Wednesday, September 26, 2012


wouldnt it be ironic if all these movies and bands and shows were ripped off from other peoples work and they have copywrite protection because they dont want to be ripped off...meanwhile theyre selling smoking to kids, drinking, sex, and working for labor rackets...i hope not

why is gangster rap copywrite protected when these crooks are telling people "bitch shut your trap" just what kind of message are they sending those millions of people...if they bitch they should shur their mouths? this lyric is while snoop dogg dances around with a marijuana leaf on his microphone pretending to be some peaceful guy then he tells someone to shut the fuck up and does a drive by he has lyrics such as "smoke weed everyday" that he plays for kids...fucking liar drug dealer...hes some fucking marlboro man only its weed theyre dealing now...maybe not all marijuana is bad..however they want that shit gluing our mouthes up and making us forget stuff.  big pharma threw it in pill form..maybe their is a medical application for it however big pharma isnt doing that with their business..they sell mexican kids livers to rich old people that want life extension...they sell love in  alittle pill to make the person they hit feel better and more able to cope with it.  back when they were shocking people they forced them to get jobs and they would start shaking and trembling on the job from the stress and trauma of the horrible abuse at which point they had to take their pills.dont want them reliving that shit on the job glue a smile to their face then have their trembling hand hand you your fucking coffee..thanks healthcare you broke us on purpose. they shoot the messenger believe me.  they call them whackos because they get whacked.  they wander the streets with broken legs walking because theyre too afraid to stop..gee whiz police you think they get followed and harassed. they get corralled into businesses and their identities are stolen for good charity money then they are deemed incompetent.  shit after a few of those shocks after those doses of drugs youd be pretty fucking incompetent too.  they make people mentally retarded then give them a 50 dollar scooter that they bill the government for. how bout not crippling them you fucking evil doers.  dont jack their you can get shit out of them against their will. they make people crack under enormous pressure while loaded on drugs..its abuse through a substance because their bodies become fucked up from the drugs while under the precious and BREAK DOWN..they DIE inside and who knows what gets taken from them..its not HEALTHCARE..take the money out of it and free these people from their grasp.  They steal our love after we visit them in those shitholes by shaking them down for it. like they were stealing gold watches while those people shit their guts out in some fucking hospital bed till their legs are covered in bed sores..and theyre withered up mumies getting vitamin supplements instead of real wonder they get mad and get "senile" with em thats when they start giving them the maranol their little pot pills to make them forget shit...same idea it gets them to die another day. like giving starving africanss endorphin pills to get them to carry their loads..those pills arent curing people theyre working for the industry doing two jobs at once making their victims forget their abuse and find some love not in their real lives...they want addiction, they want substance abuse..they fucking WANT IT..its more business...they might as well be giving them dirty old blunts they bought at the local conveinence store that they bought off some drug dealer..but the pr club thought nah we need to make those look like medicine so they made Marinol...but it does the same shit. Meanwhile snoop dogg is out there telling all those high women with a pimp just like some abusive nurse.."bitch shut yo trap" with his fucking rap songs..that shit iscopywrite protected!? snoop dogg should be picking up garbage at the side of the fucking road...hes no artist he works in drug crowds sending out hate speech on behalf of hateful assholes. hes hitler  hes the great leader for these pimps and pushers that all say hes the coolest when hes just a fucking person like the rest of us not some god to be idolized.  he's idolized because he tells bitches to shut their traps!? and dances around with weed costumes for crowds..what a fucking talentless motherfucker next theyll get eminem a great big wife beater to join him on stage..telling kids how great mixing valium and vodka is with vodka to take edges off their bitches.  eminem thats a fucking childrens candy and have you heard the shit he's selling.  his mass produced cds are WMDs.  the reason dr dre and eminem are so tight with eachother is theyre both in the drug sells crack in the ghetto the other meth in the trailer park they both have livestock in battered women and kids bitches and hoes that they beat knock up and push around.  great lets give THEM a fucking stage.  so those beat kids and women really do look up to them now..the dictators that keep them down are their great leaders..they make them love them with all their heart when they fucking sell them like theyre nothing to them after hurting them physically and drugging them up then they call them bitches for getting upset.  they get upset if their fucking shitty pimp shoes get scuffed but when their dying bitch starts crying after getting gang fucked.."den she jus be actin like a bitch yo give that bitch some valium for her crazy ass..she be like breaking down in front of people n' shit."  lets all listen to hitler rap or somthing like that..because thats what we're fucking doing in this country when we listen to eminem or snoop dogg.they should be in abu ghraib not in mansions in Beverly hills.  we should all go to some sleezy strip club and watch eminem strip all night with a bruise on his eye for a few dollars then when he cries we can fuck him. and then shout faggot at him because he seems to think that saying everybody bad is a faggot and that his wife is a horrible bitch when shes terrorized by him and that drugs solve everything when things are bad...eminem theirs a lot more to rap about than killing the person who birthed your fucking kid..if you loved your daughter you might stop emotionally killing her poser fuck...he should be getting shock treatment for opening his goddamn fucking mouth...but instead theyre plugging him into industrial sized speakers and letting him deal dope to the masses for companies that support his grossly excessive lifestyle...that mob consigliere fuck

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