Thursday, October 4, 2012

they should call these fast food places Hanzel and Gretles

they honestly fuck up people with their confections and their lard glazes and whatever else theyre pushing cholestrols and caffeines ..fuck mick-dos and burger king is a royal shithole..hey wendies sucks too..luring kids with toys and playgrounds then making them fat..making them crave that happy meal shit.. the manner in which it is prepared and served by some ghetto queen with an attitude..the treatment of their livestock their whole operation stinks from hell to much trash do they produce with their fucking baggies all thaat shit speed wrapped in paper all those shitty cups...they dont give  ashit they litter and its advertizing...they make kids fat. they get them at an early age and you end up with fat people for life who crave that shit.  they crave it.  people who are extremely obese are like junkies their drug is this shit.  badop bop bop ba im not luvin it.  talk about your ghetto shitty food and im supposed to love this shit?   hey kids the new batman movie is coming out come on down and get yourself a limited edition batman mug with every milkshake.  hanzel and gretle is an old folk tale about an old woman who has a house made out of cake and candy which she used to lure children inside so that she could cannibalize them.  these milkshakes and hamburgers lure people into these businesses and they fork over american cash.  these businesses make a lot of money and theyre hooking people on their shit to get it.  and they cut corners with treatment of livestock...they keep their operation cheap.  why does america love this shit?  i drove by the drive thru the other day and it was jam packed with cars lined up to get that fucking garbage. yum yum its fast and its greasy and sugary...wash it down with coffee or a caffinated beverage in one of those massive containers and back to the grind. cha ching another one of us served.  its all about time as have parents who dont bother making their kids anything nutritious or who dont have the time..cha ching get a fast meal in them.  you have people working two three jobs with no time to cook for themselves cha ching i need some food fast.  i wonder what these marketers are teaching their target audience..what? that their food is love.  they dont even advertize the shit accurately or honestly they have all these professional photographers shooting angles of these artificial model reconstructions of the food..every angle to make the food look delicious and you get it after looking at the picture of it and its a slimy cheap piece of shit wrapped in greasy paper. yum yum..some people cant afford anything else. they dont have the time or money to cook and eat real meat so the closest thing to it they get is a fucking whopper.  so they love it.  maybe this is what marie antoinette meant when she said let them eat cake.  yum yum corn syrup and coca .  a nice apple pie or a shake.  get that sugar in their veins and they'll work at a hyper pace.  coffee is considered healthy that all those sugary sodas are under the gun coffee is now considered healthy...low in calories full of antioxidants and loaded with stimulants...yes america runs on dunkin.  lets be honest here when we crawl to that morning coffee..exhausted and weak from fatigue at the dawn of a new day we're all just snorting lines..we might as well be snorting lines of cocaine.  nicotine...caffeine..these drugs are fine in this country..they get people to speed up and work them a boost of energy..unfortunately the body does crash from these substances but that's the time that happens the person is done for the day and they can crash so long as its on their own time.  just take some energy from the person when they are off the job and redistribute it while theyre on the job..its like getting hours out of them by taking them.  american runs on this shit..sodas, coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks..have you seen these fuckin energy drinks...its like quart of these caffeinated sugar loaded shit..people down these fucking things to get through their second shift and to keep up the pace these super stores demand.  jesus christ i heard in china the chinese gangs deal ice and speed to the sweatshop workers to keep them working fast and were doing it here in America..only the operation is considered cleaner.  maybe it has been cleaned up a little bit but its the same idea.  put them on it, get them paying for it, and use them with it.   these people are so strung out by the end of it they need a beer to speeds em up in the morning booze slows them down in the lovely. america doesn't take the time to eat properly.  these people get 15 minute breaks, half hour lunches.  theyre never home they've got microwaves in the break room not ovens.  so heat up that pizza bagel and fill that hole cause you've got 8 hours to go.  these junk foods also make people happy. a lot of people are miserable theyre tired overworked underpaid..but hey this donut with the spinkles..this can of soda..this cigarette..this mcnugget with honey mustard satisfied me.  when they work these people their health comes second to their performance on the job.  and these assholes who study nutrition who dont bust their ass are telling these exhausted people that they need to excersize..sorry but after working and not having adequate sleep excersize is out of the question..theyre too exhausted to get in better condition and they dont have the time or money to eat nutritiously.  these nutritionists from la la land preach these people need to eat right and take better care of themselves. sorry not everybody has that luxery.  maybe they should be addressing america's standards of living instead of telling people who are already busting their ass they need to bust their ass on something else. in france in spain in italy the workers actually take breaks..they actually take time to eat..but hell thats socialism right this country is all about capital. thats the bottom line how can we capitalize on people.  how can we make the most capital by capitalizing on people.  fuck french people right? we dont want baguettes we want 15 minutes for our grease fried freedom fries.  yes we flash fry our food so its scorching hot and those hungry people wolf down that shit and burn their mouths and mmmm mmmm mmm we;ve got them luvin it.  we give them cheap low quality malnoutritious food and they actually pay for it and we give them ten fucking unpaid minutes to eat it.  ahhhh the land of the free what a shit hole.thats how america runs nice and cheap off the backs of the poor. theyve been doing this for quite sometime now but i guess its gotten better from the days they were whipping niggers and throwing rotten food at the irish...but its the same deal. there is a huge underclass here that breaks its back for the rich. these rich people that expect to be served when they enter these businesses...and when i say rich im talking middle class here..these people dont give a shit if the merch at walmart was made in a sweatshop. whatever thats more for them at a cheaper price.  