Monday, May 13, 2013

The videogame industry's obsession with war and shooting and a rant on video games in general

you have so many shooters flooding the market

modern warfare
ghost recon
splinter cell
mass effect
medal of honor
james bond
duke nukem
red dead redemption
left 4 dead
red faction
max payne
rainbow 6
perfect dark
gears of war
dead island
aliens colonial marines
army of two

enough already
WAR WAR WAR..its all they seem to fucking make
i bought this game called mass was apparently a great game..heralded by critics.  it was supposedly about going into thing you know im shooting alien suicide bombers..yeah watch out 500 years in the future seems more like yesterday's news..what the cannot escape this middle east turn on the news bang bang the war..check out movies fucking pistol packing renegade cop at war with some terrorist bank robbers and you throw in a videogame; war..turns out going into space is actually going to kids the bad guy aliens the "evil dooers" are the ones blowing themselves up. alien suicide bombers.  here we go a game about being in space no ignition no lift off no coherent explanation of the technology everything boils down to getting you to shooting portions..why not make the evil alien leader look like saddam hussein. it boils down to shooting aliens with your fucking plasma gun...SHOOTING is the core game play mechanic..fuckin shooting is the what the game's action centerpieces are all about in between character dialogue and flying from planet to planet..busting out your gat and popping caps. just like when it was GALAGA ..or space invaders tapping the button aiming and shooting..asteroids?..shoot the dont fly around fucking shoot them..

..even the really childish games intended for kids involve the animal protagonist shooting should i be surprised every other toy for a young male is a fucking gun. in "buck bumble"
as a Buck Bumble, a volunteer bumblebee that gets implanted with cyborg technology. He is part of an organization known as "The resistance", that is trying to stop the evil Herd Army. Buck's missions send him to defend the resistance base, attacking Herd supply lines, while traveling through sewers, and eventually fighting the Herd's mantis style Queen. Buck can be armed with up to 11 different weapons, including such realistic weapons as a stun gun, a laser, a rocket launcher, and a guided missile launcher.
This is a game intended for little kids mind you. get em shooting for fun when theyre young i guess.

its all about the gun.just look at the marketing of these toy guns
they really do cram this shooting shit down your throat as a young male..whether or not its your nerf dart gun, your super soaker squirt gun, your paintball gun, your lazer tag gun, your cap gun..your fucking GI JOE your mega man.or your first person shooter game...then again i had fun playing with my toy gun..maybe its not a horrible thing i mean hell were boys...or do they want us coming of age and enlisting...i mean hell get some kids to fight your war for you..first raise them on propaganda then when that batch is ready throw in some 9-11 and watch them roll on in...hell africa has child soldiers..america raises children to be soldiers..then when theyre grown right at 18 not quite adults we send them somewhere to kick in doors and shout orders and wave around the good ol m-16

this is a children's cartoon videogame character that I thought was cool when I was a child
he has a gun for his arm!  thats somthing thats supposed to be cool..but what else is the message..that the boy in blue with his trusty pistol aka the police are heroes...well theyre all..but at age 5 the cartoon with the videogame tie in is already shoving that propaganda down our fucking throats while teaching us being in a shoot out is fun.
they push these toy guns on kids hoping to get them to sign up, volunteer, and put their lives on the line so back home the snobs nowhere near the shit can fill up their cadillac escalade for less.  i mean are they raising kids for fighting this war well before it happened?   it just seems every game is the same now it doesnt matter if your in space or on a tropical island or in the wild west or the future its grab your gun and shoot shit.  there isnt much more than that. the marketers and rich lowlifes that come up with this shit dont put themselves anywhere near a warzone..nah they just raise kids on propaganda to make them WANT to do it...then those kids get their fucking heads blown apart.

but what should I expect these games are pieces of shit..there is a video game called crazy taxi the objective is to pick up people and drop them off within the timelimit..theyd give you 50 seconds to get someone somewhere for your ten cents of points and it was loaded with fast food advertisements and they charged people 60 dollars for that fucking shit..holy shit.  pick up someone and quick get them from tower records to kfc in 45 seconds!  is you're too slow you fail and don't get the 3 dollar fair!  thats supposed to be fun!?  maybe they could make a game where you have 55 seconds to flip the most burgers while a manager shows you company memos..  how about a war game that simulates what actually happens over there...that would be interesting.. but no that might educate us...hey kids...heres your space gun shoot the alien which also has a fucking gun. its to save the universe.....heres your fucking lazer arm shoot those fucking robots kids.  couldnt they be doing something better with these fucking game machines? cannot believe this fucking trash passes for entertainment. how mediocre

 hurray i get to pick up someone at pizza hut and race to get them to kfc in time..nice i paid 60 dollars for a CD full of ads..WOW. this is the shit they give us as entertainment?! wait wiat they dont give it to us they get us to buy it!

