Friday, September 28, 2012

slave labor is not a thing of the past in this country

there are an enormous amount of slaves in this country owned by the retail giants, worked on farms, collecting cans, servents in abusive homes, cutting potatoes...trafficked by abusers working in labor
rackets..blinded with poisons like crack and booze put on speeds or caffeines...they do a lot of work for being lazy bums in the harshest conditions..they do so much can collecting for the stores then recieve a few cents for their entire days work...bringing in loads of metal and glass off the streets for these companies...then they spend it once they get it on the very store milking them for liqour to kill the pain to quench their thirst to warm them up in the cold to take the edge off whatever theyre slaves.  it is modern day slavery.  they sleep under porches in alleys paying protection to avoid being sicked by someone's rotweiller or pricked with an aids infected needle..they have no liberty...people take their dignity for a few cents making them dance for a penny. labor rackets private security cartels love destitute people that they can push around for the company.  little old ladies used as maids who get jumped at the end of the night used to carry drugs in their grocery bags get their food taken then when theyre sick from breathing chemicals on the job and skinny those robbers say theyre lousy drug addicts....there are abused women and children and men used as servents in their gang run communities ruled by slum lords or abusive partners that work them from home..disturb their peace,,threaten them...then tell them they need to go get a job to bring money back to the home to pay their master. slavery is at large in america but its glossed over..destitute bums are said to have destroyed their own lives battered women are said to have options....migrant farmers arent seen in the towns..potatoe cutters are in the back at night or there prior to any shift.  they make cents on the hour just enough to keep them alive..much like giving slaves a piece of moldy bread the drugs are used to keep them easy to hustle easy to keep from getting themselves out or going to the law.  many of these slaves are inf act scared of the police  who dont want to be caught on drugs or smuggling someones dope they run because if they get caught theyll be kept in jail fined and then when released punished by the very thugs whose dope they lost and made to pay another fine or lose a finger or get pricked with an aids infected needle...the monopolies have taken this capitalist market and made it brutal, desperate, unforgiving.  perhaps its always been...things like food shelter, healthcare, these shouldnt be commodities they are necessities. when they are commodities the people toil just to provide for themselves out of fear of starvation or being stuck out there in that concrete desert under the elements.  they work all their days , they sell their most personal possessions just to say a float.  they rely on coffees and cigarettes and scratch lottery tickets and dream of a way out...while their masters pump iron and hustle their tired bones.  slavery was abolished Lincoln would be rolling in his grave because its abhorrent out there..there are gangstas that manage these people take them for everything theyre worth, retard them then take that money and invest in opportunity for themselves..while good people are trampled and bad people are moving up in the world...NOT GOOD. who knows what evils some gangster with a degree will think up...who knows what scams or what complex hustles they will learn and develop.  trust me these people are not protected. they are the subject of bigotry and not so random random attacks.  the streets of this country are disgusting it keeps people extremely deseperate so if they have to deal with a slum lord they'll tolerate it because thats better than being out there where these gangstas and thugs get away with rape, murder, and heinous acts of cruelty.  they'll knock somebodies teeth out and call them stupid crack heads.  then when theyre trembling from the stress theyre always under people will judge them as disgusting drug addicts. there are people who will take someone's food if they bought it with food stamps saying..."this is our food we paid for it with OUR taxes..get a job!"  they get a job and these same people push them around making them their bitch working them hard never giving them a break..hustlers. they aren't in jails people theyre managing their human resources. yeah there is a slave trade in this country. mobs find poor people and try to beat them down into being their servants into feeling lowly and cheap. its beyond uncivilized in these communities and on these streets

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