Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the human air conditoner the skin job the bernie

they gave him alcohol made his body temperature drop and made him pop a "chill" pill...he was given a severe second degree burn earlier on in life and his body disipated heat...despite the summer temperature his body temperature dropped..his body couldnt hold it in from the burn and the chill pill..then they wheeled him into the store and his hypothermic body absorbed the heat..then they wheeled the body back onto the curb these care (takers) he caught a chill and his body temperature dropped..then they wheeled him into the next place the gas station he absorbed the heat...then they wheeled him back he refroze...then they wheeled him on the corner,his temperature dropped caught a chill..then back inside another store to cool it down..back and forth wheeling his tortured skin back and forth, the dollar stores, the gas station, the supermarket, the other dollar store, the other gas station...cooling those crime managed corrupt organizations...to save on their energy costs. an AC..they "did a job to him" a "skin" job

then at night they parked him at the side of the road gave him a bottle of booze..just another day for the wheelchair bum while his caretakers slept in their beds

kept their costs down..those bums they used

then in the winter they put in a feeding tube and pumped in something that irritated his severely tormented stomach from all the alcohol they gave him...this made his body give off heat...so they kept him inside all winter giving off heat..pro pain hea..

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