Friday, March 9, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Just Posed For Playboy

A starved body, fake breasts, a blonde wig, and pumps. Young women that are brainwashed into thinking they've got to look like this, that this is cool, that are bullied into thinking that they will be accepted if they follow suit are being deluded. These women on the streets are thin and frail and they get manhandled by pimps and lowlifes easily. They end up being given "free drinks" with pills crushed in them..they end up snorting lines and hitting random cigarettes because the playboy mansion's motto is that "Life's a party." I don't mean to sound like a preachy Muslim because we stone women in this country too. According to Lady Gaga

I've had a little bit too much
All of the people start to rush.
Start to rush babe.
A dizzy twister dance
Can't find my drink or man.
Where are my keys, I lost my phone.
What's going on on the floor?
I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore.
Keep it cool what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, alright.

Just dance. Gonna be okay.
Just dance. Spin that record babe.
Just dance. Gonna be okay.
Dance. Dance. Dance. Just dance.

So when your drunk and you don't know where you are...hey "Just dance" just dance and it'll be okay. These women are seriously exploited by these companies with role models like Lady Gaga and Kesha.

They are desperate for approval from people that don't appreciate them to begin with. here is keshas degenerate contribution to the world: Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city (Let's go) Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack 'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back young women that emulate this behavoir are liable to get dragged off to rehab by the wrong crowd, but when kesha does women are exploited by this mob produced shit. brushing your teeth with jack Daniels? what kind of low life mafia bullshit preaches that is cool. its almost like they want to fuck up these women womenthatwant acceptance from egomaniac pimps that say they've got "daddy issues" because no one loves them. and thus bend over backwards to please arrogant scum that they think they need to constantly work for their approval or to please them. What pimp designed this archetype of woman? It is all the ideal qualities pimps demand. A breed of exploited woman formulated by hugh heffnor. A big old pimp that sits in his cheesy mansion with his different breeds of slave girls in his sleazy robe. Fuckin' mormon trash. Lindsay Lohan is a role model...well more of an idol, but what she is doing is selling women all over the country short, but hey it's a fat check showing off a skinny body. But if you look at similar role models in her demographic they are doing the same things Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera. Britney Spears who sings "I'm a slave for you" Christina Aguilera recently made a movie called Burlesque in which she moves to a new city and wants to be a strip dancer so badly because of how "glamorous" it is that she works for free. If that's cool then shit it's hip to be square. The film's scenes in which she strips and sings on stage are made to look glamorous. In reality these women are preyed on by their very employers they shouldnt aspire to be in once of those shitholes. Bullies instill in them a negative self image so they conform to these loose, desperate approval seeking, self loathing women that get bullied for life. They're damaged goods..thats a bad thing..not a good thing. no matter what prostitution inc. says..It is a bad thing. these women dont need to work so hard to be prettier for people that don't appreciate them they don't need rehab and they don't need Jesus. They need a decent environment and to not be surrounded by assholes. These are smart skilled human beings that are being sold short for hustlers and they get preyed on like weak antelope's. The only person that loves them is themselves and the people that bully them then probably deem them as narcissistic or judge them as whores. In reality they are deprived, degraded, and taken advantage of by all the different kinds of sleaze out all of us they need decent human contact. They aren't the trash. It's their pimps out their making them downtrodden and deluded. It's the priests telling them that they are wicked whores. women are whored. its a fact. they arent whores they are whored. But hey they are so used to being the problem they'll believe that it's their fault for being pimped because they were sinfull or some other line of bullshit from another fraudulent authority that manipulates those of us with weak defense ws. In the middle east men that take women as their subservient livestock that take them as their wives and control them like their property threaten to kill them for showing their faces to other men in this christian nation the exact opposite is done..these women are practically naked in public and stoned in a different manner with drugs and booze but they are still traded as property from pimps that keep them knocked up with degrading comments and the back of their hand. Two different sides of the same coin. OWNED WOMEN. They are told how to dress whether to cover themselves up entirely or to expose themselves entirely...its a nightmare...they rule these women

the christian church preaches that god was a man that made women to please and serve him...that women were tempted by the devil and thus ruined man. what kind of fucked up perverse shit are they teaching their livestock aka the women they traffic and own

women you dont need to hide your bodies or expose your bodies

then again maybe you do if your pimp and his mob demands it

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