Friday, October 5, 2012

professional wrestling is thee dumbest most degenerate end of western civilization shit out there

wrestling is total SHIT.  and there are kids that love those wrestlers...they rope them in as kids wearing these bright flashy colors they used to sell toy wrestling dolls..but then as the audience matures they start coming up with characters like stone cold. they start dressing them up differently..i guess they go from colors that belong to a cartoon character to jeans and a leather jacket because thats what the audience has grown to accept as cool.  stone cold...who sprays his fans with beer and proudly walks to each corner of the ring and delivers two middle fingers in the direction of he audience.  the audience loves it as a sign of his rebelious nature but you have to wonder is the biz really just giving the fans the finger..he once came out in a beer truck and began spraying his adversary with beer...what a good role model..i had classmates who absolutly loved stone cold..they wore his t shirts they tried to drink beers like he did by dumping them down their throat then crumpling the can...they were his biggest fan..guess what folks  you love stone cold. he dont love you..he would break your fucking skull..those mob fucks are pieces of shit..theyre salesmen assholes. they want you to buy their cheap merch..people honestly think that shit is real theyve been so warped by it at an early age....
ooooooooo muscles some of these wrestlers look like minatorres...people are in love with the novelty of a cage match or setting the ring on fire..its like a fucking circus show...then they bring out these women these "bomb shells" bombinas and make them have strip fights and all sorts of rapish matches. there is a match where they are fighting and the objective is to rip the other ones clothes off.  they seriously roll around trying to forcibly rip the other ones clothing off.  its rapish. are men supposed to like that?  with their big fake tits bouncing around..its disgusting bullshit.  wrestling ispractically the end of western civilization and so is gangsta rap...its no wonder all these wrestlers come out with some form of rap music playing in the background...these big tough guys dont even hit eachother..they dont even fight one another they hold their punches and jump around in their stupid costumes.  that shits all mini mart nascar cigarettes and beer and slim jim mob racket bullshit. drink beer kids! hell yeah! cheap cigarettes and piss beer and cheap as fuck stupid shit come on down and buy all the cheap beer and cigarettes and slim jims you want at the good ol mini mart!"..."oooOOO a lighter with macho man on it lets shoot gas up peoples noses!" "snap into a slim jim"  they tell kids that garbage nitrate shit is good...because they watch macho man snap into it and say "MMMMMMM!!!!" after he eats it...tastes like plastic and gastrointestinal problems to me..theyre giving the scraps to the kids these that the left over entrails that got contaminated...was that shit bleached then reflavored what the greasy is that shit. is that sweat from macho man's as?. do they bake the slim jims by keeping them in between macho man's ass while he dances around in the ring with his stupid neon tights on. 

