Sunday, October 7, 2012

Buffalo NY welcome to America's worst

 Cheap real estate.. don't be lured here like I was. Buffalo, NY...its disgusting.  Yeah every city has disgusting aspects, but Buffalo is down there with thee lowest of the low in America..In many cases it is the lowest of the low and without anything positive a city might have to offer because it's a small
city...with a backwater towns culture
 It makes the cut but it's much closer in culture and living to a rural western new york town while it's got these big city ghettos.  The city consists of sprawling black ghettos and hick towns while the downtown is vacant and violent.  If you think Buffalo is appealing because it has cheap me there is a reason its cheap.  Buffalo is one of America's ten most dangerous cities, America's second poorest city right behind Detroit...It's listed as one of America's ten "deadest" one of America's most "miserable" cities..It just keeps making and topping these lists and for good reason.  It's outstandingly bad. Buffalo has the second most abandoned properties in America right after St Louis.  24 percent of buffalo's population lives BELOW the poverty line.  1 quarter of its populace isn't even considered poor...poorer than poor.
  If you're thinking of moving to Western NY you are rellocating to the rust belt...a regoin beyond dead...from cleveland..and erie pa the area collapsed when american manufacturing ended.  These mobs and gangs like to organize at the local mcdonalds or walmart to discuss how best to keep their bitches and hoes in line.  There is a hick trash dollar store, mini mart, walmart culture here that pushes jesus on every customer that walks in the place while trying to hook them on cheap sex, piss beer, and funny cigarettes.  Its not really that the city has ghettos rather the city is one big ghetto...the suburbs are snobby the white trash communities built around them are shabby.  You want to see buffalo..I'll show you buffalo that isnt some bullshit photoshopped post card..some bought and paid for article designed to attract outside investment...ill keep this updated with new shots...better you know before making the leap..If I lived in buffalo prior to moving up here to attend university I would have never in my wildest dreams moved up here to go to school.

 these are shots of buffalo's MAIN street...but if yourelooking to rellocate here its probably in the suburbs..somewhere outside of this deteriorating meth mouth of an inner city...but the country is also a mess and don't expect a city you can enjoy having near...but rather one you're going to want
to avoid.  seriously the city is somthing those of us living in the suburbs avoid...the city is swarming with loud mouth, violent, abusive thugs that strut around the place like its their prison yard..and the police dont give a shit about the gangs out here...its the is organized and these loud arrogant thugs are everywhere in the city...everyone whose anyone is in a gang or doing gang shit on behalf of a gang and the mob busineses love these gangs because theyre good at pushing people around and keeping their abused servents in line...
...ive heard new yorkers are interested in moving to buffalo...why not just move to harlem or the bronx? and if you are moving from new york city to western new york prepare to enter a cultural void...a cultural wasteland where people are pushing Jesus..worshipping their walmart..and throwing dice...

the business of the suburbs focus of its industry seems to be deluding people demanding that they be mindless consumers or junkies..while they hire thugs from the ghettos to abuse targetted customer
rs and to push around
bottom level employees literally making them into the companys bitch..LITERALLY..theres a reason these superstores parallel super max prisons...they enforce
...that people should expend energy on the skill of bagging some thugs groceries with a forced smile ..while management is planning the next trip to the golf course
...lowlife hicks and brutal disrespectful thugs seem to be working in most of its businesses and running most of the city's streets. there is the illusion of an economy in this place.  oh and come look at the lovely affordable properties in the university heights designed for students

 Just don't mind the slum lord folks or his 20 cousins in a fucking gang trying to muscle you into putting work into the place or giving them your pay..good luck studying in that place when their is racket 24/7 and a speaker reverberating
 through the ceiling with gangsta rap turned up spouting lyrics like "I smack a faggot ass bitch we be in the club with our big dicks...choke a mutha fuckin; snitch!" lovely environments....why would you give them a dime?
.i mean why would you unless in fact the landlord gives copies of the keys away..and well if you want to be safe and sound in that house with no security..well then PAY YOUR PROTECTION...this isnt some ghetto off of downtown..this is the UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS.
.just dont mind the drug dealing roomates who are hacking your computer with the house connection or trying to make you their bitch because you were caught dead in a place like that because you were trying to finance a shitty education.

This is the rust belt..Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo...these cities have been dead for a while.  They have cheap schools...religious institutions and petty universities teaching the pampered folks of the area how to profit off of the runts they hunt and bully. Here's how it works...they abuse and brain damage one citizen and make that person into their patient while employing themselves as someone who treats a you have a useless populace one person is disable and not productive the other collects off of spreading the diseases that bring in their flocks. health care is big out here...well health care fraud is huge..
 The city has been dying for a while...its is very rotten. They are isolated cities with low culture spreading their ignorant obtuse dominion...what I'm trying to say is it's a back water town on a city wide scale..but its more just urban sprawl.  white trash neighborhoods superstores, convenience stores, pharmacies, and gas stations...while the inner city are just black trash ghettos...wastelands of slums, hookers, pimps, pushers, thugs, abused people and mini marts flooding the area with booze and cigarettes..  This is the main reason why buffalo's housing market is cheap.  people left this city....the ships been going down for a while..they took off in their life boats somewhere else in america or to the southtowns or suburbs thirty forty minutes outside of the city. ..those who are trapped in the city  are  drowned in malt liquor and told to scratch lotto tickets to keep from freezing in the icy waters.  Yes there are neighborhoods in Buffalo that are nice..hardly...but they are very close to sprawling slums crowded with gangs, mobs, drugs, and inadequate even corrupt police...they work in the city to find hopeless abused people they can push antipsychotics or religion on.  theyve got victims in their back pocket so they can purchase a new suv.  they love the superstores with their sweatshop goods..There are historical areas that have "charm" because they have trees..this is that they boast that make their neighborhood beautiful not like its surrounded by complete shit.just mediocre places claiming to be nice in an ocean of urban sprawl..they seem nice only by comparison to how shitty most of the neighborhoods are.   the suburban areas aren't very nice..areas like amherst and williamsville are pretentious and snobby...again they have this notion of class that they try to exude when theyre just pretentious..  There are some decent neighborhoods that are nice only by comparison to these 3rd and 2nd world environments that exist a few miles north south east and west..
this passes for a first world part of the world because there is a mcdonalds on every block that sells a dollar mcgrittle...Large parts of buffalo are crumbling, shabby, abandoned and extremely dangerous..this place IS the wild west..or rather the wild east..organized crime IS buffalo regardless if you go to a private business or some corporate superstore..theyre preying on people..theyre preying on people moving in who enter their communities whether they buy a house in the suburbs or rent a slum in the ghetto.  you move are FRESH MEAT FOR THE GRINDER..  The city has nothing to offer those seeking culture or the arts or a night out especially when compared to a proper city, but hey it's cheaper to live here despite the fact that there's nothing here..there are supermarkets and walmarts. ...if you want to live in small town America..then move to Buffalo where the people flock to their walmarts and their church groups to discuss why "fags" shouldn't marry. That those fairys are lustful vain wicked souls that are possessed and need to be cleansed with brainwashing..that women who get abortions are "murderers" that children should not question their lord and that when they're learning things like evolution or foreign languages that's considered "gettin smart with you" or speaking in "tongues"...oh and love they neighbor..this is afterall the "city of good neighbors"...please what a line of fucking bullshit..They are keeping people from becoming educated.... they enforce that women should not talk back to their husbands..and the only thing that stops this preaching is when it's time to huddle around the television and watch Buffalo Bills football.  Black or White the locals are pushing ignorance as the norm. You would think the blacks would be more tolerant but instead they practice their own forms of racism and intolerance and slavery that is just as oppressive and ignorant. men who have an emotional range are "bitches" know men who cry...are faggot! bitches! that get ass fucked! "that broke ass bitches are hoes and that you should wear a crown and a diamond necklace and gold earings to flaunt your drug money that is what the locals seem to respect...muscle.  thugs in gangs are regarded as cool in these parts and these violent lowlifes strut around abusing anyone they can.a lot of these thugs persist that the white race conspires against all the other races that we're an evil inherently tyrannical and inferior race of people that are responsible for all the world's problems.this is what they teach their kids..this is what they teach white kids who listen to them sympathetically meanwhile the black "runts" they take by the ear get taught things like "you ain't never gonna make it in the white mans world no matta how hard you try da only way a brotha can make money is to sell the families drugs. dats opportunity boy" then if the kid gets caught they tell their little buddy.."If you talk ill kill you going to prison son and if you rat on the family like a bitch will rape you like a bitch"  yeah these people..these people are OGRES...these aren't human beings..these people are the problem.. oh and according to these thugs whites are ALWAYS the racist ones despite all that racism directed at some of them and blacks are NEVER racist..

this is their form of racism:..a black person is never racist..why?  "cuz dey black" and a white person is always racist..why? "cuz dey white"  this is the truth that these thugs preach after they get someone high and start beating them down the inner city black culture is just as ignorant as the white backwater towns of the western new york region...same would think the city would be a bit more civilized or modern...NOPE not this city..just as bad just as uncultured just as much of a hole as the surrounding white towns, but hey the whites of the towns and the blacks of the city always have time to convene when the world wrestling federation comes to town.  Don't be lured here.  This is hardly a city. .an old factory town centered around walmart that goes on and on and hick neighborhood after ghetto slum after another....but hey it's always an occasion when the great Colosseum the First Niagara Center hosts the World Wrestling Federation and people of the surrounding region flock to the arena leaving their trailer parks and their ghettos and the folks of the countryside mingle with the inner city locals at the great show to shout "suck it!" in unison when the ring girl comes out.  True culture when the drunken pimps, playas, and child abusers cheer for their hero Stone Cold Steve Austin as he chugs a Coors Light and throws it into the crowd before giving the audience the middle finger and body slamming his he makes his opponent into his bitch.  Yes that's a quality pastime...Religions are the booming businesses in the global church and the church of Scientology as well as the christian church which set up shop in these desperate environments and claim they have a way to save the people being eaten alive by these lowlifes by of course teaching those people to be humble servants with unending forgiveness to anyone and know like "Jesus"..and its ok if their lives are wasted and they are exploited because when they die they'll go to "heaven".churches are big and so is healthcare because all those poor bums are "crazy" and the fact that they are neglected proper opportunity, education, come from abusive backgrounds, and live in economic deprivation just means that theyre too unstable and crazy to function within the society..thats why theyre lets build a pharmaceutical industry off their backs...they need medication not homes basic necessities or fundamental rights they need dopamine blockers. so that when the pharmacist treats them like dog shit and they get angry the drug in their system cripples them physically while their being crippled emotional..This is HEALTHCARE in this me ive worked in a pharmacy and 70 percent of the people these companies are force drugging are homeless and they get treated second class..they are handled like livestock..they arent given a shred of dignity by these companies or the pharmacists

