Saturday, October 27, 2012

the minimium wage job market and wage slavery

the minimium wage job market is often one with deplorable working conditions, control freak managers, and
abusive customers.  these jobs often take more than they give. paying the worker enough just to come back and do it again allotting them the bare minimium of food and giving them a roof over their head.  these markets also create another type of employee one that pimps and solicits and exploits his or her coworkers to make more who deals drugs on the side to make more money..while the straight workers are often put on drugs to get them to work faster and harder..often extorted muscled in on to give whatever they have left for a company insurance policy or for protection...these fields bore people to death and overwork them and pay them a measly 7 dollars an hour for work that is harder and more stressful than that of people making 4 times as much, people alotted an hour lunch and work in an office.  sadly the harder you work does not necessarily mean the more you will be rewarded.  sadly these people are sapped of their energy, time, and money so that they have nothing left at the end of the day just their survival..these people cant afford legal protection or afford to travel or afford further opportunities and are just reused by that volitile market that trades them back and forth taking their social security number, past refrences, phone number, and address and uses these to completely invade their lives doing illegal background checks and harrassing them on their own time to get further work out of them while they are at home..encouraging them to work for the company ALL the time even from home...and not paying them at all.  its disgusting. even when the country increases minimium wage the mob controlled market simply inflates its prices to keep these people from prospering off the increase.  these wage slaves have to deal with these corrupt organizations and fellow employees that seek to exploit them as well.  its disgusting for many this is not the land of opportunity at all and are put on drugs against their will or told to whore themselves.  some people spend all day in these retail kingdoms toiling away.  its not right.  this is supposed to be the land of opportunity these jobs are grueling, and someone else reaps the fruits of our labor...all this for money that barely pays our expenses and whatever is left is userped by the tough guys out there..the muscles and thugs that dont even need it but take it from someone why? "because we CAN" fuck it...these types of people exploiting these hardworking people would take candy from a baby if they could, they abuse and sell their kids..they make bums dance for a nickel that type of scum should be in jail NOT MAKING MORE than these people.  the companies that pay minimium wage use sweatshop labor overseas..those that produce their products..they pay their workers the bare minimium which is still barely enough for them to live a comfortable life.  these fields are far too demanding often sacrificing the individuals health..their knees their backs..because they have to work at a grueling speed...much like the people working in sweatshops but this is in america people working for supermarkets, walmarts...are given a workload within a shift that forces them to be constantly racing in order to get it done in order to avoid being i said these jobs cost them their very health and they are often encouraged to smoke cigarettes or drink coffee to stay competitive.  minimum wage does not even allow for one to minimally get by thus people in these markets often have to work two full time minimum wage jobs just to pay for their expenses. employees are often treated as livestock by the company have unions which deduct from their pay and do absolutely nothing for them.  these companies brainwash the employees with slogans like the customer is always right. they solicit to employees for related company services and often strong encourage employees to shop in their stores..branding them with company loyalty.   these people work these dead end jobs at the expense of their own wellbeing often lied to that they can work their way up to management. this lie is to get them to come in everyday and work perfectly to give an exemplary performance unfortunately they never become management or are given jobs in assistant management in which they make something like 20 cents more.  this is a lie but companies consider it good for productivity..minimium wage is not a living in order to afford a basic safe living environment, a car, and all other expenses one must work all of their time to afford these times often only having enough time to eat, shower, and sleep..often times these people are too drained to study or to advance themselves and better their own lives..instead they are traded back and forth by companies that love them for breaking their ass. often times  they are given such little time and paid so little they live on fast foods having only two hours of total unoccupied time sometimes less in a day while at work they are often given 30 minutes for a meal and are never home to prepare themselves a meal.  this also ensures that their money goes back to the company which charges them on site for the food. these people are malnourished but simultaneously fat because of their fast diet and often addicted to stimulants from caffeine to nicotine which makes them work faster.  these stores are unrelaxed and over demanding they are essentially like the sweatshops they own overseas.


  1. Amen, the worst part is these people think they are free, they are thankful to their owners for their exploitation, but that rage does not just disappear, it gets redirected, to their children, to the disenfranchised, to the vulnerable. I can not wait for the short sighted, short minded masters to suck the planet dry, for a rain to come, to wash away all their filthy existence down the drain. Stupid assholes could have created an infinite paradise but instead they traded for masturbation.

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