 youre in space wrapped up in the war...tiue machine back in time?! youre in a fucking the city its a gang war..the future youre in a are in post apocalyptic land and you are in a war..its fucking ridiculous. hey kids guess what unlike in halo when you get shot in iraq you don't get another life...sorry you aren't going to float up into heaven either.  although they tell that whopper of a fucking lie to all their sheep out sorry no magic santa in the sky that is going to grant you access to paradise...when you get shot your health meter doesnt fill up when you find a magic the va hospital puts tubes in you.  why is war our entertainment...and its not just videogames its fucking movies as well..all of these action movies are just fucking combat.  :hurry kids shoot the terrorists!" how bout fuck no. are they even responsible for 9-11?! but quick kill those bad guys before they kill you ..that's the bottom line cause.we want that land bout these rich assholes in their Cadillac escalades their fucking luxury SUVs go over their and fight for that oil they want so fucking bad instead of getting the lower classes to fucking do it.  cannot believe i was raised around this fucking shit.  they claim these games are for mature audiences but that doesnt stop the company creep at eb games or gamestop from taking kid's lunch money.  "no parent? well he's got the cash hell its a kid that doesnt know anybetter hell, lets rip him off..this game sucks its full of adds its all overhyped bullshit oh well sixty fucking dollars.thanks you little bastard" cha ching "NEXT"   like taking candy from a baby.  then when the kids get hustled into wanting the next one they trade in all those games they paid 60 dollars for and the store pays them back two fucking dollars..its fucking DIS GUSS TING exploitation...meh this game is 2 months old ill give you 2 dollars for it even though i sold it to you for 60...its value drops considerably once its off the lot.  but they hype these games up so much in magazines and websites aimed at these kids the kids just have to get it as soon as it comes out and they charge 60 bucks as soon as it comes out..they aren't selling the games people. theyre selling the kids.

there are M ratings on the packages to make people think these piece of shit toys are designed for adults. when concerned parents take a look at these sadistic games focused on battering and torturing people when mrs sally Q steps into the game store and sees that horrible shit its ok though because its intended for adults meanwhile those games are intended and designed for kids..but the M rating on the box keeps these tepid futile Americans thinking that things work decently and there is at list some sense...grand theft auto..for adults? its a  "crime drama"? please its a fucking raunchy ultra violent cartoon....for kids..beavis and butthead meets scarface..its for teenagers not for adults..meaning its for older kids...but please adults.oh gasp.  oh well that must mean your industry isnt as clean as it projects itself as...oh dear.   this industry is so uncreative. most of these games are just rip offs of one other.."clones" is an industry insider term.   but they delude these kids and tell them these cheap stupid games are state of the art...that the next upcoming game or game system is cutting edge and will blow them away when they open the box and play a game unlike any crappy game theyve played before..then it turns out its just another crappy game but the next one! the next one man! will blow away all those older crappy games..and this is how they hustle their market.  theyre pieces of shit and in 10 months they lose 90 percent of their value and those kids they string a long are encouraged to buy the next state of the art system,  why is something i paid 60 dollars for putting adds in my face every ten seconds?! this game crazy taxi the objective is dropping people off at places like KFC and tower records.and the that's fun?!  its a fucking job..they give you twenty seconds to get them there before you have to pick up the next customer.  if you're too slow you fail and dont get paid. what a stupid piece of shit. thats not fun..  these games are huge rip offs and they have an enormous market of kids handing over cash.  when they hype these games up they blatantly lie in these previews which are glorified adds about how interactive and immerse and great a particular game will be and when it comes out all these sold kids flock to the stores to buy it as soon as it comes out for full price and it turns out they just lied and lied just to sell the hell out of it.  Lying to kids...they make these kids want the newest games so bad that they will trade in all their old games for practically nothing just to get them.  you can have 200 dollars worth of games trade them in for store credit and get 10 dollars for them...They don' care it's they're getting loaded off of it.  The games aren't being sold the fucking kids are.  But whatever the company lowlifes behind the shit all want these young males to be playing with guns.  "Now go win us a war son! congrats you turned 18 now you can enlist! we got fields of oil to capitalize on!"  fuck em..and fuck their shit.  These games SUCK even the best ones.  There are no creative minds behind this shit any hack could design this shit.  They want shit.  They hype it as something amazing something extremely fun, something cutting edge...its just overpriced shit.  It's propaganda it's worth nothing and after its been sold and once its in your hands it's worth fucking nothing..they want shit because they raise people in front of shit then they can be told shit like "storm that fucking beach....breach bang and clear that building...get across that bazaar even though there is a sniper on you..defuse that fucking bomb..sweep for mines..." and the kid raised on bullshit dumbed down by all that shit fucking does it..if you start to put them in front of stuff that isnt shit they might start developing their brains...but nah the army loves jar heads and hates pot heads...why? well because a jar head can be filled with any old bullshit..just unscrew the lid and put in your propaganda but a "pot" head has a head where thoughts are growing..and of course thats bad when your selling shit and pushing lies when someone has thoughts and is smart enough to not be utterly conned.....


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