..gangs, the mob...corrupt organizations dirty businesses,, perhaps thats why buffalo is in such bad shape..maybe thats the reason no one is talking about it. [people placing the blame on the fall of the steel industry or the end of america's industrialization for buffalo's woes and bla bla bla the rest of the country has kept up. the real reason buffalo is so bad is the quality of of its citizens.maybe this area doesn't have the most tolerant, humane, civilized people with very good intentions.  Buffalo is close to rural country, surrounded by bankrupt ignorant small towns full of bible beating creeps all hustling for their cheap minimium wage factory stores and fast food beating white trash gangsters...raising their children in these environments and making them into unskilled consumer move up to the city and its just as bad but with black thugs.when these thugs arent pushing people around for walmart theyre pushing dope or trying to hustle or intimidate someone..this is what they do with their free me I grew up in the surrounding region..its loaded with white trash gangstas people push ignorance out there like its some corner of Louisiana that is untouched by time and they are the inverted version of these black thugs...they are the same exact people who basically run the area like its their prison yard....their law is  God created woman to serve man.  God created man to have dominion over the animals and bla bla bla god did this and god did that..thats their one true law that they hold people to. that their god says this and their god says that. so its their way or youll get a shunning or a stigmata or theyll posses you theyll use some cajun vooodoo their brothas taught them on you or whatever hobbys these creeps have in their spare time.. The people are ignorant inducing small town hustlers who again love their walmarts while the people who cant reach a fucking walmart shop at these gang run local mini marts for their fucking lotto tickets and hot pockets.....  They preach that women should know their place that men who cry are bitches and that theyre better than everyone else because they've accepted christ regardless if they jump people, push drugs, and are pieces of human trash..oh and lets not forget if all else fails just blame everything on the white race...Both whites in western new york's towns and suburbs are racist and the blacks of western new york's urban areas are racist and they don't seem to be a minority...and whats most ironic is they fucking get along..they are the same type of people..thugs, lowlifes, slave traders, drug pushers, hustlers.  Both groups are uncultured and waaaay the fuck behind the times....really behind the times.  just like their hick cousins the white townfolk the black thugs of the city live in a crude uncivilized obtuse culture where the people have devolved into creatures akin to ogres and trolls who of course are superior than other people because they've accepted jesus and they are KEEPING PEOPLE DOWN....they aren't going anywhere and they are keeping other people from going they are essentially retarding the only truly creative, productive, decent people in the area while they keep it the way it is...they snuff out the culture...."don't matter what I do cuz jesus forgive me foh my sins cracka ass bitch! I accepted MHY LORD! you da sinner now gimmy yer fuckin wallet!" and bla bla bla...."whachu need is crack bitch! datll loosen up yer white ass!"  Yeah real engaging and quality people in these areas...(sarcasm)  these country folks like to mix it up with the ghetto folks when they're trading their third born child..These people abuse their own children...that their children must listen to their heavenly father and pay the family with their minimum wage or else theyll be thrown out of the house and hunted on the streets by these thugs who like to roll up and down the blocks in their tinted window rimmed pimp mobiles. Nice white homes working with real decent black folks running the streets.  this is honestly what  people are doing out here in western new york. . i mean how else are they going to get paid sitting on their porches? theyve gotta take that money to move up here to go to a school and these pampered brats acting like bullies while pushing soliciting their degree preach to the deluded followers they call friends that the loud mouthed gangster drug dealing pimps living in the city are the coolest people. and they drag these kids out to the slums in the university heights to binge drink and hit bongs in these criminal places.

even during the workweek the downtown is empty an utter nightmare with thugs and hustlers dealing drugs in broad daylight..scientology hustlers and christian hustlers passing out fliers telling people they need to be saved by accepting jesus or el ron hubbard..meanwhile the people scurry with their heads down making a bee line walking at a panicked pace just trying to get out of that shitty mess of a downtown where drug dealers and pimps and gangstas lounge around and try to hustle anybody they can. the downtown is also an utter ghost town with vacant commercial properties everywhere.  half the fucking downtown is vacant.  buffalo's largest building the hsbc center is now one of its many vacant properties..buffalo's tallest building..50 empty stories that loom over this rust belt dystopia. ive heard a lot about artists moving to buffalo to set up cheap studios.  people who are a bit more urbane coming to buffalo. there isnt culture use trying to bring culture here anyone coming here to set up an art studio is probably doing so because their work is fucking trash and there is a demand for that out here

...Gangs...gangs are a nationwide Buffalo, NY gangs are enormous.  People think these gangs are just juvenile thugs without comprehending that they are large criminal networks incorporating hustlers and pushers and thugs of all ages and backgrounds.. the police force as a whole is just not doing the job to clean up these streets. they never were. Entire communities are under criminal control. what am I saying entire communities ARE criminal....don't believe me..think I'm some whacko meh believe me I lived it.  I lived in a slum in the heights and if you aren't down with "the hood" you're the fucking pig who turns his nose up who needs to get put down.  believe me there are drug dealers incorporating their toddlers into the gang. its disgusting.  The police aren't aggressive when dealing with thugs but they are aggressive as hell when dealing with bums and abused bottom bitches but the thugs out here theyve got a free pass to strut around throwing their weight around as theygo about threatening anyone who doesnt lick their boot.  The cops aren't even serious about keeping the streets safe. It's just a job.  They write tickets..they sit in parking lots..they clock in and clock out  If you've got something to report or have a complaint they're annoyed that you just made them get up off their ass. the streets out here don't change..theyre never changing because no one is trying to change them..maybe the country likes the gangstas and their labor keeps people busting their asses for jobs they probably shouldn't waste their fucking time doing...but hey if you've got a 200 pound "G-unit" guerrilla telling you to work in a manner in which your life depends on it then they get themselves some nice productivity.  the cops sip coffee at the mini mart.  Meanwhile there is a war happening over these streets, people are getting preyed on every day and the police are parked in a parking lot sipping coffee at the mini mart. they let thugs own the streets but if someone has political views that this country is corrupt or doing bad things in the world then watch out  the police need to be on high alert...terror watch...when dealing with those people.  I've seen them threatening to lock up homeless people for being "disorderly" for sitting down somewhere in public..theyre on high alert watching out for those "whacko terrorists" those "crazies"  but not the 200 pound gangstas smoking dope ten feet away from them.  yeah theyre worried about Batman's Joker to the point theyll lock up anyone diagnosed as mentally ill but those twenty thousand bloods and crips ruling the streets with an iron fist ehhhh there not a big deal... its those nutcase whacko maniacs we gotta watch out for..... Every city has gangs right...yeah it is a nationwide problem.  Practically a quarter of buffalo's population is associated with a gang. These gangs use their numbers and they go after people. People they threaten, people they try to get paying protection or selling themselves.  People they can prey on.  These thugs call the people they prey on"the game"  as in game that they that they "play" play here means to hustle. They sell drugs, rob, and extort people...when they work they abuse their coworkers...hustle customers and they don't care at all if the superstore they work for uses sweatshop goods or spams customers with junkmail after they get their personal information has fake charities...etc etc no these thugs become model employees while they push, around, police and micromanage other employees...people they try to sell drugs to after their shift because they need a pick me up after being ridden and micromanaged for 8 straight hours.    

The dope these thugs deal is toxic. they aim to blow minds with it..not in a good way.  they want to cause blank outs and memory problems with their marijuana so they can then hustle someone mentally..out wit them con them easier confuse them tell them things happened that didn't or say that things that did didnt.  The cops don't see it as a big deal..its just's like California out here right...i have nothing against marijuana but these fucking drug dealers and the method they push this pot its fucking abhorrent.  Three thugs were smoking dope 30 feet from a cop in a circle I told the cop.he couldnt have cared less but if a fucking bum is staggering around drunk...time to shake down his ass maybe lock him up in the box.  ...there is no semblance of law out one is keeping these gangstas in line they threaten people everywhere they go.  the police arrest drug addicted used up hookers...the pimps meanwhile hang out on corners all day long looking for new people to hoe.  which means to put to work.  out here Dope isn't harmless especially when its pushed by some thug looking to fry somebody or addict them by lacing it with pcp or angel dust or whatever else they brew up in their basement.  This isnt the dope grown in some botanical lab at berkley this is shit some tyrannt gangsta keeps stashed in his tommy hillfigure underwear right next to his crack. These thugs smoke it casually some are users some are dealers some are both...  I smoked dope in college but after moving into the university heights and witnessing the kind of people pushing this stuff, the culture around it, and the thugs dealing it.  I hate the shit. They just want people to be passive and mellow and easily persuaded so some asshole can preach to them and hustle them.  These thugs have so many people that casually smoke the stuff and these fuckers that just casually smoke pass it around for the drug dealers they work for. whats most sick is a lot of these real cool fucks are like 25 and 30 and theyre preying on college freshman who see these fucking creeps like theyre cool.  like its cool trying to get people to smoke with them to join in the "fun." when theyre professional drug dealers looking to hook some kids away from home.  They bake it into brownys to lure kids into trying it.  It's disgusting.  The shit they tell these college kids to get them to smoke it..."It's will enlighten unlocks the other 90 percent of your brain.dude it like makes me smart i smoke a bowl and wrote a 15 page term paper and got an A on it" yeah ive heard this shit from these dealers.. yeah sure it does.. you wonder why people go fucking nuts when they think their magical brownie gives them super should meet some of these fucks pushing the shit and hear them influencing people once theyve gotten them good and high. "it unlocks the other 90 percent of your brain bro"  but yeah they love to deal in schools to their little buddies they do it in high schools they do it in colleges.  They use the same methods with pills and crack on the streets.  They want people addicted to drugs and they want them suffering from the consequences of that drug use so that they can hustle those people easier.down the line.  those are the streets meanwhile in the suburbs the pharmacies and all these kids studying psychotherapy and behavoiral disorder are doing the same fucking thing.  Yeah buffalo has a drug problem. Come take a look at our train:

This city is trashy to say the least.  when the city's gangstas aren't pimping or extorting while working for mcdonalds theyre trying to fuck people up..they fuck people know people who turn their nose up to them...don't get me wrong im not some fucking puritan fucker...pot can be ok so can beer but if you drink or smoke anything these fucking creeps want you to drink or smoke you are asking to get fucked"smoke dis its just like beer"  "smoke dis and git drunk"  "git high and stare at this fucking lava lamp...reality is an illusion man give me your material things..."  It's peace and love one minute then its "I'll fuck you up bitch!" But they play that down.."nah its just getting high be good for you!"  in their fucking rap music they preach things like "smoke weed everyday"  they want you to ALWAYS be fucked up if you start sobering up from booze then its time to get high..then when that wears off pop somthing..why because they just want to ring people out so they can easily muscle and hustle them.  to them you are they want hooked.  then they act like they care about peace when theyre preaching to their victim that they need to be passive before they outright threaten them.  "it's fun it's a party" then they fuck somebody up but never mind that shit.  they smoke it like its cool its so pathetic..theyre just as bad as the fucking marlboro man..the police think its petty, and these gangstas aren't looking over their shoulder for the lawman.  they should bust those thugs every chance they get. but what the fuck am i thinking these cops out here are just a different kind of gangsta.  No one is busting them and there are thousands of gangstas in this city tens of thousands.  ..but ive seen cops shouting at bums.  some pig who is warmly dressed in his squad car with the heat on threatening to lock up a bum outside in the cold on his bicycle if he doesnt "smarten up"...excuse me officer i had this crazy idea that you were here to make this place safe..looks like you either got your work cut out for you or you arent doing the is apparently keeping the mini marts from being robbed..meanwhile theyre abusing people and those people are living in crime controlled slums and cant go anywhere without being jumped or abused by the thugs that strut around this place and gather in fucking hair salons and burger kings to talk about hustling "the game" how to trick a to trap a rat..or choke a chicken...when they arent busy doing jack shit.  apparantly victims have to work the hardest but these thugs dont have to lift a fucking finger or do a fucking thing ever...  gee whiz officer i dont think your two cents of advice is going to help that starving to death half frozen person who is jumped in his sleep and kept on a steady diet of coffee, broth, cigarettes, and malt liquor...throw them in that ice box of a cell for 24 hours straight but first take their jacket..hey they might hang themselves with it...yeah thats America for the dead of winter lock em up for 13 straight hours but first take their jacket...then when theyre shaking when you let em out the pig can say yeah theyre going through withdrawal...then they can ship them to the company rehab faciliry where they are abused and isolated and taught you need to WORK to be clean

