Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spotlight on criminal media: South Park

south park encourages kids to laugh at things such as homosexuals, the holocaust, sadomasochism, and torture...the mentally tries to launder what it does by claiming its being satirical or ironic. but thats not what we were laughing at when i was a kid watching south park with my friends..they were poking fun of the retarded and gays and things like the holocaust..when they encourage its target demographics of kids in middle schools despite the M rating that these things are in fact funny...and supporting a culture of not some madd mother i dont care about joking and toilet humor but i cannot believe the shit these shows on comedy central have us laughing at..

the holocaust is perhaps one of thee most horrendous events in modern history killing 8 million jews almost the population of new york city...that is SO MANY PEOPLE! all of them experimented on, children
worked in factories, old ladies executed, gypsies and cripples considered defective and experimented these nazi assholes that made master races off of these "downcaste" peoples.its not a trivial issue..the gravity of those horrible events are not hitting home..they would take 5 jewish prodigies the davids the smartest, the fastest, the strongest, the wisest and take it all out of them put needles in their spines to get their mental juices..their testosterone glandes and put it into a nazi to make a goliath a progeneator..the one with the pros genes..they would then take that german super man breed him with all the poor german women to make their super hitler youth..this is fucked up shit its not fucking funny..then they disposed of those jews after working them..they robbed them of their talents made brain drugs and steroids and aminos...for armies...casting them down to build themselves up..the jews a...theres nothing funny about it yet..south park encourages immature kids that dont understand it to laugh at it..then when they exhibit this behavoir people are absolutely disgusted by them making public enemies out of these black SHEEP that emulate this behavoir because they are under its influences..then there are very real bullies that now its awful and do laugh at it... the holocaust is so fucking awful for the entire human race, society, civilization itself that the fact we have programs on networks like comedy central mocking the retarded in crank yankers and different races and being sexist and making these cheap horribly offensive cartoons that raise these fucking brainwashed youths is bad news..comedy central's chappelle show features a character called tyrone biggums who is a homeless crack addict that people laugh and mock...crack addiction isnt funny...the holocaust isnt funny...homosexuals are made to be mocked and laughed at etc etc...crank yankers mocks the retarded like south park does..they mock the fat the ugly..its gets to a point where it breaks down ino some very mean shit..and there are mean people that laugh at that who go into these highschools and start harrassing other people for being gay or fat or different and these types of networks advocate it..maybe you interpret the show percieve it in a different context but your not aware of the other contexts and shit happens under your nose...

the nazis got away with their crimes by claiming that they were putting down defectives, gypsies aka thieves, and jews which were the bad justify what they were doing and a lot of the common german people bought this...this was a lie..they were rounding up people people they could use to make master races..they needed those :"human resources" and they used them to death..that was how they escaped their post world war 1 depression by using up 8 million jews..working them to death and literally sucking the life out of them for their experiments with their fucking eugenics doctors.

nothing to fucking laugh atbut in this country you have black power fucks doing the same shit..bashing jews raising their fists in the air.instead of raising their hand out....people for america AFTER the sacrifices made to defeat the germans..they start doing it here...sounds crazy..but these black power fucks just like white power fucks saying the jews are rich bankers controlling the world or that the jews blew up the trade center..from these crazy making dope pushing slum lord crack dealing black power america beating on jewish peoples.."gimmy your money bitch! oh you wont cause you a covetous JEW!..they gay bash as well.." comedy central seems to work with this type of culture with chappelle show and twisted shit like south park...some of these black power fucks they say shit like the holocaust never happened!! there are fucks practicing genocide in africa today..then theyll say that never happened..good god people unite and stop these fucks....the gypsies werent bad people..they got gyped . .....those poor damned jews who are gone forever while south park is making stupid jokes off this absolutely hugely tragic event.  its fucking ass dont laugh at shit that you should cry at..who thought up that desensitization bullshit..who were the add wizards that thought it might be a good idea to fuck up how we're wired emotionally to make us what less self aware of the SHIT becase thats what they sell fucking SHIT...nowonder they make these fucking shows...our fucking history those poor people who died just so viacom could dance on their graves. they dont teach a lot of this eugenics shit to the mainstream but for some reason they do encourage us to laugh at gays and retards..they ENCOURAGE IT...  As far as im concerned thats almost as bad as what those nazis did.the holocaust isnt trivial... how dare they disrespect those people that were put through such hell..fuck them...fuck that show..fuck that business..what are they a monopoly viacom: mtv, nickelodeon, vh1, comedy central, fx, they have a thousand networks some are the only ones their market sees.  they used to put nickelodeon one channel down from mtv which was playing gangsta rap..videos about pimping and dope pushing. people still think that shits legitimate and they dont study the other contexts of the rappers music they get a nice friendly mainstream version of it then they think lowlifes like eminem and snoop dogg arent that bad..they would put nickelodeon cartoons on mtv..those poor people destroyed in those camps.but im sure being serious about stuff that viacom says you shouldnt be serious about is uncool...right...

thanks viacom..make some jokes about people dying from agent orange or the fucking nukes that were bully assholes..comedy central is basically taking the most horrible stuff on earth and encouraging uneducated people who dont feel anything real regarding those issues to laugh at them or for we're a laughing at atrocities i said they mock the retarded, crackheads who are homeless, mentally retarded people..they encouraged me to laugh at that shit and people blatently laughed at those characters for very cruel reasons and in high school people laughed at the retarded and the gay..are you seeing a correlation here...then when chappelle is done mocking a homeless crack addict he throws on some hip hop rapper who was probably in a gang that dealt crack who is supposed to be real poetic and cool..ive heard this black power shit straight from african americns and they preach some of thee most racist bigotry gay bashing, jew hating, criminal conspiratorial shit..the jews want to keep their money from the black man...then when they demand you pay them protection money and you refuse...your a covetous jew in love with money..a filthy fucking stereotype..but hey its uncool to call them water mellon loving niggers right but its ok for them to be power raises a fist white power same all for african american history and africasn american rights but this black power shit is all about heroin marijuana and crime..they act like black gangs are their people getting back in touch with tribalism..that their graffiti and criminal codes are ebonics and culture and they are extremely racist towards whites, women, gays...its fucked up..viacom loves eminem and hip hop groups..eminem a massive gay basher that had his publicist clean up his image to avoid negative publicity who then performed with elton john and said he was for gay marriage in a line in one of his songs just so mainstream america would hve a positive opinion of his shit..nevermind all that faggot bashing prior to that..that was 15 minutes ago so your probably already forgot it..these thugs they call men who are senstivie faggots that you gotta be cold hearted because they are thugs and they really do push drugs..they rape men in prisons and call the person they raped a faggot..they threaten faggots with a cross around their nexk.."you trying to ruin the sanctity of marriage you sick queer!" it goes on and on..people dont realize when eminem uses the word bitch he is often refering to a man...see they call faggots bitch as well..

yeah they got me laughing at gays and retards and im sure im the asshole but know this that was encouraged and they got kids going out there and gay bashing and mocking the retarded very mean spirited. why? i dont know when you hear about the mentally retarded being abused in care facilities or taken advantage of it gets worse..the hole gets a little deeper...south park also disrespects the elderly stereotyping them as clueless old codgers...i guess the lesson is dont listen to your elders kids theyre not cool keep tuning into our shit..we got all the hip hop hyper consumer bullshit you dont need but we'll make you want programming out boils down to this when viacom wants you to buy somthing and you'd rather hold onto your money because what theyre selling is cheap shit..why then you're probably being a "covetous jew"  seriously they dont like people that hold onto their money rather than buy their trash maybe thats why they dont take the holocaust seriously

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