Saturday, August 18, 2012

the profit margin101

heres how industry generates enormous amounts of wealth through its businesses. .the profit.margin. you pay your workers..your 'producers' as little as possible. then you charge your customers..your 'consumers' as much as possible. so you pay lee in china 10 cents to make a shitty new era cap..then you take your ten cent hat..ship it for a dollar to america then sell it to joe here in the usa for twenty dollars. sadly both ends get ripped off because lee only gets 10cents for a strenous demanding job..while joe pays 20 dollars for a ten cent hat the idea is to make the profit margin as wide as possible. to make it for as little as possible then sell it for the most possible...its basically the least you can pay soemone and get away with it and the most you can sell it without going so expensve that they cant afford it. when peoples used to trade essentially goods,products,commodities were traded for their exact value...not for if the souix traded with the trapper he would trade 20pelts for a rifle..whatever the worth of the item was determined to be by both parties. niether side gets ripped doesnt make sense to buy somthing for more than what its worth..but that is where the profit lies. you trade your dollars for somthing that is worth less than what you paid that someone else could profit off your transaction...not you the consumers..or you the producers..both of you serve out of necessity you need money you need to need cant wear your bills... the sad fact is that in this world clothing,food,services,shelter are commodites. theyre no longer a when we were native peoples...theyre a given for the rich.. but they are thingswe need and they are no longer a given. so regardless if the shirt is a rip off we dont have time to make our own clothing so we buy it as a necessity even though its arip off. theres not much choice. the profit margin essentially sucks up thewealth. and the hustle is pay 20dollars for a ten cent shirt then they use you for billboard space..puttng a nice big stamp on the front.again..usingyou.for.them enormous wealth is accumulated for the captains ofindusry who might as well be royalty. enormous time and energy is taken from the worker inreturn for 10cents. 10 cents that sells for 20 we get a 10 cent shirt for 20 dollars while the company gets a humanbeing for ten cents. so we pay alot for somthing cheap. they pay little for somthing valuable. i think this is essentially known as a double edged sword. not a fair cant wear your dollars and you spent all day working for those dollars so you dont exactly have time to make your own there is no choice. choice is between different brands of the exact same product..the choice is what add do you want on you that is thee fundamental screwjob. when this land was free before the kingdoms crowns swallowed it whole.turned it into a colony for producing tobaccos and growing cash crops with captured fill up factories texttle mills with starving irish..before this new world turned into the old one there was a revolution because true freedom was here far away from the monarchs. with the opportunity to have our own rule. however if you look at america today you have to wonder if that revolution was succesful...or if this land is just turning into the wealthy corrupt industires used up whore..where mobs and gangs prosper..pimps..and drug dealing finger breakers are reveered on televison. where casinos..cigarettes and booze build pyramids of trash..where homeless freeze on the streets despite the abundance of homes. in this free country...less and less is actually free...where just like in china we race like rats.for industries..where walmarts tarmack seas dominate as a monopoly..while the smog from all these vehicles..rains acid..industry's mobs...they take advantage of the countries they operate in. america is just their market.. they undermine its laws..practice their own rules. they take its peoples currency. they reward the corrupt..encourage gangs to rule neighborhoods for companies that want addicts,.if they generate industrial waste they just dump it into the lakes,rivers,skies and you end up paying your life savings toget the cancer out of your tits or balls..the great lakes were filthy because of those factories are in the 3rd world doing polluting the ganges. they are doing today in the 3rd world what they were doing here during the 18th century with poor aaamericaan immigrants.  no environmental regulaations no minimium wages...its extremely uncivilized aand criminal but you go to waalmart and you bvy the shit.

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