they treat poor helpless people like shit, so does half the town.  "vagrants"  these people are an underclass in buffalo. they go into a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee they get treated like shit by the asshole behind the register.  while at work the meat manager tells me a story about some "Evil bums who were living behind the store" and the story ends with the heroic manager who throws their stuff into the swamp and tells them "get the fuck out"...the part of the story where their clothes get thrown in the swampis the part where he laughs.  Yeah...same store that has a salvation army bell ringer at the front around christmas time...the bums  They force them to work for nothing or use them for carrying drugs or the females for sex because when winter comes those people are desperate for shelter and will do anything to sleep in someone thugs basement.. thugs will threaten to do things like stab them with an aids infected needle in their sleep if they don't do things like carry drugs around up their ass. this shit isnt whats happening just in some prison its whats happening out in the open in buffalo's streets. these gangstas love making people their "bitches" they even get away with it in prison you think they don't do it all the time in the real world. the homeless theyre expected to serve the criminal community or else when they fall asleep in the corner of some alley theyll wake up to some lowlife fuck kicking their teeth down their throat.  they go to the police and theyre so fucked up they get locked up even if theyve got somthing to report. they get released and forced into AA where theyre told they need to WORK if they want to be clean and that they need to be addicted to jesus not booze...yeah they don't need a safe stable place to live..they need jesus. so these thugs out here jump these people all the time because hey the police dont help them out the police bust them even when theyve got somthing to report...hell what did one cop say" those bums they dont pay their taxes why should we protect their asses" i had this naive impression that all people were equal in this country not in fucking buffalo they've got untouchables out here that the majority of the populace treats like dogshit.  meanwhile gangstas go about.entirely unafraid theyre heralded as cool. but those people without homes...yeah they treat those people like shit..those people are supposed to be ashamed for being so poor and grubby and useless they are supposed to blame themselves for the horrible standards of living that exist in this country and they should never take a load off they are always supposed to be serving and humble meanwhile those gangsta thugs that slap around women and children and rob working kids those loud mouthed hypocrites that throw around their weight and who are like spoiled tyrants..hey those are happening dudes..those are hip edgy cool guys...lets record them being verbally abusive put it to some music and get the kids to dance to it. what im talking about really are america's get a lot of this shit in most american cities...but america's problems are particularly bad here in Buffalo.

  i sympathize with some of those bums.. why fucking work in this city. many come from bad homes. they bust their asses some fucking thug just takes their goes to some slumlord that wont even let them have basic privacy in the shitty room they rent..won't let them relax in the place or have time off when they come home won't let them rest without banging on something to wake them up and then they are muscled into get doing some work around the house for the slum lord that uses his thug cousins to extort labor out of his poor desperate tenants.....fuck it......and so the bum doesnt want to work if he's extorted or has to work extremely hard for a minimium wage where hes treated like shit on the job and abused by every lowlife working in the place  then that meager pay he is forced to pay some he quits....that is the sane thing to do rather than put up with that he gets labelled as unstable by the company superstore to keep their dominion over him through their pharmacy...hey guess what the mob says about that bum...he's a homeless bum because hes "lazy" yeah he doesnt want to work. well the whole truth is he doesn't want to work involuntarily..but they omit that part.. so he is thrown out or fired...yeah those bums are "lazy" thats why theyre homeless...let the mob spread that bullshit around so the rest of america assumes that people are homeless because theyre lazy...yeah...lazy..according to fucks that extort their own children for some extra cash on the side. i mean you read about people so evil they start up things like concentration camps and you wonder how can such evil people exist until you go out there meet some and realize yeah human scum on that level really does exist.

  Chippewa is buffalo's club scene.  It's pathetic, dilapidated watered down drink overpriced completely cheesy clubs that delude college students into thinking this is where it's at. its supposed to be cool when its just the most fucking sleazy cheap arrogant bullshitWhen during the day the mob is pimping...dealing..and jumping and extorting..but at friday night deluded kids from the "towns" think these places are where its at, or worse the spoiled rotten kids that are little sphere's of influence that sell these clubs as somewhere cool to be to their followers. For those of us who see Chippewa in the light of day its unbelievable anyone would pay to go to such shitty joints. I might pay to not have to go to one.  Thugs flock to Chippewa on the weekend to deal drugs to pimp women, to look for college kids away from home Yeah, its a real "cool" place to be...the police don't mind the mob clubs.  its a source of revenue for the crooked fucks running the joint...i think a judge's brother owned one of these places another one was owned by an ex cop and it was finally shut down because it was raided every week and 90 percent of the crowd was not of drinking age...underage?  well those kids still got green in their wallets right!  how do they promote the place..have some real cool kids say anyone who doesn't show up at the bar is a fucking loser!  yeah thats good for business..pressure those twerps into the joint and rip em off!  cha ching.

theyve got a target audience of kids that ride the train from UB that are impressionable and want to be like the real cool people on real world.  so they work for the approval of assholes..They go to these clubs and these drug dealing thugs who are also portrayed as cool as hip, (hip hop) they try to sell these kids drugs in the club or after..or they make connections with these kids who they cut in on an ounce with and who take the drugs back to their dorms and sell it for the dealers.  its not petty  Theyre clubbin' you know dealing drugs they always got "a bitch" for people looking for sex.  The mob loves these thugs and theyre everwhere.  theyre spawning in the ghettos where they gang beat someone for making eye contact with them...they patrol the streets in the ghetto looking for people to jump. ..they patrol the streets in these communities..on foot and in vehicle.  its outrageous.  they rule in the ghetto when they come downtown they find us softies..people they can know people who are "the game"..people who live in ordinary neighborhoods who dont threaten to kill people if we don't get our way with them.  but hell we're the game when they cross over into other neighborhoods. theyre all cool "playas" hustling people or: Playin' tha game...hell these clubs herald these mob footsoldier gangstas as the coolest "baddest" hippest assholes on the face of the earth.meanwhile when mainstream america tunes into their message they get an anti bullying rigteous message when they don't know half of what these gangsta rappers are really saying..

.    In this town the law couldn't catch a cold.  They may have immunity the rest of us are getting sick of it.  We got gangs and hustlers and thugs galore...MOBS..public corruption in government.buffalo is overflowing with criminals.  meanwhile the law abiding citizens are right wing snobs that want to suppress any workers who are disobedient or who dream of rebellion and want their pedigree shepard johnny law to watch out for their lexus..they chase down shoplifters and defiant people.  they really want people to be really in line....bowed in their church saying forgive me my leige lord I will be your lamb...i shalt not steal or kill...i shalt be humble and serve...ahhh I have accepted christ...while on the left side Gang activity is rampant throughout the city and the entire region doesnt matter if its some snob in the burbs or some thug in the ghetto there is always some corrupt asshole trying to use go from the poor nieghborhoods to the rich ones its the same the gangs take their drugs on the good ol greyhound bus trickles down into the surrounding towns the poor towns in the western new york area where
 unchecked bags containing drugs reach the disadvantaged youth of the wny region...why is it so want the answer..can you handle the truth?...its allowed...thats why... the authorities allow it.  they want naive highschool kids even middle school kids strung out on some dope so that later down the line they can wash up and be prescribed the dope by the pharmacy..."managed" by a rehab..its like rehab centers giving needles to drug dealers then sitting back and waiting for the junkies to roll in....they work with the pushers and when some abused bottom bitch who gets treated like junk when she isnt doing junk ends up in rehab the "staff" and these healthcare professionals assume the role of pusher and claim the person as their property..but hey these abused people are already broken in and theyre easy to push around and push over and lets not forget how unintelligible and delusional they their side of things means nothing  they get bullies and thugs and real cool guys to deal in those schools...their territory that they deal in is pretty large stretching from the slums of buffalo 60 miles south to a small town like olean. they then deal in slums and poor neighborhoods in those towns breeding new criminals and victims.creating new ghettos in the most impoverished areas of the small towns in the western new york area.  My home town was poor and run down and infected with a steady stream of drugs coming for buffalo but its not like the town isnt ripe for that being full of indigenous trash and hick bars with back alley sally that they knock around till shes dazed and confused on some moonshine mixed with some spanish fly...sucking dicks in the outhouse...the area is trash and the trash is connected with trash from other parts of the area...drugs supplied by these thugs that hop a grey hound bus to olean to flood the streets with their dope to deal outside the mall when school is out.  And if you've been in buffalo's roughest areas the dope dealing is going on 24/7 in the light of day.  It's huge in buffalo and it's ending up 60 miles south in olean..maybe because the police in buffalo aren't doing their job and the police in olean aren't doing their job either..but hey they'll always catch some end user and lock them up with some rapists and turn them into an indentured servant..tarnish their record and watch them under a magnifying glass..they just can't ever catch the gangstas behind the shit..  I swear they drive past this shit at 60 miles per hour..they need their boots on the ground... oh wait sorry i was raised in front of gi joe i keep forgetting that the cops don't give a shit about these gangs and mobs or their criminal doings..
..drug dealers from buffalo are supplying high school parties with dope making connections..its not just dope and beer but pills like oxycotin and hydrocone which are just as addictive as heroin..there was some girl in my class who was shooting that shit up and she got decent grades but ended up dropping out and whoring herself for more of it...and the real cool friends who introduced the drug to her are the ones who started pimping her...yeah gotta love your "friends" right...yeah small town america under buffalo's influence. kids in suburban or high schools deal on a gangs behalf within those high schools....weed, booze, know making connections with the white folks.  they get the kids drunk pass the weed around suddenly their pharmaceuticals and X isn't bad then they give you somthing that just blatantly fucks you up....whyd you do that..oh well you thought they were real "friendly" and it was just to have "fun.".oh and according to the shit rap music playing...theyre the coolest.  They've got target audiences...demographics of their own.  Buffalo is the whole country's problem as far as im concerned.  the crime booming here undoubtedly spreads and crime from other parts of the country flocks here making connections. It is a mob city. Niagara Falls and Buffalo are full of slums and ghettos teeming with thugs dealing drugs on the corners.pimping people,male and and night. they hustle people on public transport... they hang out downtown looking for prey.......they intimidate working people to pay them..they follow people..they.jump people on their way to and from home..they harrass people where they live..where they work..they prey on people..its called gang ive read a lot of insane shit on the internet regarding "gang stalking" this is different im not talking about that...what im talking about is when gangstas and thugs find individuals to exploit and follow them around to intimidate them..they do..theyll walk into your local fastfood joint find a poor worker living on their own unfamiliar with the city who doesnt know anyone has no family just moved into a low income community...thats ideal prey for these thugs..if its a female they may try to get them to sell their body "yo girl you need to make some extra money..why just give that ass away"...they wait for them to get off shift...get on their bus when they go home..find out where they live.."shadow" them as they call it. trying to deal them shit cutting them off on corners or while on the bus...going into where they work. hanging around outside their house.  were talking serious harassment and stalking..."dogging" them.  and if the police don't help...well then you're pretty fucked..or if the police look at you like your being crazy for reporting that you're being followed...then they don't you're kind of fucked/
 these gang stalkers aren't "lone nuts" like some discriminating stereotype of a mentally deranged person. when youve got a gang stalking you...its a mob taking shifts following your ass gangsta does it when you take the bus to the store then he calls his boy and has him jump you on the way home...two different stalkers same gang..hence the term gang stalking.  they do this to intimidate the victim.."yoo've got nowehere to run..this is our turf, our territory, our pay up or we'll fuck you up" etc etc
this is to pressure the victiminto paying or working for the gang this is to pressure the victim into working involuntarily doing things involuntarily...and would you believe these gangs are in community churches every sunday receiving forgiveness for their sins.  when you've got police not cracking down on these thugs not addressing these issues..then it works. the presence of the gangsta walking behind you, or cutting you off or sitting around you or going into your job is enough to make you pay up.  its fear that these people are dangerous and they want somthing from you and they become hostile if you dont pay up or give in to their demands.  It happens a lot.  These fucking thugs got time to do this shit to people who dont have more than 10 minutes.
theyve got all the time in the world to harrass and shadow other people coming to and from home.  theyve got all the time in the world to hit the gyms.  they arent tired from working, they arent up late cramming in some theyve got time and energy to take tai jitsu classes and pushing around bar bells...and to find people they can prey on.
 power in numbers .100 people in the community saying pay us or else we'll fuck you up one way or another..might change your mind.  its not exactly one person that you can report.  sure one person follows you around then its easy to spot but these thugs can rotate shifts to ensure one of their thugs is always on you.
 they see weak "game" out there they hunt it..their method:ganging up on individuals.these thugs infect other neighborhoods..take the university heights its poor low income housing meant for students. drug dealers move in soon students are getting robbed at gun point to and from their way to the library.  its too bad it could be a really cool neighborhood instead its just another ghetto in buffalo..whats cool now in those communities are drugs and the thugs dealing them parked on the corner with the tinted windows...drug dealing theyve got a huge market with the university. liberal students away from home tuning in to bob marley and sublime on their ipods....what a lot of these kids dont know is that these drug pushing thugs aren't into peace or love and they aren't hip...but rather criminal thugs looking to get a piece of their money..drug dealing is rampant in the university heights and on campus. thugs from the roughest ghettos in the inner city flock to the univeristy heights in droves.  they move in to the cheap housing meant for students assosciate with a frat or with students dealing
and start pushing dope..i want to stress this..this isnt animal house. these arent kids just cutting loose and having fun these are professional drug dealers in gangs..they carry knives and guns when they aren't dealing theyre robbing and jumping people. theyre trouble.
they arent just selling doobies either, but exctasy, cocaine, and pharmaceuticals they are looking to trash whoever they can with party games.taking funnels and literally pumping beer into someones stomach..mixing liqours and beers,, using beer pong to get their target market sloppy drunk...and these suburban students aren't exactly ready for these types of thugs. theyre easy "game" you would think the university would be at war trying to turn this around..nope. whatever if the school keeps up its reputation as a national party school its cool then they get more enrollment who cares if almost 50 percent are drop outs theyre still paying..for spring fest their music performers were snoop dogg and rick ross...both former gang member drug dealers. rick ross named himself after ricky ross a famed cocaine you can see theyre really concerned about this type of business on and off campus..(sarcasm) they brought these lowlife gangsta performers to perform by charging students through their tuition..despite the fact that there wasn't even enough room for every student at the arena..regardless they charged every student.  irregardless if some of us don't approve of pimps and drug dealers and don't want our money in their pockets...but whatev.....
 im not some quaker or some prohibitionist. I partied in college but who in their fucking right mind would want to party with these thugs. and who in their right mind would smoke their dope...naive students think dope is safe and they buy it from a guy who spends his time jumping people and who has crack in his other pocket. but hey its just weed right..wrong these fucks lace dope with pcp, angel dust, cocaine..who knows what the fuck their smoking...  buyer beware.  like i said easy game for these thugs. especially around kids who think theyre cool.
especially when these young adults are on their own for the first time in their lives. they pass out in some frat house and they get rolled for their ids and their wallet..these fucking frats...they literally take a funnel with a tube and stick it down somebodies throat then dump beers in TRYING to fuck people up. they try to get female students with bills and loans to whore themselves after they knock them  up with booze and dope.its disgusting.  thats the city's great university at buffalo. the city's number one employer. please if you have a kid and are considering colleges let me tell you from first hand experience the university at buffalo is extremely dangerous and has nothing to offer that any other suny school doesnt..and yes again its got buffalo's worst criminals across the street from the south campus back lots and theyve got a free shuttle that runs every 2 minutes to and from the north campus. literally every week there is a bulletin about students being robbed at gunpoint or someone that the ubpd is looking for students who only see the university heights when its friday night and people are out and getting drunk move into those fucking neighborhoods sophmore junior year and they just moved themselves into the fucking don't know how bad the university heights is until you've lived in it and it is fucking shit. ok enough on the city's state university and back to buffalo....buffalo's gangs:

