Tuesday, August 28, 2012

criminals using 'offense' as their best defense

this is a pivotal criminal tactic..in which they violate somebody then act like it was somthing bad done to them...ill give you some specific examples. christian thugs may harass stalk and beat up someone who is jewish claiming'you killed our lord!' they may assault homosexuals saying they are disgusted by their lifestyle. that theyre sick queers..who really need religion..to clean their deviant souls.they may stalk and harrass them claiming theyre trying to save them.. that their lifestyle offends them..when theirvictimswere minding their own business.when in fact their harassers are the ones going out of their way to offend someone with slurs aimed at the person's orientation or religion..attacking important parts of that persons identity which is in fact offensive...then these abusers claim theyre the ones being offended...its a bizarre hustle that pisses me off. "offense is their best defense" there are black thugs that prey on whitepeople..if they jump and rob a white person..they claim things like 'your rich ass has money because your people robbed us for years!'without even knowing the person. they act genuinly offended at the person..that THEY JUST STOLE THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY FROM.... to those of us who worked hard for our money and who are descendants of poor hardworking..serfs..people who hardly had a slice of bread in our stomachs muchless owned people.. in more manipulative situations where someone is deprived by abusers..depravity occurs...if someone is kept from sleeping..they may not want to work turn into 'couch potatoes' are considered 'slothy' they arent lazy theyre deprived. however the same people that deprive them ofsleep...get offended by their 'laziness' they do this with their "hoes" that they knock up with drugs and knock down their self esteems with abuse so they can get away with this. They may kick their passed out slave who was working for them all night and say.."Git outta here hoe you so lazy!" offended by them as if they were loathsome...such people are sociopathic..they are criminals that rob and manipulate socially. .

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