Sunday, February 3, 2013

gangsta rap

a large portion of mainstream america tunes in to eminem and dr dre and they hang on every word read into it and get a message that is unoffensive, political, and even poetic.  these people are easily hustled.  they dont get the criminal aspect of the music. they dont understand how connected these "performers" are with crime. that they infact sell to glorify pimping, drug dealing, and gang activity often to a younger audience that recieves an alternate tone and interpretation of the music than their advising parents..this is deliberate .first let's get to know how these performers come to be so famous.  gangs nationwide in every city promote these rappers..they make these rappers successful and cool by requesting them, spreading their albums, and promoting them...and in return these performers return the favor and use their music to push dope, project gangstas as cool, and expand criminal influence. people dont see the true nature of many of these performers because of a lot of work perfecting their public image keeping them looking "clean" for the mainstream audiences.  these guys arent clean they are "ex" gang members but the streets have rules "once a blood always a blood" jay z sold crack rock in new york..snoop dogg weed in clifornia.  drug dealers work in gangs and crime families involved in pimping robbery and extortion of many terrified citizens caught in their territory. they play gangsta rap in their pimp mobiles and the medium is obsessed with drug dealing, pimping, and orgnized criminal activity..mainstream america is easily given a squeaky clean interpretation of the music when they watch a music video or have someone like tupac spin in some political poetic message...drug dealers aim to addict people peroid they are loathsome people..these gangsta rappers are made to be cool...people hear jay z as if he grew  up in poverty and fought to make himself into somthing etc etc. as if hes noble..what parents arent "getting" when theyre tuning in and screening the shit is how these artists are obsessed with pushing drugs usually on audiences of high school kids. snoop dogg has a song the next episode which was real cool when i was growing up...giant pot leaf on the cd's face..he ends his song by saying.."smoke weed everyday" smoke weed....EVERY DAY...EVERY DAY..see now in colleges they got people dealing that shit one floor over, one door over with kids who have the option of going to class..and this is their market..Snoop Dogg performed at my university..they paid these gangster, this drug dealer pimp with student money i made while working after school and all summer...went into snoop doggs pocket.
during the concert they were passing around weed in the crowd..just passing it around and people would take a drag...just a total stranger passing you somthing to smoke..then after the frats all had 420 marijuana themed parties in the slums around the university with plenty of buffalo's drug dealers in the crowds around people's kids.  "smoke weed everyday!"