Their soldiers patrol the streets.  they form connections with other crime families...the number of citizens working with these crime families is enormous.  The fact that buffalo is one of the nation's 20th largest organized crime cities but only one of america's 80th largest cities tells alot..its a small city with a large mob...The mobs "gangin up" on people.  ...organized crime and gangs have ruined this "city"which is small and getting smaller.  its strange towns like rochester and buffalo are very small cities but they are very dangerous, considered some of america's most dangerous.  the fact is these small cities are OVERRUN with gangstas and these thugs find that if you workout and jump people and force other people to work for you then you can just collect off of people. so they go out hunting looking for easy game out know, us. people they find at the store working or shopping. its disgusting what these thugs are doing.then they act like theyre disadvantaged looking for sympathy they dont deserve.  buffalo is overwrought with this criminal culture.  theyve dilapidated most of the city much like their communities.  they love the slums. they live dirt cheap and have no locks.  theyre breaking into other homes in those communities. theyre the ones stalking the streets in those ghettos. they sleep easy its other people theyve got living in terror in their own homes.they live cheap are in no danger and rule those communities like fuedal lords.  and when arrested they say look how poor we are we come from nothing, we live in the ghetto, we have to sell drugs theres no work and we dont have any...bla bla bla its a hustle for sympathy...first of all they prey on people who have no work...the ghetto isnt hard on them at all...they rob from the truly poor..but  once in cuffs the hustle doesnt stop it just changes.  theyve found that they can hustle and rob and get rewarded by their parasitic behavoir.  and when police dont stop them more and more of these lowlifes exploit and victimize more and more people. meanwhile the hustlers in the suburbs who are working for higher paying corrupt organizations and corrupt businesses expect the police to protect them from all those dangerous robbers..when they love thugs and gangsters these gangstas work within their commercial businesses as i said threatening other workers to really bust their fucking asses for that minimium wage..helathcare professionals love dealers for the steady stream of addicts they get.  therapists love the abuse going on because they end up with easily manipulated brain washable victims.  for the mob soldiers all the muscle...keeps their slave workers working really hard keeps them "in line"
.there is massive drug dealing going on its rampant throughout the well as pimping and extortion. and in the suburbs there is massive legal drug dealing going on...its a culture where they push their drugs as their cure when its also their curse.  These ghetto thugs aren't just a few punks on the unfortunately they work as a mob.  They recruit other people in the neighborhoods to work with the gang to affiliate themselves with gangs to advocate gangsta counter culture and gangsta business even though they are not officially in any gang...they rake in a lot of money dealing and more off of the people they addict who get used as sex slaves or just plain old worked at your local walmart or mini mart pushing a mop or ringing up a cash register only to give up most of their pay at the end of the day for their own personal safety.  often times when told to give up their pay the thug robbing them will give them drugs, a crack rock and tell them to smoke it before they go into work if theyre "slacking" and this launders the robbery to make it as if the person being robbed is really a junky and that they owe the person they are paying to "manage" them.  they want their victims high.  it makes them "guilty" it makes them easier to hustle..and it makes them work fast and vigorous.  if they addict them to it..its like the carrot and stick method with a horse they work all day just to pay for the drugs at the end of it..its that carrot dangled in front of them that keeps them going.  and these drug dealers get jobs as well and they dont stop dealing when on clock they find other employees they try to deal drugs to.  if you just say no..then theyre at war with you...because see they dont take no for an answer..thats precisely how they get so many people dying on their shit to begin with.  if you say no then you're their enemy and they are at war with your ass.  your the pig for turning your nose up. so they try to push using threats or trying to lace their drinks or through the use of over the counter inhalents to daze them when theyre out of breath its known as force drugging and the hospitals are doing it too.

 They rake in a lot of money.  They call it "cash money" cash money isnt a check it isnt a credit or debit card its that they spend without anybody asking where'd you get did you get that.etc etc..they spend it before any questions get asked.

gangs carve up the city's districts into their territories in which they act like supreme authorities..the police do the same thing..they have people they threaten and gang stalk telling those citizens where to go and what to do and if those citizens obey those commands then they're "protected" meaning if they do everything the criminals demand then they won't be attacked then they're its like this "go there, work here, pay me..pick up this..drop off me..when your at home work from everything your slum lord commands..feed the people living downstairs..its a form of slavery..involuntary servitude..they do this with a lot of people that they intimidate..those are their "hoes"  their fucking SLAVES.    honestly a lot of people are frightened they don't want to get labelled a "snitch" or a "rat" which these thugs deem as really uncool. they are pressured never to be a snitch or a narc..never to say what's happening to them and they suffer in silence.  Again, the police don't do much either. its like their in a prison yard watching the thugs gang rape someone. a lot of people are walked on in Buffalo.  it's disgusting you go downtown and you see people that look like feudal serfs."Downtrodden"   .. these parents will abuse their toddlers  hell, when they get some community college degree in nursing you end up reading about them abusing the elderly in some shitty nursing home..yeah they abuse kids the elderly, tough guys beating up starving drugged up women...this type of scum is out there multiplying and prospering..
there are numerous rackets, extorted involuntary laborers..corrupt organizations flourishing in this city.its a new generation of organized crime..maybe the city's economic decay is a nice fertilizer for this scum to grow but crime has been prospering here for a long time.  from the Maggadinos to the Todaros to a new era of the the "gangsta" Meanwhile the snobs in the towns say oh theres nothing wrong here..theres nothing criminal going on..thats just those disgusting poor people..those filthy niggers..those psychopaths..those crazies...meanwhile the whole fucking town is connected through criminal activity and fucking rotten..and when someone smells it or sees it they get preached "nothing is wrong here at all maybe there's something wrong with YOU"  now consider this a lot of people are oblivious to this sort of business...they are oblivious of the under belly thats right there in plain sight because they are sheltered and have not been exposed to the rotten side of the organizations out here.

