Friday, September 28, 2012

the disgusting nature of strip clubs (obvious right)

these places are not some fucking pastime something every man has to do for his bachelor party or some bullshit..they are human trafficking crime managed shitholes

a lot of strip clubs have the policy looking but no touching the psychology behind this is to actually make the men want to touch even get them to buy dances or to get protitution services in the surrounding who touch these women get thrown out then propositioned outside if they are looking for some "real fun"...often times if men aarent buying the owners of the women in the box seats who are watching the crowds around the stage tell them to spice it up or comment that the stock is no longer so fresh...just like a meat market.  often times bouncers serve as pimps claiming to be protecting the girls from larger clientel who are too "grabby" when in reality they muscle them and deal them drugs..the drugs are to get their money back after they strip for it..thus bringing their paycheck back to their owners...drugs are a staple in the backs of these places, meths, cocaines, cracks, ices, heroins, pills...pills are populaur for their discreteness and a lot of the women have "psychological problems"  you would too if you were fucking owned by people...anyways they are purposely hooked on drugs byn the staff that "protects" them or guards them to get those dollars back.  after their strip shifts they then fuck customers that hang around looking for real action which they also try to offer drugs to to hook other people.  these places should be bombed off the map..raided by swat teams..made illegal..they arent just good fun theyre fucking sex industry scams. if someone asks you to go to a strip club: just say no...these strippers often profess adamantly with great conviction "im not a hooker"  bullshit thats what the muscle oh i mean the "bouncer" gets their feather weight ass to say to make us all think those places are innocent novelty places that men just need to go to.  ive seen these strippers and they are FUCKED UP...drug addicted with poor self esteem fucked up bodies from fake tits to premature aging...and serious scars emotionally and physically. they all have the same brainwashed idea that theyre going to be hollywood stars..that the stripping will afford them a new life..places like "Busty Hearts" whore these women and they hunt male clientel also from the "boxseats" watching how certain men react to the show.  seeing if anyone of them is watching a little too closely..its hugely illegal crime run bullshit. whats ironic is a lot of these bouncers that strong arm these women take "self defense" classes meaning they take them down by their hair, put them in arm bars, choke holds..they say its for handling the men which they do muscle also..but these guys are twice as deadly when handling malnourished women who are kept high all the time.  why do these women attack them because..they fucking HATE THEM. so these big mike tyson mother fuckers take karate and self defense and learn all these dirty tricks to keep those "hoes" down.

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