Sunday, August 26, 2012

'green energy' cruel and unusual way people heat and cool their businesses

pro-pain heat the person is given a severe second degree burn growingup and their body cannot insulate itself because of the damage done..then they are put in a cold environment a dark room with the air conditioner on full blast...because of this essentially their body diffuses heat. when they work or exert themselves all their body heat passes through the 'membraine'aka their skin. they call these mutilated people skinjobs..bernies...the skin is treated over the course of childhood such as submersing them in freezing cold water until it goes numb..often the excuse used for doing this is that the kid had a "fever".  the skin no longer regulates the body but rather becomes a "membrane"  its 'green' energy. pro-pain when they work they give off heat..conversely when their body gives off heat it becomes very cold and thus can be usedto absorb theyre heaters in the winters and acs in the the summer theyre given a freezing beverage on break. the chill cools them so that they absorb heat..they can also be given a drug or a 'chillpill'.to make their bodies cold and thus absorb the surrounding heat .its fucking disgusting. this energy is free..and we all know how costly energybills are. to produce heat again the persons health is sacrificed. giving them bowel obstructions/constipation makes them give off heat while straining or hitting them all of a sudden with diarrhea forces them to hold it in "incontinence" which then produces heat..gastrointestinal problems deliberately caused by medications which also produce heart burn..severe acid reflex or angina which again..causes aggravation and body heat to be given off. emotional abuse and deliberate aggravation through degradation also makes them heat up through emotional abuse. obstructing their airways also causes heat production. as well as rushing them physically or putting them under extreme pressures..constantly telling them their job is on the line...then giving them multiple tasks all of a sudden with ten minutes left in their shift...just to get as much heat out of them. then they forgive them for not finishing all their work the 'impossible task they were given to relieve them..then they do it again the next shift.deliberately to hustle them for heat. they rush them while obstructing airways etc etc to again increase heat production. drugs and energy drinks with herbs also cause them to heat up as well as reactions to detergents their uniform is washed with. they refer to these people as 'stars' many end up with skin cancer when the skin starts to rot after years of use...with bowel and urethra obstructions a vent is placed in the restroom over the straining victims body..the vent then flushes the heat to other parts of the facilities these are the little corners these fucking monopolies save money..these types of fucked up companies have pharmacies in them for Christ sake. these companies shouldnt be trusted with a fucking butterknife. they have an underbelly. theyre involved in identity theft..then they sell protection for it.theyre hugely fraudulent,dangerous monopolies...engaged in fucking the human heaters theyre pushing around...sometimes literally in wheelchairs..these businesses are fraudulent,criminal,dangerous usurpers of wealth. they employe gangstas to manage keep the 'flock' in line.these thugs extort their pay for company insurance the money they work for goes right back to the plans which take a large portion of their pay but ensures that they will be kept from abuse so that they can keep up the work. these are depictions of the human heaters found in popular culture..note the sunburn on the "warhead" .if this person goes to war with them and their industry or if the person is a "cop" about it....consequently families that do this to their kids are horrible criminals..once the person is burned as a kid they are harassed as an adult in criminal circles to cause heat production from aggravation or obstruct them to increase heat production from extreme aggravation or physical exertion or pain.

there motivation behind this is to keep the price of gas down for themselves They have hidden atrocities that they dont speak of and we're left to deal with their shit. green energy is a good idea after their public relations shows you pictures of wind turbines solar pannels and blue skies but out there on the ground they are taking burned children from families that purposely burn their kids then sell them to dirty businesses that buy these people.  They're tortured people...these businesses love child labor once theyre grown up theyre put to work for a business that buys the Bernie aka the skin job..they have scared female cashiers prostituting themselves within these criminal circles..they have workers that are not allowed to defecate with toxifying blood straining in bathrooms while heat is pumped from them on a ceiling vent..then these people get diabetes because they become so sick from not being able to go...why do they do this..its cheaper to "sacrifice" a person than it is for them to just pay for the energy...oh and they aren't going to sacrifice their own comfort.  These people could just wear a sweater or deal with the summer heat but nah fuck that we can just make and use Bernies. seriously there are fucking bad people out there.  basically how can you get more out of your human resources. you already overwork and underpay them..put them to work on the side as well hell use them to heat and cool the joint.  some of these people get severe shakes or become seriously ill at which point they are labelled as junkies to explain their shakes.  over the counter drugs and street drugs are pushed on them to increase heat production or heat absorption. naturally making a skin job does hell to the body.  these people are often flabby or bloated and thus encouraged to excersize to get in shape which merely causes them to give off heat while theyre 'burning" those calories

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