.  Gangstas will say theyre just trying to make a buck..that the economy is bad....theyre looking for sympathy. sympathy for the devil i guess...
inreality they steal from people who they work involuntarily or people they stalk and extort who are helpless =..if they do it's not as hard as they make their hoe work but trust me they "bitch" about it twice as much.. if the person they extort doesnt have a job then they put them to work. some people they put on drugs...they dont offer them any choice they threaten them to do the drug"Do dis bitch!"   "its good for you!"  then they tell them "you go to the police they'll lock you up in rehab you junky bitch...where you gonna go!?"  meaning they can do ANYTHING to these people. and when rehab centers place people who are strung out with violent thugs either as staff or pushers that get into the place as if their recreational drug use is killing them they trap the victims with the abuser.
..the drugs makes the victim sloppy, easy to hustle, easy to manipulate, and also makes them afraid of the naturally these thugs want their victims on their shit.
.these thugs smoke dope on their porches advocating the irresponsible overly mellow absolutly stupidly pacified hippy lifestyle as if its cool to not have a clue to be easily hustlable..their actually very violent thugs but they act like being a mellow loving pacified clueless person is what's really cool..really hip
"chillaxin in the slum" they go to their gyms learn Tai Jitsu or whatever the fuck it is while their victim is working involuntarily for some shitty menial job, working fast and hard because theyre scared
they sit on their porch acting like everybodies homeboy but when the public isn't around their friendly demeanor changes and they start throwing their weight around.  some of these gangstas are just 250 pounds and well rested they find exhausted overworked slaves and its like taking candy from a baby.they dont see a person they can help they see someone they can utterly destroy.
.....these thugs they pimp and deal drugs and rob.they get awy with preying and exploiting people for their money..theyre extremely violent thugs that preach against off people who are poor..they dont work they get the fruits of somoene else's labor and when caught they act helpless like their victims "its the economy. its because im from the poor" true they dont have a dime in their bankaccount but dont forget about all that "cash money" they spend..don't be bullshitted or feel sympathy for thugs..if you do you might be seriously naive about what other human beings are capable of it.and these thugs come in all forms...theyre old fucking ladies..theyre friendly neighborhood pastors..people think that all elderly people need to be respected..not when some of these fucking lowlifes age..theyre just seems to work for them and they do it their entire lives without consequence.  gangs are HUGE in buffalo, ny. perhaps because the police are so impotent. you have black gangs, Asian gangs, Indian gangs, white gangs white mobs black mobs...great..its a very dangerous of america's top 5..every city is dangerous but buffalo is as dangerous as a larger city with nothing to offer..hardly any culture..any economy.

 these gangs are thriving in Buffalo, NY.  People wonder what happened to this region..well its infested with crime and the police aren't adequately combating it.  they have failed at this for decades..generations of organized crime has flourished in this city.  it's not over. this is a whole new generation of organized crime.. the era of the gangstas and the suburbs are just as corrupt with organized crime...people dont want to live around these people and for good reason...thats why people do not COME HERE unless of course they are moving here to take part in this shit.

these criminals dont have any moral objections.  they aim to make junkies out of  people. they see a healthy responsible person fairly balanced they want that to be a junky...single mother..they want
that to be a junky..make her into a junky raise her kids to be murderers....homeless person..make them into a after school..make them into junkies..thats what these thugs want.  they want that.  another junky is another slave.
they make addicts with drugs and then take everything from the person they poisoned..they have hookers they give pills and bong hits and booze as some friendly gesture then hustle them when theyre delirious..beating them up then saying i never hit you you were drunk and fell you dumb drunk go to the police and they'll put yo ass in rehab bitch! (thats how its done) then its"
peace and love baby...its fuck time".. they sell people...meanwhile theyve got other prostitutes who manipulate and verbally and sexually abuse the males they try to entice by trying to addict them to sex and these pimptresses these dominatrixes claim to be the victims.  .if the person knows better than to ever buy drugs from them they'll still try to get you high using bum rushing such as blowing a hit on you from a laced cigarette a perfume, a cologne, using cleaners and paints to fumigate you if your stuck in one of their slums.. say your in some slum and its 90 degrees hardly any circulation and they dump
a gallon of floor cleaner on the floor and you are in your downstairs room just simmering in that "hot box"  they call this baking a clam..if getting someone high makes them easier to hustle and the person ain't buying it..they will still go about trying to make that person high.
theyll blow a hit in someones face then act like theyre going to beat them up.. intimidating them to get their heart to race to really get that dope flowing through your system.."bum rushing" sounds is nuts but im
telling you they want junkies. they dont want healthy intelligent independant people. they want junkies.  if someone doesnt buy the dope they try to get and keep them high anyways..
.these gangstas will offer an employee a cigarette on break and give thema laced cigarette..
pretending to be a friend, blowing them away with a smile a friendly gesture..heres someone we
can make a junky....didnt see it coming..well duh.
you go on lunch get a coffee you end up with a crushed pill in it..this is nasty shit when these thugs work in a mcdonalds or a walmart its like being in a fucking prison..they take the bread cutting knives from subways and act like theyre shivs while they play gangsta rap in the back..while up front some friendly song is playing on the radio and families are buying their food there..what these fuckers do in their criminal corrupt businesses...they can make the person they are trying to "jack" clean really fast..rushing them to get them breathing the cleaner then they tell them to go on break and smoke their cigarette...often telling them to  smoke know not asking but telling
.then the ammonia in the cleaner causes the nictoine in the cigarette to be rapidly absorbed by the lungs. this is known as impact boosting...  businesses like mcdonalds do this when they have criminals in positions of power over other employees..theyve even used drive thrus for drug dealing..what can i tell you..its think this is nuts these fuckers deal dope even in prisons if they get awy with it even in a high security prison the outside world is a cake walk.  they rush someone under criminal managment  over extending them and threatening to fire them to get them really breaking their back..then they tell them hurry clean the bathroom in five minutes..hurry serve these people if your not out here in 5 minutes and that bathroom isnt clean your its huff huff huff....this is how they bum rush and make a "stress junky" their hearts pound they work hard they get doped up this is what happens to responsible people getting knocked up like street hookers..well if you have not been scrubbing away with cleaner in a small bathroom you dont understand the fucking chemo you get..then once the shift is over you crash..and your so weak and tired they can threaten you to pay your protection becuse your drained.."burned out"..exhausted and coming down from that hustle their friend the supervisor gave you while on the job. . sounds paranoid a lot of people are entirely naive how the ghetto works and how gangs work...its like one big big criminal family.  they all call each other cousin and sista.  it's not a term of endearment they are "connected" come on people im sure you've heard terms like connected before does this not ring a bell.  we're talking about organized crime here and it's not quite like in hollywood with these big time mafioso types but rather communities of thugs dealing drugs and working together trafficking people and collecting protection off of people they extort.  they run these communities as their own jurisdiction they work in them they commute in them they got their "soldiers" patrolling the streets in them.  if you have not lived in a bad neighborhood let me further explain.  these thugs literally lurk on corners and march up and down the block like they own they neighborhood.  they sit in parked cars waiting for people to leave their homes..they harass people.  they'll drive past someone walking, slow down roll down the window and start harrassing people they don't even know yelling things like "where you going? you wan a rock?"  A rock is crack rock. its cocaine that they push.  if you just ignore them then it's "Fuck you bitch!"  people in these crime families get minimum wage jobs and they abuse their authority and they pimp other employees in those fields as well.
these cons act like theyre fucking robin hood..that theyre working hard .they proclaim "I got a job! i aint no bum!" and they turn the workplace into a hostile abusive envrionemtn in which they threaten other employees to double time.  they make bums..then they go around saying theyre better than a bum.
when they deal on the streets they claim
theyre just trying to get out of the ghetto."drug dealers" they manage people on and off the streets..they got people working for them who pass out in alleys and people who are working in stores.  they claim theyre trying to get out of the ghetto.or that theyre trying to manage the place.  "smoke dis because you're working to slow and I don't want to have to fire you.".please they love the ghetto they rule in it/they love the slums..theyre safe in them they make everyone else caught in them a victim. they sleep with their fucking back door open and they got little old ladies spending thousands on gates for the windows or alarms. and they like this city in a slum like state.  they love the slums..  people are trying to fix this city. well a lot of people like it this prepare for resistance.

i sound like a broken record here but there are massive numbers of gangs apart of crime families "fams" and they are keeping this city dangerous. .people assume a gang is just a couple of rough kids working on their own...gangs are soldiers working on behalf of crime families.  a gang that sells drugs really pays a lot of people with that money.  those people dont sell the drugs but they get paid when the drugs get sold.  what goes hand in hand with drug dealing is extortion they want people paying to be safe....they got people paying for protection in their communities they got hookers that have to make at least 100 dollars or else they get payments..

gangs are a nationwide problem in most of america's cities and they are huge problem in buffalo new york. the fact is its a small city and these gangs just aren't going anywhere.  no one is dealing with the problem. true the police make busts. once in a while they raid a drug house and their is a snazzy little photo opportunity with the chief of police or the mayor holding up an ak 47 and bags of dope.  this should be a sobering reminder of just how bad it is out big and bad these fuckers are. problem is a lot of these criminals dont all carry bags of drugs some of them just walk around with packs of laced cigarettes. they catch one big dealer but there are hundreds of lowlife small time pushers

the good people of buffalo...stay behind your castle walls i guess.....the cops crack down on a drug house once in a while..but the thugs out there are hustlin 24/7 7 days a week all year round..the police aren't tackling the problem they dont bust thugs with dope they let it go on especially in the university heights...hell maybe its good for the school that "party reputation" but these thugs aren't exactly looking over their shoulder for the law and they do outnumber the police. meanwhile Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross named after a cocaine trafficker are performing at the arena while the police are parked in some lot watching out for criminals while drug dealers are passing around blunts during the concert.  if they don't like drug dealing and pimping why are they allowing them to throw a concert...Snoop Dogg's only singing to kids "Smoke weed everyday" yeah kids its cool that wont fuck you up or anything. then once these thugs have you all mellow and hippified thats when they beat your ass but tell you.."hey man you gotta be peaceful and loving..stare at the lava gimmy that shit bitch you don't need that playstation muh getting mad oh dats wrong song you need to find peace and love...if you a snitch we kill yo ass!" They call people faggot and bitch then they preach about how bad racism is and if they get busted or arrested of course its a racial conspiracy. some cases the police are on the wrong side of the law..a police officer in the region was arrested for dealing crack cocaine while in uniform out the trunk of his squad well as raping two women..public corruption we've got it.police not busting drug dealers and police dealing drugs..this drug dealing cop was in Niagara falls just 15 minutes north of buffalo another dilapidated extremely poor town that is of course full of gangs and drugs...gangs that make up these crime families have a lot of power over people in the region. theyre dealing theyre pimping theyre extorting...theyre threatening people.  these gangs have so many members, so many people working with the gang.  these arent all the bandana wearing thugged out types of street soldiers but people that dress the gangsta image down and try to look innocent in the public eye..crime families receiving cuts of drug money may dress and act like working class hard working people.this is to keep "the heat off of them" the glare from the discerning public's eye..they may be saving every penny acting very humble in public. its known as "frontin" putting up a front a facade.  managers pimping their fellow employees trying to hook them on speed or crack to get them to work faster and to give their money back after theyve earned it then they try to appear decent on a sunday when mainstream america is in the store. when in reality theyre exploiting the people under them who do most of the work..... theyre doing this type of shit in walmarts...super markets..gas stations....and people still cant believe this shit is whats happening at their local friendly wallmart news flash people all the products on the shelf are made under fucking sweatshop conditions in the 3rd world corner of china!  when the public isnt present and these criminals find someone they can hustle extort the amount of people involved in crime is staggering.if you get paid minimium wage and work in walmart these gangs can demand a cut of your pay cause guess what you live in their have to walk in those have to live in that insecure housing..they find poor desperate hardworking people and ROB them..then they act like they break the law and deal drugs because theyre poor and desperate and hardworking..please america get your heads out of your asses..these criminal aren't entrepreneurs when they rap about killing police, rape, and drug dealing they aren't being street poets..theyre tyrannical people.they are running entire communities..when the police do raid a drug house they find ak47s, shotguns, huge quantities of drugs. theyve got so many people involved in the business its outrageous..not just drug dealers but people who push the drugs claiming theyre cool or fun..selling the appeal of them on behalf of the drug dealers..these are disreputable people and they aren't exactly breaking any laws.