this is what passes for entertainment in this country. people pack arenas and pay good money to watch that shit ..there are kids that wait the whole school week for "monday night raw"..and play the videogames and tune out during school..the industry spoiled their time at school because there's nowhere else theyd rather be but tuning into vince mcmahon and stone cold's bullshit.they make clothing and magazines and fucking books and documentaries about these guerilla fucks...that somebody else writes because if we knew the real sordid details about these finger breakers we'd be jeering the shit out of them...fuck their merchandice and their t shirts theyre the scum of society..instead we're adoring fucking mob thugs...its the same thing with rap artists like 50 cent..hes a pimp drug dealer and people adore him as well as tupac and his bullshit...they rework their lyrics to sound poetic and nice but you people dont know the half of what theyre saying.  as for slimjims we should be throwing them at macho man and booing when he comes into the ring..but then the bouncers will throw us out after already paying their fucking salary/themes in wrestling include sadomasochism demasculation humiliation...gaybashing....sexism...impulsiveness..irrationality..and rape and bondage..."oh boy! he just broke a table! oh wow he just fell from the top rope! oh man! that was theyll make commercials with jerry lawler screaming oh boy its time for a bud light!"......they rope in so many kids with that bullshit just like with cartoons its a horrible influence and they delude them as kids and when the kids become teenagers the wrestling business goes through its own metamorphosis changes its tone and those big friendly wrestlers are now pushing beers on the audience..some kids can barely read but they can all say WWF...the sports entertainment industry reaks...the same target demographics love NFL and those cocaine blowing stripper fucking gangsta idiots..i had friends so diluted by that shit they were in class drawing football logos on their binders. i had classmates who thought they would be professional athletes..honestly believed that shit...your going to be catching shrapnel not a football you deluded fuck....  hey kids you can be paid millions be adored by cities of people and be the coolest guy in the world just drink your milk!..bullshit...they sell them a dream it gets pumped into your head and heart to hustle your ass. . have you seen the shit they pull at these sporting events..all the booze commercials they sell while kids are watching...making a mockery of the geico caveman by putting him in a cheerleader costume..hes a fucking homeless man! thats somebodies bitch..thats what theyre laughing at.  its fucking sick.  then they act like professionals.".coming up next jim a beer commercial followed by ten more beer commercials" we really want to get these kids drinking jim!..they will put an advertizment in the bottom of the screen and then show you the field covered in advertizements for beer...OOO!!!! WOW! did you see that catch!!! OHHHH!!!!  the broadcast is fucking corrupt everybody knows it..meanwhile they clean it up as somthing we need that theyre doing a service to the country with these wargames as if we cant play them on our own fucking sunday we have to watch big gangsta fucks that all want  apiece of the audience..sometimes literaly in steroid they can all say oooo look at his form...what a god...let us idolize this steroid using gangsta. theyre monsters not gods.  they rape strippers and roll in crime families and im supposed to be impressed because when they arent doing shit theyve been trained to catch a ball..if i put that time and effort into training my dog he could do some flashy shit too but wow what an amazing catch...they pay those fucks WAAAY too much but a huge portion of america is tuning into it..shouldnt half these athlees be in lock down and not releasing rap cds or starring in commercials. . sell beer to kids...advertize smoking to kids.  they used to do that a lot more. next they'll be throwing up casinos in our towns like thats a sport too...oh wait theyve already done that..whats the next and throwing dice..its such good sport entertainment..woohoo wasting time and money in a casino land i supposed to want to visit one of those places..its an overglorified supermarket..all the trash out there flocks to vegas or some  cheesy corporate cruise..good god fuck that lame is that shit..yeah lets go to disney land i want my picture taken by some conglomerate next to a stranger in a costume for all my.  twenty cameras in your face theyre selling shitty food and piss booze and they have waitresses either trying to whore you or who are whored...i just went past one of those things on my way through indian country...the mob found a loophole where they could sell cigarettes and dirty gas and gamble on those reservations and get away with it and its going mainstream now...strip clubs and gangs and indian casinos like that shit doesnt all come from vegas where hookers are everywhere and gambling is some sort of american has gone national using indian reservations...are those native americans? or just fat greasy italians.   back to sports entertainment i cannot stand these athletes theyre loud aggressive thug assholes that cant even wear their pants..particularly basketball players.. theyre dick heads that use steroids...we get it they fuck all the women theyre progeneators that travel from city to city fucking all these women that gangsters offer up to them to make tough kids for future mob soldiers...they ahve hot seed to make street soldiers for the next 50 years...we start testing for roids they find other performance enhancers..that are harder to detect.  a connection here between the sport of gambling and sports is GAMBLING ON what a mob marriage.  you arent going to win big people you'll pay them, lose and get your fingers broken when they win big off you. still happens. this on track betting shit. could the police please go in there and smash the place up...but thats a fucking dream the state has too many lottery scratchers to want the people putting an end to that shit. these mob rackets are enormous..cant we have events in our giant stadiums that arent these corporatized shows...shit for us? nah its all for cbs...would the rich owners give us the colluseum back or do we have to pay to get in...the only time we go to those things is to watch the shitty football game where they solicit to us like rabid gang rapists. its hallowed ground for those gangsta idols that tell kids stay off drugs with a budweiser billboard over their right shoulder who are all using steroids then they say im going to disney land and mug for the camera...going to a live football game is pretty awesome because of the roaring crowd and the booming speakers and the enormity of the stadiums.,.but seriously they businesses selling to those crowds fucking suck. 

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