Friday, July 4, 2014

some insight on slavery's ins and outs

slave traders make their slaves pay for things like food, necesities, shelter, medical care etc etc while these things are entirely free for a master.....they then take the money the slave paid for the food then use it to pay the slave who makes the food...then they take that slaves pay when he buys food and gives it to the slave who puts unloads and stocks the food or the slave who transports the food or the slave who grows the food...etc etc this is known as recycling

charge a slave to eat then pay another slave with that money and keep recycling it around and around..but your unaware because this economy likes to go around and around like a laundry machine

free masters
when they eat they eat for free...but they dont let a slave eat unless he has money and as i said they then take that money and use to it to pay another slave for their work so that they can redeem their work for food or shelter or clothes or whatever...gasoline...a haircut...anything and the slave trade a slaves currency is recycled in an endless have money you have to spend it...then you have money and you part with it're always working to make it because you dont really have it at all...even when a save your money it is inevitable saved to be spent whether its on an education your kids education moving to a better neighborhood...for a rainy is just recycled from one slaves pocket into anothers then back

a slave is charged to eat while a free master just eats..and that slave is forced to work in order to have the pay to eat...once he pays to eat that pay is given to another slave who is forced to work as their pay...recycling...ahhhh they love that concept dont they. its such a great thing in this society like its a noble thing...

look at it this way say you have slaves working on a plantation so master implements the corporate policy that slaves who get such an amount of work done get a bead...and that bead can be exchanged for an extra bit of food at the end of the day...thus the slaves who work hard get that extra bead and get more food..the rest who don't or cant work hard still but dont quite make the cut but they worked their hardest for the reward regardless....nothing is really given because the slaves who get the most labor done who burn the most calories require that extra ration anyways to keep up their productivity but the bead system is masters form of "motivation" he determines that his slaves need to be motivated..i dont know why maybe it occupies their minds maybe it ensures higher yield maybe it weeds out the slaves who can't make an extra bead and only the survival of the fittest survive...well lets replace the plantation with a factory or a corporate store and say instead of the bead its a raise maybe its only an extra 50 cents an hour its that bead that ensures that extra bit of the crop to keep you going doing whatever your doing...

how does master get everything for free while we work to pay for things well when master wants money he pushes a button and literally prints much as he wants..when we need money we're told to go work for it..

the master slave society is a society where one group of people literally lives off of group doesn't have to do anything for everything the other has to do everything or else they'll have group entirely lives off of the slaves...they are regarded as a form of property they live only for themselves a slave's live is nothing to them while a slave lives all for is so astronimcally unequal..when they say everyone is equal in this country it is an utter white wash...a massive lie that brainwashing that is the american dream

the slave trade is also not exclussive to a wealthy class over a poor class their are slave traders who are poor who milk a slave who works all the time to make money...they literally live off that persons income..and although they arent earning any money they are free while the person the golden cow they milk has about an hour out of the day when they are truly free....but hey theyll say on the corners in gangs that white devil is a rich old slave master that should feel remore for what hes people have done and pay us.......slaves come from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds and they exist within our society throughout many different fields..they are someone's slave...take sex traffic slaves when hollywood and the news are through people will assosciate every lowlife creep hooker as a slave...well their are women who are forced into prostitution and treated like dogshit..."bottom bitches" then there are women who choose it because its good money for them to try to hook men on sex and entice and addict them to it....these women will manage those bottom bitches abusing them getting them to spend their pay on drugs to keep them high..on stupid clothes at affiliated mob businesses...but never on themselves....people who take part in making slaves and owning slaves and working and using slaves come from all races..all classes..all backgrounds

the slave trade is literally the selling back and forth of human beings between masters...a crime family may trade a slave to the government....or vice versa..the person isn't freed once changing hands they are merely worked as a slave in a different way in a different field

say some gang bangers have a hoe they use as a slave and they keep her high so she cant think and shes worked on speeds uppers downers and threatened and she runs to the government..the government doesnt free her or persecute her masters but merely puts her in rehab where she is told she needs to be work to be clean and she is billed for the treatment and told to work it off by being a slave for walmart..the government didnt free her but when a junky slave walked in it was like a fish jumping into their boat....say a slave owned by a family is tired of the abuse at home so runs off to live in the ghetto because its all they can afford...the family then trades them off to the slum lord who runs the house...slaves are traded and theyre never free..they are made a slave and kept as slaves..

today's american economy and is not one that has abolished slavery but rather it is the fruition of an entire history of slavery....the only people who believe slavery was abolished are slaves...slaves are owned by crime families...these people are aware of the slave trade and take part in it but slaves aren't even aware of the slave trade it makes them easier to traffic and in the dark..gets them to voluntarily live a life of slavery keeps them easier to manipulate by masters who pose as friends or liberators who can better decieve a slave if he simply is not aware he is just being traded through the slave trade..this is one of the reasons slaveries abolishment is so publicized...and impressed upon slaves..mainstream family friendly corporations take part in the slave trade...families do...the media is involved in it as is the is not somthing done by mexican smugglers in some gritty world where border patrol agents are hot on the trail of the people smugglers...nope it is as usual for mainstream companies and businesses like it always was when people were casually bought right off the hasn't changed much and those industries that got so rich off it have evolved into today's corporations

when you hear of the atrocities and cruelty.."barbarism" that goes on in the rest of the world like forced labor farms...people being mutilated for talking back to their masters in africa...or people being worked like peasants..that brutality exists here right here in america it is just done in different "Cleaner" ways so that this country can say it is better than the rest of the world..more civil..than parts of the world where those atrocities are apparant..they go on here when you here of chinas dystopian government where dissent is suppressed..that is happening here...freedom of speech does not exist for everyone in this country..some people dont even have the freedom of speech in this country because they say things the government doesnt like..this is no different than communist is just as bad..when you hear about propaganda films made by nazi germany those exact things are made here by this country to this day..there are millions of american made triumph of the wills...when you hear about people traded like cattle and brutally abused by their "handlers" in africa that goes on here right down the street..but the cattle are verbally abused or tortured with things like sleep deprivation extremes in temperature and forced drugging....when you hear about saddams police stations where torture occurs in the backrooms...that is how this country keeps people in line from gitmo to the electro shock wards in the hospital basements for all those "defectives"

this country likes to proclaim itself as better or more than the rest of the world when it is just as barbaric as the 3rd world..just as oppressive as those dictaterships..just as bad to live least for a slave...this is a slave master's paradise..but the US has publicity its attracted immigrants for years claiming that this is the land of opporutnity a place to strike it rich a place where they can have liberty and be unoppressed and they move here get treated like shit..made into an underclass and worked for a cent a day in a factory...anyone who believes this country is wonderful clearly hasn't been brought here in chains...and these kids who are from the smallville pleasant ville who think because theyre white..that they come from the suburbs arent slaves have been sheltered and once they get out there in the real world theyre walked on so easily for being so polite and impressionable and being so deluded that this is a hunky dorey idealic world...its not theyre lied to be their government preyed on by companies and seen as prey for hustlers...they think they live in a better time one where slavery is abolitioned..the draft no longer exists..but no this is the same world its always been its just further down the line

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