in the university heights they prey on poor students looking for cheap housing because of student debt.  fresh meat for the grinder.  students are "soft" from suburbia towns totally unprepared for these thugs trying to get them to funnel beers at parties or to hit bongs in their dorms..trying to get them hooked up to a community internet network so they can view their credit card numbers etc etc

the amount of thugs involved in crime is unbelievable..drug dealers work with pimps, pimps work with thugs..someone doesnt have to have women walking the street dressed in gator boots and a purple suit to be a pimp..their hoes may be working as cashiers in a checkout line..stocking shelves working hrd to make that money for their pimp...gangs hold a lot of power in the region because they are so large.  crime families working with other crime families raising thugs to "hold the streets down" pimping, drug dealing, racketeering...its is a black mob that works in conjunction with other mobs dealing rock drugs and pimping..these mobs are multiethnic
they work in conjunction with asian crime groups...white crime groups..they deal people back and forth, drugs as well as people..etc etc...these mobs have a lot of people working with them..the police are doing an inadequate job taking care of these gangs. these thugs deal drugs in schools, pimp students, threaten working people to give up their work pay protection all over the city. they preach that going to the police will result in punishment..that they "own" the police as in they have bought some cops..that the police wont believe them or think theyre crazy..because these thugs also attest that this stuff just isnt happening..that these neighborhoods are clean because their is a church and a neighborhood block club...well ive been embedded...all that bullshit is their public relations...keeps the "heat" off them.. a lot of these neighborhoods have crime families with their kids busting heads on the cornerse.....pimps dealers and thugs all work together apart of the same gang family..finding people to gang up on and hustle...trying to "rope a dope"  these thugs refer to their hustle as "tha game" as in the person they harras, stalk, and bother is their game. as in the game that they hunt. they often preach christianity to the person they are trying to hustle.  this is to make their game a lame or a lamb which means their victim is supposed to forgive them like jesus..he is the lamb of god..he is their profit and he has many followers. get it...its quite the hustle. its no wonder all these drug dealing gangsta rapper fucks have these diamond crosses and these diamond cross earings and necklaces.they want lambs for victims..people that forgive them and who are humble jesus..they preach that you're supposed to be like jesus when they are robbing, raping, extorting, and hustling..its infuriating. these gangs and crime families are flourishing in buffalo...its disgusting.  there are drug dealers collecting social security at the wellfare offices.  the fact is they have two identities one is an extremely poor person out of work..this person doesnt have any money in the bank and is barely scraping by..the other hangs in his slum all out..and has a ton of cash from extorting or dealing. they do what they want when they want. they have cash that nobody knows theyre spending..but fuck they want to look poor in the jury's eyes and they can go downtown and collect welfare because theyre oh so poor...nnd people see them as broke..and they say theyre broke because the country is racist..that they never had a fair shot..that they bla bla bla its a hustle. they just want more money they didn't earn...the city is crawling with these crack dealing dope pushing niggers in these ghettos just like the rural countryside has these white trash fucks dealing meth in their trailer parks and they all wave a bible and judge other people while they pimp and extort and push drugs on people. they have guns and muscle they expect the people under them to get in line and serve them. the weaker men, the women, the kids..they use their muscle on them or threaten them and make them work involuntarily. its disgusting. then they act like decent people on the basis that they go to a church on sunday...whats more disgusting is when these thugs affiliated with gangs get some degree in nursing or geriatric care and are in hospitals and nursing homes abusing people and ripping them off.  the problem becomes systemic when they infect other parts of the infrastructure to find more "game" that they can hunt.

Ive heard this alot from some locals that want this buffalo is absolutely horrible shit turned down: " so what, that's the case all over america" it isnt but they tell that to people from here to make them think its not that bad...buffalo, well buffalo is outstandingly bad ...listed on the ten most dangerous cities in america list..number one on america's deadest cities is thee second poorest city in america close behind detroit..buffalo is particularly low..its also small..its a small city and yet this small little city is very unmanigable for the police.  its small with not much culture but its as dangerous as a big city. people come to this city and are disgusted by it. its amongst the lowest of the low..its really down there with america's worst..and its right next to a border and Cleveland another decaying gang filled urban nightmare..just a bus ride away a hop skip and a jump for all these gangstas trading people, weapons and drugs...people without any outside perspective are used to this shithole...theyve been in it so long they cant smell shit..this shit doesnt stink to them theyre used to it...or they aren't affected by it and thus its not their might want to think twice before being enticed by buffalo's affordable housing might have a cheap place but you could also end up paying protection to live so cheap.  buffalo's affordable real estate is to lure you.

as i said gangs are big in buffalo its one of the 20 mob cities .gangs are essentially massive crime families..they mob people they "gang" up on people..those are people they sell, intimidate, and hustle when they aren't dealing drugs and running the streets....corrupt organizations, dirty businesses love these gang mobs and there is no shortage of thugs in this city labor rackateering for mcdonalds hustling people at tops...dealing crack in the neighborhoods two blocks over pimping cashiers or customers dealing their credit card numbers etc etc whatever hustle you have in mind..these mobs love walmarts and hardware stores the free market as they consider it for all the drugs, poisons, and blunt objects you can buy without anyone batting an eye...really..this area loves thy walmart and its a huge racket selling chemicals and hunting knives, spray paints, glues, and drugs at the good ol pharmacy right next to the fast food outlet and the sweatshop clothes for all these gangsta fucks that fake a back injury and get hydrocodones or look for nutcases in the line to sell or to con into thinking they have a disorder for the racket...or if they have someone they hustle in a slum they rent they can buy all the paints and cleaners and chemicals in the world to poison their bitch...not to death but you know to keep them inebriated and easy to hustle....there are 99 cent stores in this city that have front counters selling knives..deadly knives..there are restaurants with whores waiting on tables..cutting your hair..tending in bars when they aren't getting pimped after their shift...their are little spicks breaking their backs for the supermarkets and the retail outlets that have  complete thugs working them to death abused kids paying mommy and daddy their minimium wage gangs of thug kids riding their skate boards working in their gangs mugging and dealing dope..working for mini marts and churches for fuck sake...there are kids paying to go to school for no reason other than the fact that they are in school and paying to go to school means they dont get their brain damaged and their are universities here causing brain damage with binge drinking and marijuana at all these frat parties that are really just criminal groups getting together with gangs from the inner city trying to knock up naive trusting college students that think those hustlers and dope pushers look cool..people that aren't cool but are thought of as cool for no other reason than they say they are to their subordinates those nerds and those geeks and those people whose self esteems they attack in order to make people who work for their approval while they are trying to get them to drink, to smoke, and to engage in risky behaviors...the same psychological warefare gangs use trying to tell people theyre cool and that doing their drugs is cool and if people want to be cool then they need to be "down" with the gang etc etc

people are for sale in this town...come to buffalo human trafficking galore..view our finest ghettos and slums we have to offer...or if you have a decent income move to the burbs alongside our best white collar criminals..the surrounding country has these hick fucks waving a bible while the inner
city has 100,000 loud in your face black if you love preaching white trash or ignorance pushing niggas..well then western new york has plenty of that kind of culture...there is no real culture here its love thy bible and thy supermarket..and pay thy master...these criminals in the city get guns for protection and these criminals in the country git guns for huntin' but they use them to keep their stalked in line..watching out for their investments those people they pimp and know people that would have been contributing citizens..getting "wasted" sucking on cigarettes and the bottle and scratching lottery tickets honestly believing one day theyll get out of this shit just before the young thug punk in the gang takes whatever they have left...there is a great depression going on out here i have seen an underclass getting walked on in this city and it's absolutly horrific..the thugs here are actually creating poverty..yes they are CREATING poverty. they expect people to give everything they have to them and in return they give back booze or a funny cigarette..if their "hoe" complains then thats bitching and "a bitch gets slapped" thats how these thugs treat other citizens..and its no wonder these people get depressed and hit a bottle..theyre being eaten alive by those parasite gangstas.  some of them are made to hit the fucking bottle..these hillbullies will pull up on a bum in their pick up approach him like theyre going to jump him like so many times before give him a bag with liqour in it and say merry christmas now chug starting to sober up!..they dont want that when theyre using someone.  hell these fucks can rob a store then find their passed out hoe..(hobo) and put the gun in their passed out lap..turns out the criminal world has a lot of use for these bums that they make useless with overdoses of booze and whatever else they cook up in their fucking slum

a lot of amherst is a total hick town and its right next to ghetto when i say this im not talking about all you decent westrn new york not calling you not talking about you..but the communities of.white trash and gangsta niggas..when i say hick i dont mean people from the south...i dont mean southern white people..or people with southern drawls...i mean this fucking gas station mini mart culture thats trying to niggerfy people and get them sucking on a cigarette or a forty with their last 12 cents with their blue light special bullshit while theyre selling shitty food and drugs and when i say niggers i mean thugs in gangs robbing people acting like theyre cool and when i say white trash i mean christians

white collar criminals, blue collar criminals, and the black market working together in harmony.  corrupt organizations ...from downtown to the corners of the ghetto to the hickass mini marts of amhrst
dirty businesses working with these thugs and criminals instaea of kicking them out...they try to make junkies and lottery addicts and the city doesnt give a shit..they try to jam a mop in these exploited peoples hands menwhile they have one hundered thousand dangerous should be in prison hustlers at the foodstamps office dealing drugs while theyre in line to collect their food stamps..hustling in mobs even at government offices..the sight of some of these county buildings is fucking disgusting..there is grafitti on the walls in them its so out of order...they deal drugs while they wait around to get their hoe to collect them more money dealing and hustling even while in line while some county government employees sit around looking in the opposite direction...ugh! this city is fucking trash people...there's nothing out tolerance for culture...big mob with lots of gangsta soldiers trying to make you a whore or a junky frying kids brains with dirty hits and rolling passed out people while they frolick in the light of day while the buffalo pd sits in their fucking patrol cars miles from the shit watching it and sipping their jimmy dunkins coffee......there is such a massive criminal community..a barbarian horde gangs in the thousands. maybe some of them are good i dont know most of these fuckers are just engaged in the slave and drug trade...this city is the lowest of the low..its BEEN THAT WAY for decades now its in the 21st century so all these nigga gangstas have cell phones and shit that they use to log on to peoples computers while their on youtube.. so why come here for any fucking reason..of course there are good people here but theyre too busy working in this shitty economy to take back these fucking streets meanwhile these gangstas bask in this fucking horrible economy finding down and out people to exploit..churches trafficking people...mobs they love bad economies. they dont want stable people with their needs met and security..why then they can lock their doors buy a gun..they dont need their drugs to curl up to at night when they have an actual meal in their stomach and a warm bed...meanwhile these gangstas dont give a shit about a shitty economy they dont earn their pay..if things get thin that means someone else they rob is the one who starves...they go to the gyms while overworked people who dont even get enough sleep to reccoperate are huffing windex because their trying to clean the fucking stalls at mcdonalds fast enough to not get fired by the gangsta that manages these people or they have ten more hotel bathrooms to clean in two hours..and guess what those working people they make that money and theyre so fucking tired and overworked and beat up from their job when they get that shitty minimium wage pay at the end of the day and go back to their ghetto unsecured housing on the city bus at 12 am after theyve been worked like fucking slaves its easy for thesse fucking gangstas to take that pay because they dont wake up for work everyday and they spend their day at a fucking gym when they do work they make it look like theyre working hard...then these mob gangstas they get in shape dont get caught hustling and they go to iraq becuse they dont want to bust heads, deal drugs, and hustle their entire lives they want higher pay that their victims will never get those opportunities theyve been too fried and wasted..but these thugs..they want to move someplace nice next door to somebody in the suburbs.they want the suv you know...fuck they already have skills hunting people im sure theyll stir things up terrorizing the arabs meanwhile the decent hardworking citizen cant even fucking do one pullup, their alveloi is burned from windextheir shot from coffee but hell those mob gang bangers who are well rested and in shape...hell theyll get the job done... ..i digress..BUFFALO NY..its a breeding ground for criminals...and good people in it get destroyed by its  problem for the rest of america..the city is notorious for having budgets that disappear..their idea to rejuvinate the area is a casino. its fucking not good. the problem is when mobs get rich in these shitty cities it further empowers their national criminal operations and crime grows. this is a mob town. mob soldiers on the streets far outnumber police..mob muscle works businesses on the inside forcing people to pay protection working other people against their will.these are their hoes their bitches..theyre scared and threatened so they bust their asses...companies like walmart and the fast food giants love this type of labor because they work themselves to the point of exhaustion far past their body's own threshold once put on drugs like stimulnts from coffee to cigarettes to street drugs supplied by their pusher...often in supermrkets or mini markets or pharmacies these people work for the store when they dont even work for the store, straightening out their shelves doing odd jobs working from home...they dont have any choice the only profit is not getting punished by the gang or mob which owns them...companies refer to these people as their "peasants" literally.. its fucking organized crime..but that should be old news these fucking companies cant even sell you a pair of shoes without it being made by a starving malaysian kid and then they sell it using some fucking drug dealer like 50 cent and people still cant believe that mobs are managing and working over people at their friendly walmart... wake the fuck up americaa every fucking thing theyre selling is some sweatshop mass produced piece of shit...