if that doesnt work for all those dealers out there peddling drugs on corners after school or in some slum on friday night..i dont know what artists in pop culture are usually selling somthing..these gangsta rappers...DRUGS..and theyre always talking about killing someone for not being down with them. but when parents watch it they get a different tone than younger audiences recieve and they allow it because the message they got wasnt that bad.  tupac sings about how hard the streets are an racial inequality and how you have to be optimistic when living in the ghetto...then he raps about killing and dealing now that its been romantacized.  once you live in the ghetto where gangs run the streets...the bullshit stops.  they push people around, extort people, threaten to kill people threaten to break into their homes and kill them.they aren't down and out they are ruling those neighborhoods..theyve got a lot of people under them..they make people work then take their money when they get off their shift while theyre sleeping in all day then hitting the gym or the
basketball courts...tupac makes a cd and suddenly these guys are sensitive poets..god its such fucking bullshit...these thugs are robbing even the elderly, raping, terrorizing so many people..tupac gets on the radio and glamourizes and romantacizes it.  it wasnt a tragedy when that thug died it wasnt a tragedy.
this guy wants to beat the shit out of you and take whatever you've got.  he will slam your face into the curb and rip off your watch and dive through your pockets, mine...gimmy 
parents and mainstream america aren't getting that their are multiple interpretations of the same song..  eminem talks about popping great exctasy makes him weed and booze gives him the skills to rap when he isnt talking about killing his if you know how these gangstas are you know how violent they are towards women they pimp..smack a bitch smack a hoe..they usually rap about smacking a hoe or a bitch..if she talks back..they dont mean a bitchy girlfriend giving them shit..these thugs refer to women in general as "bitches" and
 when the women they pimp and degrade gets upset and fights back..then they "smack a bitch"..
"if she talks like a man, hit her like one"  these guys are like islamic extremists women are their hoes if theyre assertive or no longer being bossed around and stand up to their pimp then "shes talking like a" the slogan they say goes "so hit her like a man." eminem raps about viciously murdering a woman that he terrorizes...but mainstream america will not like that so he puts in the context that he is heartbroken  because she is a if he's the victim/  this is just a context to
make a song with a woman's terrified screams as he kills her for all the battered women under these thugs to hear.
eminem goes into disgusting detail of all the ways hes going to kill his girlfriend and coincidence coincidence these thugs that pimp these women also threaten to MURDER them if they go to the police or name names or dont when they play their boy Eminem's scares them
it "sends them a message" capeesh..a friendly reminder for them.  go listen to eminems track kim on youtube..listen to it a few times...skip around and listen to various segments.
there is a very real correlation between gangsta rap and real crime on the streets...people who listen to the "political commentaries" that spin on the music dont realize right under their noses these guys are just pushing dope.  often times these cds contain threats as well aimed at anyone the gangs deem a "bitch" a "faggot" or a "baby"  so if you don't know what these thugs are talking about bitches and faggots and babies are men who who are sensitive or have feelings they don't even have to be gay..thats what they are referencing..when eminem calls his girlfriend a bitch they don't mean a naggy, cheating, gold digging woman that always gets on their nerves as i said a bitch in their terminology is just a female.  those are bitches and when these pimps abuse these women and they get upset they trivialize their victims feelings by saying "oh you being a bitch.  or shut yer mouth bitch!"  It's become a derogatory term and they apply it to people they pimp and abuse.  but when some people hear the music and hear the word bitch they assume it means a bad woman a naggy woman a prissy rude woman etc etc..nope it just means woman in general but a lot of people dont understand how these fucking lowlifes talk so they don't get the language and they don't get a lot of the criminal messages in it. when they call a man a bitch the intent is to demasculate if they hurt the person to such a degree that they cry then: "oh dat faggoty bitch is being a baby what a hysterical woman crying n shit"  the streets make you cry sometime especially when you see how these people are being handled..these battered women covering up bruises with makeup getting fucked by ten different guys that deliberately choke them with their penis by making them gag on it "hate fuck them" slap them or choke them during makes you cry..when you see these crack heads sleeping in dumpsters that are collecting cans to give some thug his 5 dollars so that thug can get himself a free meal in between sessions at the weight makes you cry. but anyone who is so saddened by their business according to them..."their just fucking babies and faggots and bitches"  people don't know the nature of these gangstas and these thugs..they hide a lot of it from the general public.  if a lot of the audience knew how low they were they'd lose quite a few fans or parents would not be letting their kids listen to the shit so easily.

here's how the relationship between the streets and the music industryworks..dealers say rappers are get them played then when they get played in their songs they say a dealers drugs are its a mutual beneficial relationship. if rappers didn't say drugs were cool..then why would the dealers say the rappers were cool. gangs nationwide produce these rappers and get them played first locally then nationally and they sell drugs, sell the image of the gangsta as awesome, and rap positively about pimping or killing anyone opposed to it.  then of course they launder the message for mainstream america/

