Saturday, October 6, 2012

horrible abuse of kids in amish country

they use horrible forms of torture on these kids and convert them into numb manual laborers who arent allowed to talk one situation a kid stuck his tongue out at the dinner table..and the "quiet reserved" little holy woman took out a pin and stabbed the kid in it..then they all worship their fucking lord then go to walmart.  these people are doing hidden shit off the grid..they have hammers they have nails..they are cruel and unusual and their kids are fucked up.  at a certain point they give their kids a choice to stay amish or not during an event called rumspringa..during which these manish kids are encouraged to be drug mules and drug dealers and to work with crime factions in trailer park country often told to cut loose and to smoke meth and to drink which point they become severely depressed from their upbringing.  they are often shunned at an early age or if they exert their own independance.  totally isolated from the world and other societies they are sometimes forbidden to even speak or communicate and told to focus on WORK.  they are essentially emmanuel labor.  they construct homes, furniture, weave rugs, and produce many products  with their little underground of child laborers that dont even have a constitution to protect them...shunning and vows of silence are deliberatly designing to obstruct freedom of speech.  there is somthing to learn in telling a hyperactive kid or someone to shush and be aware of their surroundings their is a difference cutting someone off from language entirely telling them its the devil and the great satan then threaten to crucify them with some carpentry nails if they dont milk the cows at 4 am then thresh the hay and tend to the corn then erect a barn.  this lifestyle is often portrayed as pure or clean or being out there breathing fresh air away from the problems of the world...BULL
SHIT..thats PR for the christian groups manipulating these people that dont even have birth certificates or even aware they are in a country where they have rights..when they enter america they are trafficked by every sleazeball in the book so thus they return to amish society convinced that it really is a bad place and it is the great satan and those manipulative guardians and parents are now in fact right.

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