buffalo is a mess

and the government is doing a hugely inadequate job straightening out this disaster zone more like no job at all they bust hookers and crack heads meanwhile the pimps and the pushers and the gangs on the eblock go about business as i said the gangs dont just comprise a few thugs but families...families all getting a apiece of the drug dealing and the robbery and extortion..those thug kids are just the soldiers and entire neighborhoods in the ghettos have crime families all with their thug kids patrolling the neighborhoods like theyre the law..the government isnt going to war with this type of scum...their war is overseas hell  a lot of gang members get into the military... meanwhile in america these criminals are so unpoliced so out of control its going to bite other good people in the ass.theyre growing in numbers and more people will fall victim..businesses in this town rely on the mob to keep their workers working like dogs like rowers on a slave ship, way too fast, way too hard for way too little..and then they get their hustled employees money back through a protection policy or just on the streets..thats how these businesses make money in these fucking areas..its just like in china where they got people making their shit in some sweatshop while the booms and pows in the triads sell them ice and shake them down at the end of the day..they do that shit here in america as well..these companies work with organized crime and they also charge for protection against it...buffalo's businesses are racketeering..they have enormous numbers of gangstas from the inner city and white trash fucks to keep the labor working unhealthily hard...chop chop
this is wht a lot of business in buffalo is doing...these mob operations swallow up human beings and create laborer pesants..human resources to make money off employees and customers..they can extort them both one for their labor the other for their money..the mob is big out me..its bad and so many businesses are involved in crime from major corporations to local food joints that have connections with other businesses that trade their workers...that have other workers dealing drugs to other workers or whoring other workers..its a fucking black market and its organized and im from the area ive worked in the area and its big in buffalo..crime must be highly lucrative here

regarding buffalo itself its the worst of both worlds. it lacks the commerce of a major city like a little dumpy town but with every big city problem out there...which brings us to our next problem..the city aint that big but its full of crime...a large portion of this city is entirely criminal...a lot of people don't see it..dont wont to hear it..think this is nuts...theyre sheltered..another group of people know this very well and frankly theyre tired of hearing about it becaus they cant do any fucking thing about it..the criminal presence is so at large they dont want to make themselves a target theyre outmuscled they just want some fucking peace. intimidated people may pretend this sort of shit doesnt happen..its bad for business to put an ugly face on the mob's business you know...oh well...

back to the ridiculousness of buffalo.its masquerades as a dresses itself up in big city atmosphere to hide the fact that the downtown is NOTHING..utterly abandoned slummy and with dirty businesses..its not a town its not a city its just urban can fucking check out the entire downtown in one hour...then surrounding the downtown are slums and just small townish communities...i guess theyre making the people from the surrounding regions feel like little people with all this big city atmosphere..maybe theyve never been to an actual city so when they get to buffalo they think...ok this is one of those city things..yep theres a tram and busses and some tall buildings...i got news for them..its a fucking dumpy ass town with some thugs and a hot dog cart..dont be fooled just because there is crack and hookers and mob fucks all around still doesnt mean this is a city like much of the surrounding the subway even staying afloat?..they call this a city to keep people timid.its laughable how small it is..they sell these kids that move up from the "white trash "surrounding that this is some big time city...that they have to be afraid like little people in a big city...its a fucking shanty town.dont get me wrong though it has big city problems...GANGS..ORGANIZED's got big city problems..but so my fucking hick shit white trash town in western new york had the same fucking ive never seen this shit before...the snobby mob up here acts so professional and elitest as if this is a big time serious city..its is fucking laughable..this place is a shitty small town barely recognized by the rest of the country and these people act like this is the big time..starting to sound like a broken record here.full of crime..teeming with gangsts and mob thugs and trash businesses no better than the white trash surrounding towns..absolutly no different..the city is an utter disgrace to the rest of america and their are these local mobsters that have this facade of city glitz that they push that couldnt be absolutly more AINT NEW YORK CITY matter how hard you pretend to be..the international community in this town isn't very cultured either whether its asian gangs or indian gangs theyre best buddies with the drug dealers and labor rackateers..they have fucking curry and fast food chinese food as if thats city culture...meanwhile theyre smuggling people and drugs back and forth across the border because this is so close to toronto where the canadian government lets in any fuck from china even if they have a fucking fake passport or are smuggled within a family of if they are looking for opportunity when they move into the ghettos and start labor rackateering they have jerk off parlors with extorted hookers ..and drug dealing just like what theyre doing in the shitty sweatshop land they come of the university at buffalo's major selling points is that its a major international school...too bad these international students are involved in international crime..dealing drugs, labor rackateering, prostituting, hustling for local businesses etc etc..maybe trash attracts trash because some big time hustlers seem to be attracted to the area..they act like their fucking spicy rice is romantic when they are pushing dope with the local niggas.

what does buffalo have lets see...

1. a piss poor art museum..
2. a science museum located in the ghetto full of cheesy attractions for school kids
2. dilapidated public transport with gangs operating and using these things
3. a library that is a complete utter joke gangs push anyone else out then use them for their own means
it is literally like a prison yard..a prison library with thugs flocking to the place to use free internet while they threaten to jump people on the premissis
4. a zoo that is an animal rights disaster
"this exhibit brought to you by WEGMENS groceries...this polar bear exhibit brought to you by coca cola...they have an elephant that looks underweight with and they give the thing a tractor tire and a plastic ball to kick around in an area that is not suitable for such a large creature...its disgusting..the elephant looks clinically depressed the animals dont even breed theyre so depressed in these places.  you should see this cheap shit they have for the mountain goats and these little cages for the bob is cheap cruel and rackateering with vending machines everywhere for the kiddies and company billboards in your face for the animal exhibits that are obviously in poor health..its a disgusting zoo that is cheap as dirt with these poor poor animals in horrible conditions..its absolutely no class this is one of buffalo's "attractions"...these animals are broken its disgusting this brought to you by coca cola, wegmans groceries, noco gas station etc etc  the things look stir crazy they have no where to go 24 7 they just stand there and the cheap facility makes a rake off of them.
5. buffalo's universities are another disaster with dangerous dilapidated cheap as dirt facilities also involved in rackateering with gangs and criminal fraternities encouraging irresponsible drinking as well as reckless drug use trying to cause damage in some of these youths so once they wash them up theyre easier to hustle after they dump five labatt blues down their throat by literally shoving a funnel a tube down their throat and dumping it into their stomach..then because they dont want to get in trouble from mom and dad they say oh dont call the hospital my parents would kill me and they wake up permanently fucked up...they are trying to do that with some of these kids who are pre disposed because they come from awful homes and have terrible friends and are taught to cut loose and that drinking heavily is a salvation from their terrible backgrounds and get trashed by these people on purpose...these clubs and frats are generally condoned by the universities and allowed by the police because they bring people to the schools because of their "reputation" as a party school to attract more kids looking for a good time that end up partying in buffalo's slums right off the university lots equal to some of buffalo's roughest areas bringing drug dealers from buffalos roughest areas who throw on a university frat sweatshirt and act real cool when they pull out the bag of dope.  these arent frat houses these are utter slums bringing inner city gangs to the university area to prey on students who they deem as "soft" when students view these areas at night they are utterly oblivious because they dont see these areas during the week in the daylight and dont realize how dangerous the areas really are until they make the mistake of moving into those places...the communities are horribly dangerous and naive students are given the impression that they are friendly with other students when these people are in gangs drug dealing and its not a great place to send your kids either when these groups have their own student magazines and papers containing classifieds with adult sextions for prostitutions articles on how to grow your own pot and reviews for the latest gangster rap cds...
7. coca cola field..thats the baseball stadium here...coca cola field coca cola naval park coca cola zoo its the biggest money maker in this town stimulants mixed in sugar water
when they take the zoo and make it as cheap as possible they do it for a reason..the cheaper to maintain the more soliciting in your face the more they sell out the less it costs for them to care for the animals the more profit they make it is a RIP has such little has no class..

these are supposed to be buffalo's attractions and they are utter disgraces.  Buffalo is one of the nations most dangerous, worst, deadest cities you don't get to the top of those lists without really sinking low..REALLY sinking as low as you can get then going even lower than the other ones at the bottom of that don't get on those lists and number one on some of those lists without really being disgraceful and let me tell from the area the culture in this area is christian drug pushing bible beatinggangsta trash that encourages people to be igorant raises people to be unskilled and unhealthy so that they have no option but a minimium wage job and no way of running when it comes time to collect their pay check from them-organized crime has been thriving in the organized crime flocks to the region from asian and indian gangs...hate groups involved in the church black and white all getting in the faces of homosexuals or women who get abortions...meanwhile they are selling their 3rd born and raping and threatening people..they attack women who get abortions calling them "murderers" etc etc there is a real cruel mob out here..and im sure they want to flock to the rest of america to get a piece of other areas

The People "Holdin' It Down"

Holdin it down is the terminology the criminals out here use as almost a business term and im sure it has somthing to do with their gang rape...we be "holdin it down" out here..thats how they rake in the bucks by "holdin it down YO!" like the city is some whore that they rape by holding her down. theyre out there in the city holding it down...ahhh street lingo. im sure they tell people that means somthing rigteous.  "we be out here holdin' it down in dis bad e-con-o-mee yo!"  nah when they say "we holdin' it down" thats not a good thing people.

its got hillbullies and niggas..sorry to offend

these ghetto fucks from this" city "will literally try to intimidate kids from the country or from small towns in the surrounding area in the exact same fashion as a bunch of white hillbullies pulling up in some pick up truck to some black kid in the sure you're familiar with the scene"you aint from aroun'deez parts are ya boy!" lone black kid, country road..guys pull up with hunting rifles and a confederate flag in the rear window while theyre standing in the back of the pickup..."where'du you think you goin boy!" 