what people under the influence of these "artists" need to realize is that when NWA says fuck da police its not because they give a flying fuck about civil rights, rodney king, or police brutality..its because they represent drug dealers and criminals who are out there on the streets getting busted, getting arrested, getting locked up for what theyre doing by?????police.  in the cities hip hop culture, gangstas, and hoodlums, and thugs working as crime families and mobs within impovershed cities really do run the streets...they deal drugs..on corners in slum houses in clubs and to kids in schools...they say its cool..they say theyre cool and theyre drugs are tune in to these rappers and they get that message.  a lot of parents are reading into the songs messages and are not getting other "rawer" interpretations of the medium...these rappers who deal drugs are so adept at hustling they can come out with songs with anti drug messages in know for the parents..meanwhile they say their cool in a thousand different ways on other songs in their library..but hey a concerned parent hears one line in one song that is anti drug and their entire perception of the artist and his music has changed..they i said these are criminals. they are drug dealers..pimps..thugs and HUSTLERS and they know how to hustle the parents advising. if you dont approve of what they do..then you're bitching..and they constantly talk about choking a bitch, slapping a bitch, and killing a bitch...gangsta rap music is an extension of gangsta culture..the two are connected they scratch eachothers backs...all the thugs in the gangs say these rappers are the coolest to get them played then these rappers say drugs are good and that gangstas are hip and increase the numbers of potential drug buyers out there and make the common thugs on the street suddenly seem cool. when people..particularly naive students in high schools and colleges see these dealers as cool when theyre in the club theyll think theyre cool, try their dope or their ex or their pills as if theyre cool.   another thing mainstream america isnt understanding is the audiences these rappers are targetting making cartoonish videos and cartoonish nursery rhymes about trying drugs and how pimps are cool..eminem is named after a childs candy. hes talking about mixing booze with pills popping pills like theyre know candy for adults...they all rap about smoking from blunts which these pushers make candy flavored to get kids trying drugs..they make candy flavored booze and candy cigars..eminem..named after a candy is not a good influence.  tupac shaker isnt a poet..jay z didnt have a hard knocked life..the people he hunted and addicted to his crack rock are the ones having the hard knocked life.  it should be obvious to america that these guys are mob, but the country is sheltered and naive.  they listen to the song watch the video get hustled and approve without understanding the true face of these people.  they get hustled its not entirely their fault.  pimping and drug dealing go hand in hand..these thugs will addict a woman to a drug by making her do it..then they make them work it off by whoring themselves..they get them high and theyre easier to hustle...snoop dogg glorifies pimping...hip hop culture substitutes the word cool for pimp.."oh that is so PIMP!"  "What a pimp jacket!"  pimps are violent mob members with their cousins crack in their pocket that they make their "bitch" smoke so she's high when they work her then they tell the person they used that they owe them. pimp isn't cool...but thats what these rappers proclaim...they also substitute the word "dope" for cool.."thats dope!"  "what a dope hat" again for selling drugs by repeatedly telling kids that the drugs they sell are FUN AND COOL..but what the fuck mainstream parents are hanging on every word and getting political messages and poetic messages while right under their nose these criminals are telling young audiences our drugs are awesome do them, pimps are cool, gangstas are tough and also considered cool women are sexual objects...that their is nothing wrong with their life of crime..that they did it because they made somthing of themselves.  wht mainstream america doesnt realize is these types of criminals would threaten to kill people in their communities if they didnt pay the crime family and they would do drive bys on houses with families in them if they didnt pay protection...but these rappers sing about drive bys as if theyre tough as if they did them to rival reality gangs dont spend all their time warring with eachother but rather citizens that dont like them, dont pay them, or inform on them...bitches, faggots, and "snitches" are who these gangs are at war with..they deal drugs in clubs, in highschools, on street corners.  they have kids out there apart of "tha fam" dealing drugs and they jump on stage during a campus concert or play at a high school dance on the speakers and say dope is, well, dope! they say its real cool..real "dope" to get those kids to do it.  in the cities these crime families have made fortunes dealing crack. they love rock drugs...crack "rock" jay z pushes his clothing line "roc-a-wear" they wear diamonds because diamonds represent crack rock.  they dont care about junkies..they make junkies and they take everything theyve got once they cant pay them anymore then they get their junkies to brek into cars and homes to pay them they love hooking people...they aim to hook people..its fucking sick..not cool..this is what jay z, snoop dogg, and notorious big are all about..fuck're too accepting of these gangsta rappers your research its not good..they arent poets..they arent artists. theyre fucking salesmen..they use art to sell..and these thugs are selling drugs, their stupid fucking thug clothing labels, pimping, and positive vibes for all those lowlife fucks out there dressed like idiots with baggy pants full of drugs a wallet full of other peoples money and some hooker with makeup covering her bruises on their arm

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