Wednesday, October 3, 2012

there isn't news in this country

well there probably is..but not the quality of my news..its company blabber, corporate drivel...commercial loaded bullshit..they could report so much but they drag out the news hour with ten thousand commercials while mugging in makeup.  the morning news shows are a bloody travesty.  i watched them do a segment on a man doing the most pullups..then they handed him a gift basket and zoomed in on the name brand they actually cut away and zoomed in on the candy...then it was ten hours of commercials before they returned so that maroon 5 could perform and they showed off all the fall fashions..theres so much more shit happening around the world than this bullshit . they could be showing us the world but instead are mugging us with stupid adds for their company's shit and it's just normal people watch this everyday everymorning as apart of everyday and theyre watching commercials as the news..then they take a break to report on somthing. they could be interviewing people instead they are interviewing these hollywood stars and bullshit musical artists who are always selling something..maybe you guys get the demographic is entirely walked on and disresepected.the disenfranchised youth of america..the percentage that these businesses want having ADD...they waste seconds of my time zooming in on a gift basket theyre conveiently putting in some product placement during the non commercial portion of the nice.they talk about fall hairstyles and upcoming fashion during the NONcommercial portions of the show...that's the today show for you....meanwhile theres tons of shit TONS of shit they could be reporting on but they are talking about the new fall line of hairstyles and whether or not it is appropriate to wear black after labor day SERIOUSLY..they are discussing these things as if they are what in the fuck is this news?! then they cut to the war in iraq to take a more serious note to flag wave for a few minutes then its back to the rampant selling..up next after our commercials for chevy and Pfizer we'll be interviewing daniel craig aabout the next james .bravo guys,, i was being sarcastic..why dont you cut to a segment of how to maximize your home cleaning and zoom into a hoover fucking vaccum wait how about going outside and showing off the new line of chevy vehicles for 2012 and al roker can open the trunk voila and show us how much trunk space there is...thats news i guess.."oh wow matt! this new fiesta is just a're telling me it's just a compact and it has THAT much trunk space!" maybe he can open the doors and show us how far the seats go back..and oh look "heres the news part" did you know matt that these fucking new ford fiestas have ipod docks!  oh gosh katy that IS interesting. then cut to a commercial block. i didnt turn on your station's news broadcast to get some brand in my face every ten fucking seconds but i seriously doubt the today show is about a disservice. the role of the news is to inform but i guess its just rockefellars block to sell, sell, sell..

why ARE YOU ADVERTIZING DURING YOUR NON COMMERCIAL about hyper fucking some people with advertizing...add some seriously add some more adds where you added those adds..maybe you can add an add inside that add..maybe the nbc logo which is an add can be at the bottom of the screen by the add right before you show us some more adds before you cut away to an you already fill your program with adds then you have these mini programs these elaborate adds and you call those commercials..and if you watch some of these adds for aspirin and pfizer they then act like theyre news...reporting things to you. "did you know one aleve is equal to two tylenol"  "Cialus really helped me" bla bla bla they have someone on there "did you know that aspirin can reduce your chances of aaa heartattack and they have some actor in aa white coat"  so the adds are news and the news is adds?
i wonder are katy couric or matt lawer journalists or are they just actors that know how to act serious and act like they are investigating important things or to act like they are talking about serious topics meanwhile theyre just selling shit for the company. for fucks sakes we have forty five minutes in the morning and you tune into that shit and they still waste your fucking time putting adds in your fucking face...forty five minutes to eat your jelly on your toast sip your coffee brush your teeth before you're out the door and you tune into the news as if it's important and rockefellar and nbc put adds in your goddamn face.  just what the fuck..we barely have enough free time as it is and these companies aim adds to put in our faces during our off hours.  how bout we forget about all your consumer bullshit for ten fucking seconds..but hell we're busy we're working we got money in our pocket right so how bout they target they can get more of it back.  fucking disgusting.  i don't watch television anymore..its so fucking idiotic they are always selling somthing..even during the non commercial portions. they sell stuff with the shows then show you adds during the show. what the fuck. how aggressive are these fucking marketers. we get it we know your shit is at the store already..thanks for the reminder..oh really there are chevy trucks out there at the car lot gee whiz thanks i already new that but hell take up more of my time telling me about it..oh yeah nice i almost forget for a second about bud light..gee goly..soon theyll just be telling shit with their adds you know "just do it"  hey folks GO TO SUBWAY! now! we have subs at subway BUY SOME on your next lunch break!"  do we need all these fucking adds..i know that subway sells those shitty sandwiches i dont need adds in my face on my free time popping up on youtube showing me a false advertized image of how delicious that shitty cheap fucking shit is.  they constantly remind us "to want" their shit.  their adds are about how bad we want their fucking shit when we might just not..we dont but then they remind us to want it.  next we'll be buying shit we don't even want. i just bought this brand new ipod because i thought i wanted it..but i could have gotten this off brand mp3 player right over here for 30 bucks..but i paid 300 bucks for the ipod because i wanted it so bad...i dont even use the 300 gigabyte harddrive on the thing which would cost me ten thousand dollars to fill up..but fuck they made me want it so bad...i didnt even want these shitty nike's but if i don't wear them the kids at school won't consider me cool like them..what stock is in their family's bank...gee whiz i didnt even want this fucking fast food its literally making me feel like shit but one thousand adds later im wanting it.  fucking unbelievable. i didnt even want to go to college but all those movies showed it like it was a huge fun time where all this self discovery occured and everybody partied and had an awesome hugely fun time turns out i got ripped off crammed into an overpriced shitty dorm......i wanted to so bad i took out loans no im in debt..i dont even want to work so hard and so much working two jobs but i dont want to be in debt...right..thats how the screwjob works...

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