they buy sweatshop made shit and they expect the girl cash girl making minimum wage to serve them with a big smile.  they demand that the workers kiss their asses.  they actually preach in these places "the customer is always right"  uh what kind of mind control bullshit is that..the customer is always right and when the customer is rude or disrespectful to you smile and apologize to them. america loves exploiting underclasses they did it with third classes of europeans, they did it with other immigrants, and with africans. thats how america runs on slave power.  human resources..git to work consider yourself lucky enjoy your fast food and when that coffee and energy drink makes you crash just be thankful you aren't passing out in a cardboard box under the freeway.   ahh god bless this country.  i hope one day those poor people in Afghanistan one day have a mcdonalds too..those poor people without a grid.  they dont even have a mall or a store to buy sweatshop made shit.  sigh one day they'll be out of those robes with a nice nike billboard on them..god bless this country.  hell maybe they can use me to take over that country.  sign me up uncle sam im ready to take part in operation freedom. (end sarcasm) im sure im considered a terrorist for not having a hard on for this country.  why the fuck should i?  this country prints paper...then it demands people slave away for it..without it they go without food shelter, anything really. people work their lives for shit that the country just prints..meanwhile the upper class can use that paper to get anything they want without doing anything for it. the poor cant get anything without it and the rich can get anything with it.  these people born with fortunes can get other people to work as their servents, all the food in the world, multiple houses, luxery cars..meanwhile the poor are working all their time just to have enough left over for a can of tuna fish.  this isnt equality. it really doesnt work for the underclasses while it works perfectly for the upper classes. the rich get richer the poor get poorer in this country.  its a nice little feudal kingdom.  they want poor people.  they need there to be a poor...its a nice desperate class that they can use.  im sure thats why they hate abortions those aborted fetuses were potential poor kids.  we cant let those mothers abort too many of them.,,lets debate whether or not its their choice or not..we need poor kids and poor mothers.  ahh america the beautiful a fast food joint on every block..ahh behold those majestic parking lots..beautiful isnt it?  They expect us to pledge allegiance to this shithole.  why dont i pledge allegiance to the fucking litter box. pledge our allegiance?  to this mediocrity.  i suppose those of us who dont get shipped to gitmo where some overfed fuck some thug in a uniform can torture us right?  what happened to this country?  it was once a virgin land, purple mountains, golden fields...then the kings got their grubbing hands all over it.  killed the natives, shipped their poor Europeans who were rioting in europe at that time. they were rioting and overthrowing these kings with sheer numbers.. hell so ship them far the fuck away right just lie to them tell them all about how great america is. get them paying their life savings to ship their own asses to this shithole which is busy buying up slaves for its drug fields of tobacco then put those micks and wops and pollacks to work in mills and factories.  hell send them to war.  use those human resources. work their children as grease monkeys call them inferior..they do the same shit today where people who are older who work minimium wage are regarded as idiots people who are "unskilled" and "anybody can do their job"  there are two type of minimium wage workers. 1 who is worked like slave not allowed to rest thats considered slacking and given a break to smoke a cigarette or down a coffee so they can keep up the pace..and the second type is some lowlife fuck that pledges their allegiance to the company polices other workers...will do anything from spying on customers to verbally bashing employees that don't like the company to micro managing other people etc etc.  fast food joints love to hire this ghetto trash..these delinquent gangsta kids that have cousins selling crack for tha fam and they make other employees their "bitches" or treat particular customers rudely etc etc while again sell sell sell for burger king or mcdonalds...these companies select for lowlifes and that is how you progress up the corporate ladder while they destroy unfavorable employees or customers.  the customer is just another form of livestock to them..have you seen what they do to their livestock..these frankenchickens with artificially large thighs and breasts that cannot even walk.  lets talk about conditions of these warehouses where chickens go insane and rip their own feathers out attack other birds because theyre locked up in these places without ever seeing the sun..crammed in their ten thousand a floor.  its disgusting they are basically just things just money for mcdonalds..livestock.  listen ive got nothing against killing an animal and eating it..but i sort of want the animal i kill and eat to at least have had a life before it dies...not some mcnugget bred in some factory lot exterminated so that it can be pimped out and charged to me before i eat it..its become a mcnugget a device to get peoples money.  they try to make it as delicious as possible with all these additives with these sleaze bag marketors constantly trying to remind people of have delicious how succulent how cravable these fucking things are to get homo sapien their other form of living stock to come in and buy an overpriced box of cheap shit.  yeah these companies once regarded homo sapien as a form of livestock too..i dont think they stopped doing that.  what are we free range now?  fuck fast food..these companies are scumbags that hire scumbags to hustle customers and overwork people under them..what kind of fucked up shitty businesses are these multiplying across the american cant go anywhere in this country without a fucking mcdonalds popping up..what ever happened to the people having their own restaurants? with meat from their own butcher shops where there are farms run by people who have their own pigs and cows...why is it all corporate controlled..from corporate stores to corporate factory farms?!  what the hell.  i was in the supermarket the other day and inside was the supermarkets deli and the supermarkets cafe...werent delis and cafes once run by the people as their own businesses...nope the corporate deli inside the corporate store has corporate meat from the corporate farm.  the people don't really have their own super markets..its all a companies..they dont really have their own restaurants they are corporate stores.  there still are private businesses but there was once a time where the people's restaurant had food from the peoples butcher meat that came from the people's wasnt this fast food shit either...but hell the people were on the people's time when they had that system.

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