Wednesday, July 2, 2014

how china is rising

history repeats itself...china is getting rich and growing powerful by doing what america did using masses of slave labor....allowing industry to have dominion over the serf...working them like a outcompeting the rest of the world with its poor huddled get rich and powerful that is and always has been america's objective...that is china's...their objectives are not to treat everyone equally...or to prevent uphold human civilization and to go after crimes against humanity but to become richer and more powerful...the way theyve done this is by exploiting human "Capital" they....
do this by working many desperate people very hard and giving them bare minimium so they can survive to do it another day...slavery in the west prevailed both north and south...southern slavery was deemed barbaric by the north while the north was taking over the south...but northern slavery involved taking a second class..a segregated class of those dog micks or wops and working them 16 hours a day..working their children and giving them enough to fill their bellies with gruel and pool their money so they have a tenement to pass out in and not freeze and to make the environment so brutal with their thugs on the streets and so inhuman with people turning down the starving and beating them that they have no choice but to go back and do it again and put up with the wage and the pitboss managers....slavery existed in the north and the south as a huge institution that made this country wealthy and powerful because europeans flocked here in a great exodus hearing the promise of freedom..of liberty..of opportunity...of rights and they were attracted to lady liberty's torch no different than bugs to a bug zapper.. but we dont hear about slavery in the north of europeans because the north won the civil war and it chooses not to teach that sort of thing..the usa was a fledgling nation but it imported millions and millions of capturing them in africa...or by lying to them in europe and getting them to come here voluntarily...then it took those poor huddled masses and worked them to the bone discriminated against them and persecuted them relentlessly to become as rich and as powerful as still does this to people in the country to this day and allows its captains of industry to do this..but your saying to yourselves they abolished slavery we arent all slaves today...they stopped child labor and created regulations and so on and so forth well allow me to explain as master gets richer and richer off of his slaves he can afford to give them a bigger and bigger their standard of living goes up gradually as they make their master wealthier and wealtheir....their is diversification a master by promote one slave because he's adopted his ethos is a loyal slave a good earner who will agree to keep his fellow slaves in police enforce master's be a leader who is there for the other slaves to strive to be like and to increase their own productivity by following him or her willingly or not..he reports on other slaves etc etc..a right hand that master is super rich he can afford to pay his slaves a little extra so they can pay him right back through one of his institutes so that they can become educated and provide a specialized service for their master...slaves will not only work for a little extra money or to get out of the fields but also for more freedoms this is all incentive for their loyalty devotion and to carry out their master's work even if that means cracking his whip on their own becomes a symbiosis..they
care about the security and the stability of the master slave system because its granted them rare spoils
 so they defend it...maintain it...and prolong it through their own corruption. thus the corrupt are over the non corrupt...which is tyranny and tragedy that the worst of us or not only impeding our species progress but raping and pillaging the world and its ecosystems as well as doing horrible unspeakable things from hiroshima to nagasaki to 9-11...the worst of us are over us.  the worst of us are given rewards..leverage..the well as being made examples that we should follow...those who have been granted their freedom and more rewards from their masters are unwilling to sacrafice what theyve been granted to do the right thing..they have been bought and don't care about the tyrannical conditions or the abuse of the slaves...bla bla bla theyre above it. its not their problem but because they are corrupt they will of course side with their master and put down that slave rebellion or insurrection and take part in bonding..capturing..or abusing a slave because they have freedom and wealth and wouldn't risk it for the world. thus for their own security they provide the master slave system more of its security...and they will profess that freedom does exist in this country using themselves as examples and convince slaves that they are free that they have to again follow their example and follow the leader and work hard invest in school become more valuable and skilled and thus they will be free..they proclaim everyone is equal here despite the fact that they have more opportunity....more wealth resource more time...are not persecuted or mistreated ..etc etc they will tell their slaves that they need to work harder if they want freedom and the good life merely increasing their slaves productivity when for many slaves their is no way out and what applies for someone else is not the universal standard in this country we are not treated equal..given equal opporuntity..or equal advantage...and people with freedom and wealth may have not even risen out of slavery but never were slaves but they take part in molding and controlling slaves..they may even share a percentage of the profit off of slavery...that can also be one of master's incentives to have people enforce his master goes public and offers shares of his operation..makes partners with other people...

china is doing this with its own population of has a vast pool of human resources which it is promissing a new better way of life..freedom..and a higher standard of living while it works them like slaves and pays them very little.......its oppressing dissent in the culture...the
 benefit of wage slavery for a master is not only that it is not regarded as slavery merely because the slaves are compensated with pay but it can get a slave to whip his or herself because they cannot afford to get fired..they have no other options..they dont want to be eaten alive by the deliberatly corrupt and dangerous streets of the they voluntarily work like the compensation is merely to keep them alive so that they can come in again the next day and the next and the next and keep making their master money.  this is why masters would allow a portion of crop for their slaves and house their slaves in shacks and let them sleep...this isnt out of charity or love for them but because he wants them alive to continue their work as slaves on his plantation.this is why master pays his slaves....but he pays them bare minimium so they have just enough to stay alive on...

the practice of slavery should be reserved for those who devalue life...encourage ignorance..use cheap dirty tactics..people who fix fights
do the wrong thing for their own personal gain..etc etc..those are people who should be low as a slave in our society..however those are the very people who have their own slaves and the human species species suffer...ecosysttems suffer..resource is wasted...or spent on abominations
creativity is destroyed unless of course the art is to hail master or his cultures or his artists are bought and pimped or censored and attacked....used as a commercial
delusions like religion and ignorance is prevailant society devolves into the streets of our own country where there are horrible people preying on their fellow man..where we have modern human beings who don't even know what they are..that don't have any answers to any questions like why we are here....what are we..what happens when we die..its a dark age..and for a master a dark age begins to stagnate so it requires a rennaissance where other cultures and civilizations are studied and used to inspire innovation..invention..and progress in the stagnating rotten melting pot of the master slave society..but masters need new weapons of war to bolster their own power and to keep their operations running more efficient or more productively so he draws inspiration from cultures that were free..wherethe arts and sciences were known where the people had answers and developed and created
...were the people themselves were gods compared to these other cultures from the greeks are studied and honored to advance the master slave society because it naturally stagnates. it consumes demands of the stifles..suppresses and brainwashes and retards so many of its begins to need a way to keep itself from rotting...say for example the environment is polluted drastically....natural resources are consumed till they are rare..thus master encourages slaves to persue the sciences provides more profit for alternative fuel innovations...looks to other cultures for ideas of new engines..the answer for these masters is to not stop the master slave society which has produced environmental destruction and consumed all resources but to innovate and change to go forward and prolong the lifespan of the destructive culture that created these problems....

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