Thursday, September 20, 2012

drug dealers that abuse someone while they are on a substance to kill them internally

pimps and pushers give their "hoes" deliberate overdoses and sometimes threaten to beat them or exert them while their body is also cranked up on the drug this does hell to them internally and makes the like shriveled up prematuraly aged wrinkled people...they are often sapped of their bodies own strengths and then pushed around while cranked up on drugs..then when theyre off the drugs they fuckin rehab clinics keep them on lesser drugs to extend their lives to get MORE work out of them...then their bodies die...used up..theyre not the users they got used. they do have a substance abuse problem people put them on a substance then abuse them and it reaks havoc on them side note..what is wrong with this incase you have no seen eminem minis they are like little pills in those little pill bottles that they sold to us as kids...that kids said were cool to other kids....big pharma often tries to create the impression that drugs are good drugs are candy they make candy drugs all the time from candy flavbred booze, to candy flavored cigarettes to candies that look like drugs...ENOUGH! even chocolate has caffeine in it that shit can be potent. we aren't bunnies with racing hearts you fuckng drug businesses...we know it keeps us up for a work day..let people sleep on the job they dont need heart attacks from years of stimulants... gangster rappers like EMINEM gee golly what a coincendece talk about how great vicadin is and they arent trying to get these fucking kids medicated when theyre teenagers...then guess what they have lifelong problems...i guess big tobacco isnt working anymore so now theyre putting them on pills and not even giving them a choice about it...fuck em..they say its cool to pop those fucking things, or good to pop them, or to inject them, then they say oh you were doing that because you were self medicating and need to be on pills for life..this is considered healthy while smoking fucking thanks..they sold them that lifestyle then bullshitted them into continuing it to get better..its a hustle..pills arent candy but here is candy sold in pill form in a pill bottle...oh yummy the green ones are my favorite thanks big pharma..problem is when they put them on heavy medications in mental wards things happen like people stop finding enjoyment out of life..start losing their feelings..OOPS bad a poison apple to knock our asses out...our those when somebody fucks with halloween candy..candy can be dangerous kids...especially when they give you somthing that looks good, you think is good, they say is good and it takes all your feeling away! you know how precious your feeling is..perhaps dont know what you got till its gone right...but if you spit that shit up youll end up tied down getting injections of it so...dont be a sucker they dont give you freedom in those corporate controlled shitholes dont get roped into those lifestyles folks..dont touch the shit..dont fall for their bullshit..their drugs arent cool or good their hospitals and rehab centers are also scams..just say no to that shit

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