give shitty service and are rude and demanding of customers...then when they assume the role of customer they behave the same way to the person working that happens to be serving them.  if some schoolyard bully who is part time gangsta graduates with his D average and only gets paid minimium wage when he isnt selling his bitch or shaking someone else down i dont give a shit if he makes minimum wage...then again their are people who have potential who are decent who cant even afford a living being worked far too hard by these companies fgor far too little..of course they are the voice of the movement but who is really profitting off of their cries...let me tell you handing yourself over full time to a company that treats you like shit that overworks you and brainwashes you its fucking awful....the problem is these corporations work some of their employees arent under the same demands as some of these work horses that they make out of their fellow employees these employees that "own" or "pwn" as they call it their fellow employees do not deserve an increase in their wages.. .  some people they shouldnt just make more than minimum wage they shouldnt even be in those places in the fucking first place.  regardless occupy movement are you merely looking for sheep to make into your own sheep with all this preach preach preach about spiritualism and loving islam and being a fucking budha who doesnt want to crush an ant because taking life is bad karma or whatever fucking nonsense insane bullshit spiritualism they pawn off as wise when they get some high enough to listen to them...fuck religion..im not going to tolerate that delusional brainwashing bullshit but hey man not being tolerant is being bad! according to these occupy fuckers your supposed to have an open mind..open for the bullshit theyre pushing..and if you don't tolerate it then you are an intolerant know it all or some other line of bullshit... poor people are noble and righteous...yeah right.sure they act like they are purely on the grounds that theyre poor when theyre running in mobs or being pimps pushers and thugs but hey its ok its cause theyre poor..some are but ive met quite  afew who are not but who wear the fact that they are poor like a badge of honor when they arent being belligerent hustlers.  these people will sit with the homeless to try to sell them some crack or manage them and if you look at them with disgust its..."oh excuse me dees be real people they aint just trash we actually communicate with these people we aint a snob like you!"  there are thugs on the street jumping frail homeless people maliciously attacking them saying things like "you my bitch if you dont carry this crack around up your ass from one neighborhood to the next ill stick you with an aids infected needle! cuz you my nigga now hoe!"  then they get caught and they look sheepish and rap to the world "Yo the streets is hard we be just trying to make a buck!" feel sorry for us..meanwhile theres someone staggering around out there with their teeth knocked out.  you shouldnt tolerate bullshit. thats exactly what the bad government and dirty corporations expect of you if the occupy movement expects that as well than what the fuck kind of revolution is that?

you want to know whats revolutionary occupy members....you dont say "raise the minimium wage for us!" you say "FUCK YOUR MINIMIUM WAGE JOB! stick it up your fucking ass we dont need to be floor moppers and shelf stockers and dish washes! go fuck yourself!" you be the clods we'll be the gods...you can have your fucking time wasted for 8 dollars an hour kissing peoples asses when you arent scrubbing cheese off some pan and we'll sit in our corporate towers and collect our fortunes off your asses!"

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