Friday, September 21, 2012

"hustles and hustlers" poems im working on..will be updated

In car nation-
dead roads,
glass blows
the fire explodes
 inside the engines
the machines pistons move
and the dirt swirlls
the exhaust swells
you can see it simmer in the distance
 like a blanket of chemicals
 like gas on a grill
they need wind to cleanse it
 before it turns yellow it rains acid,
entire forests die
fuels that percolate throughout the system
turning wild berries into bitter acid
while fresh water is used
to water fields for priced foods
because of those over glorified tools
 those chariots of fire
 that people use to spoil themselves
live without them for a while
 at least try it
you don't need cleaner fuels
 more oils just less driving
 it's an easy problem to fix
doesn't require much hard thinking at all
to avert this energy crisis
 no cruel or unusual solutions sick designs
 its free to walk, but you cant anywhere on these roads
they're just monotone distances sidewalks
at the side
for those charging bulls It's nicer in the mornings or the nights
before the gas hits the streets
you can see it red and pink
in the sky sometimes
 i wonder if that rainbow
is just fucking oil from the puddle
 turning cancers loose on our aveoli

 ------- GERRY - there are holy creeps out there farmers making migrant workers toil with a belly full of fuel that they whip and abuse till they have horrible migraines then when they lay down to sleep theyy hit them with a hose or kick hem and say get up collect! then those cruel traffickers they go to their churches and say lord forgive us for our sins while they teach their victims \\ to forgive and forget not giving them any choice in the matter..they pay them in "charity"..clothes and old bread tht someone else gave them..then they preach love thy fellow man to another congregation with a slaves identity that they wrung out for a clean image their churches are afforded by slavery 'they claim to help the homeless and runaways beat up whores and junkies then they force them to work and roll them TRAFFICKERS! they slander those of us trying to make this world better keep us high and knocked out...use their kids to beat them up...then they make them into jonesing junkies that just want to give your money back to their master after they beg for it...just for some cigarette or some crack worth jack shit in reality..they collect cans all day for a drink of fuel recycling for the superstore that gives them cents and then they give it right back for swill..they have no choices..theyre cheap yet theyre worth fortunes..TRAFFICKERS! with their two faces one for the public thats nice and decent one for their slaves that's mean and threatening...slavery in this modern age just as brutal as it ever was..while those slave owners those masters preach what they dont practice

pay a lot for diamonds
just because they think
diamonds are expensive
fish in a barrel
stupid pasttimes fed through
the tubes
company produced
hustles..riding you
like peoples trading
for shiny stones
shiny beads
diamonds can be
made in a lab
mass produced
by artificially pressuring coal
theyre as a common as a penny
some fools buy one
just to win some heart
destiny fate love
love is realer than a diamond
it doesn't require a diamond
to express your love
these stores that deal these stones
raking in US dollars
have slaves digging them out of the dirt
in 3rd world countries
under machine guns
and still you buy them with your
income like idiots
you can buy many complex things
for those prices yet you pay
for a shiny stone
because your in love
some men they have disposable incomes
and buy those diamonds
just to buy a woman's heart

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