this is what black thugs in buffalo do to white college kids... trying to scare white townies..they pull up in their tinted window chrome rimmed buick"dis our turf son you in a big bad city now son!" sure thing...thats the type of spooks in this place. "You git killed walking around here like dat..all white n shit!"  no different than these creeps from rural parts who are white fact im quite sure black or white theyre the same type of people hateful labor rackateers or somthing. these gangsters in the university heights jump these college students mocking them for being white with their tinted window sleazy gangster mobiles with their dope smoking up the vehicle all thugged out with their hooded sweatshirts pulled up with their most threatening snarl on their face...then in daytime they put on a nice collared shirt and backpack and walkaround like entirely different hardworking respectable people watching out for those "racist white people" acting like those furious students who they stalk and intimidate and harrass are bad people for not liking dope...Ive been to parties with these racist fucks..."Oh you dont wanna hit dis dope cuz ima nigga is that it boy!  Im telling you you gotta smoke dis shit but you wont take somthing from a niggers hand will you muh fucka!"  No thats not it its cause your a disgusting gang member who i dont even know...then they do their Richard Pryer I'm an uptight white person routine.  "oh no im being a square!"  peer pressure..drug dealers ace up their sleeve..They are so racist to white kids..I lived with three voodoo practicing african americans who said horrible things like white people don't love other people that theyre incapable of it all this hateful shit..that we invented slavery..all sorts of bullshit...they act extremely offended by the word nigger but then call people faggot and bitch relentlessly..They'll "dog" somebody which means to harrass them nonstop whereever they go.then they began to say very racist things like "You racist because you white."  now attacking me with brutal racism meanwhile why are they "dogging" me because i dont like their dope pushing racket.  "see you white people dont LOVE other people of different races because you incapable of white people dont even love eachother..cuz you inferior.." saying all this hateful shit to me because i dont want to be on his drugs..blowing that evil shit into our heads..of course we love other people and ourselves what kind of genocidal hate speech are they trying to kill us with.  I swear these black power fucks are just nazis practicing supremacism raising their fist in the air..getting that in your face...come to buffalo if you want 60,000 of those fucks all "hatin" on you trying to kill you through hate rhetoric...sriously buffalo's ghettos are overflowing with gang members..drug dealers, extortionists...mob university another community...that has devolved into a ghetto..controlled within by communities of pimps and drug dealers

there are gangsters and bums and hookers all over the place and it is hardly a big is minimal on the train system they have two cameras for the cars which i dont think ever causes these thugs any problems..they smoke and piss in plain view of them..the only time you'll ever find a cop in or around the station is for the 30 or so minutes after school is out...which is ridiculous...theyre the metro police..they should be around..people are messed with hustled and harrassed all the time on the train..people are threatened called bitch..and told to look not make eye contact with these thugs that look at everyone and their business whenever you ride this slow, dilapidated train with a total of 10 stops...this train brings plenty of trouble from downtown buffalo to the university and the only people that enjoy riding the thing are these gangstas...great asset buffalo-sarcasm

 every criminal degenerate is just hanging around downtown during the workday...these thugs lounge around downtown trying to deal dope or push prostitutes right there during the middle of the day whats most disturbing is this is accepted or some people just run by that shit in terror...they go to and from straight to work and they are terrified of these fucking gangstas lounging downtown hunting kids and doing god knows what while the police are sitting in their fucking cars just watching this shit im sure if they ask one of these blatent gang members why theyre just hanging around downtown watching people they'll get this "OH A NIGGA CANT SIT OUTSIDE DURING THE DAY..NIGGA CANT STAND ON THE CORNER!"  theyre doing shit trust me as soon as the police come around then they start acting like theyre just lounging around..thats when the guy who is the spotter for whatever racket or the guy watching everyone else an where theyre going and who is in everybody elses business starts acting like hes just reading a fucking paper when the cops come around...then it's all 1962 niggas cant be readin! outside and shit! oh lawd! save me from the white man! etc etc..nah trust me these guys are looking for runaways, looking for people looking for drugs, looking for broke students, kids young women to try to get them to whore themselves..theyre working for corrupt organizations its bullshit..ive seen the broken fucking fingers of people and the strung out crack heads and the people at the top of those pyramids are sitting in their fucking gangsta clothes sitting downtown in sunglasses on a fucking bench for them while everyone else is rushing off to work..theyre gettng sun while someone else is making their money and if the cops try to move them then they bust out our constitution and our bill of rights.these gangstas might as well have cubicles out there for the black market set up for them by white collar criminals.

some police i dont know..some police...they enforce the fact that this shit isn't going on in this town..maybe their working for municipality and are worried it's bad rep will lose them more money.  problem is this place is not safer than new york or chicago or toronto it is just as unsafe.. while the major businesses are corrupt monopolies involved in their own crime and labor rackateering thats probably why they accept those thugs food giants and pharmacies theyre preying on people just the same as these boogy men bloods and crips looking for people to prey on out of the crowd. all fucking day these people sit around downtown hunting people in the crowd and the police dont do anything..why?! they dont want to tell some fucking guy why are you sitting here on this bench during the middle of the day just watching people..i swear the police should be busting their asses cleaning up this place. they are hustling people downtown twenty four fucking 7 these creeps stand around on fucking corners looking for people they can hustle..not doing shit, not going to work not doing anything but hustling..they put other people to work all day when theyre outside on the corners dealing drugs then take that pay from the person they put to work..those are their "honey bees" making their "honey" aka why fucking work if your under that scum..i guess to keep yourself from getting completely murdered..if you work and make them their mony theyll let you keep your you can keep the work up

The Economy

the downtown pretends to be like new york city..its hard it pretends to be like manhattan when its an illusion and you realize you aren't in a big city like new york but a piss poor derelict shithole that's no big city...they got a tram and a few tall buildings it is NOTHING like new york..but they got the hot dog carts and the saxophone players and theyre trying really really really hard to make this dump new yorkish.  the train which is this 3 car rusty piece of shit has 1 route and it goes from university station to the downtown..its stations are absolutly disgusting with drug dealers hanging around them 24/7 using them to get back and forth between crack houses..

downtown is a complete utter disgusting fucking shit not being hard enough here let me reiterate that., is A dee sgusting fucking dilapidated gang invested, ghost town, corrupt organization run, ratty barely up to code food joints SHIT---HOLE...with ten thousand fuckin hustlers selling crack, trying to hustle people these criminals are sitting around ALL FUCKING DAY standing on corners sitting on benches ALL FUCKING DAY ya know just "hangin"  sure thing..theyre downtown just "hanging" looking for people to hustle while some extorted kid is working day and night in some cvs just to pay them protection while they hang around downtown all fucking day dealing drugs, sex, and looking for people to prey on..not even sneaky but in broad fucking daylight..blowing hits from laced cigarettes right in your fucking face trying to make you a junky if your on a cycle or trying to run around these fucks who will literally get in front of you and walk slow if your in a hurry to get somewhere just to cut you off with someone else who blows smoke in your face from a funny cigarette if you jog around them as soon as you open your lungs...then the police look at you like some hopped up junky fuck...i swear to god i dont know where the cops are 75 percent of the day while these fucks stand around in broad daylight hustling..there are SO MANY fucking CRACKWHORES with kids that they just drag around that theyll probably sell..its fucking disgusting and the businesses..theyre all in with the racket..let me stress this ITS FUCKING DISGUSTING and the douche bags working for the banking industry LOVE it because their bachelor degree salary is like a doctor's degree salary without the debt because this economy is so dirt cheap they live like high rollers..these fucking lowlifes and gangs and mobs hustle all fucking day downtown and the businesses are working with not saying this place has to be like nazi fucking germany but the police should be breaking up hese gangs and telling them TO MOVE THE FUCK ALONG..everyone else is doing somthing and theyre just hanging out in a circle eyeing everybody looking for somebody they can fuck with somonthey can rip off someone they can blow a hit on they try to solicit fucking ASS and DRUGS to people..these fucks will walk slow in front of you so you have to stop and walk slow then some pimp will have some woman who sells herself bend over in front of you and spend twenty minutes acting like shes trying to pick somthing up while he eyes you to see if your fucking interested..some fuck drove by me on my way to the super market an old black guy an older guy and yells out his window you need a rock son.  no old man not your fucking speedy crack cocaine hit..for you people who dont know what in the hell im talking about "rock" is what these gangsta fucks call crack cocaine..."rock" is a rock asshole..he was probably a fucking church goer, older african american "gent" you need a rock son!..thats the last fucking thing i need...people are paying money for that shit good god who hustled them to death. they will blow hits of shit IN YOUR FACE especially if your trying to get somewhere in a hurry..they ill shout shit at you call you bitch and say oh here comes that little faggot then when you look at them say why ain't you minding your own business...these gangsta fucks don't do shit and they are right there on the fucking corner in the middle of the day harrassing people verbally assaulting people like stalking someone, gang stalking them by walking behind them pretending to be on a phone or some other stupid two bit hustle like saying shit like "oh where is that little crazy faggot going..." you turn around and its some hustler walking right behind you not talking on a phone but dogging you while pretending to be on a phone. some hooker tried to solicit sex to me and i looked at her with contempt so she says loudly to the hustlers around her little fuckin i want her fucking mouth on my its all about just sex and getting off...i mean these are awful fucking people here...later on ill tell you how these hillbullies out in amherst town will follow around poor people and hassle them claiming that their government assistance is not theirs because it was paid for through their taxes and thus they will take the food away from the poor person as their own "tax" to get their money back..thats not how it fucking works amherst mob..fuck this shit im serious..dont fucking move here..i drive miles looking for culture or society from people my age or demographic looking for non hustlers or somewhere to go to find somthing somewhat decent but the art museaum is complete shit and the music scene is also a racket..these gangstas that ruin..i mean run this town are complete scum they will beat on people try to make people into ther bitches and get in their face and say BOO HOO babywhen they utterly destroy their lives or keep them high against their will..i witnessed it i worked dealing with these fucks all day serving these mobs at a fucking retail joint near the ghetto.they target people and they own those people and they ruin them. these people tried soliciting women to me..high fucking hookers high on god knows what spaced out and being sold for the pussy and i looked at the offer with disgust suddenly i get called "SICK QUEER" suddenly im a "GAY" because i dont want to fuck some slave woman whose all fucked up on glue and then pay some fucking lowlife degenerate now im the sick little queer even though im not fucking gay...oh wait i love my fellow man or sometimes im happy..oh no i suppose that makes me gay...fuck the gangs and the mob out these "He a gay boy!"  why because i dont rent your fucking slave to get off! there are grown adults in gangs pimping..and hoeing people who tease people..they literally verbally abuse and tease people...they call it "chiding" or some shit its so fucking degenerate they behave like bullies on the schoolyard...and you wonder where this shit comes from when your kid gets bullied on the have to see how some of these grown adults behave.
I don't know what the police are doing but it is a bloody emergency these streets are a fucking warzone it is a fucking crisis this is a third world country...and there are SO MANY MOB SOLDIERS SO MANY FUCKING MOB SOLDIERS..ive seen so many criminals in my checkout line and in the communities ive lived talking fucking MASSES of criminal degenerates that all jump people and threaten large majorities of people to bend them to their will..the police should be aggressively trying to stop that shit..frankly when rival gang members kill eachother who cares..why chase your tails trying to solve that shit they have people they dont kill but that they keep in their pockets for life..thats a bigger problem.  you dont want to move here..why deal with that shit. People not involved in crime are a fucking minority here..the surrounding country JUST AS BAD..accept all these gangstas buy their fucking guns at hunting stores FUCKING LEGALLY...thats how they MANAGE people for fucking COUNTRY FAIR and WALMART and TOPS...then when their gun gets stolen by "accident" it ends up here in the streets of buffalo like some hillbully fuck didn't just hand it off to his nigga fellow in the drug pushing people selling business. these hillbully fucks buy twenty fucking guns all legally  these klansman one minute are johnny appleseed talking about their constitutional rights .."they dont want none of them crazies buying a gun..but they can buy twenty when they hunt once a fucking month...they buy firearms and use them to intimidate people..these arent big time mafioso types these are hillbully fucks in gangs out of highschool working for a mini mart... next they are tearing ass around town with their john deere sticker looking for those old dearies out there that they can scare.  theyre putting videos of them shooting snowmen up on youtube like theyre just having kicks..well for those of you who dont know a snowman represents a bum because they are always bundled up in winter clothes...and they gun for those johns after they get them piss drunk send them a message over the world wide web just incase theyre cyber slacking..a friendly reminder.. this is the rural area around buffalo so believe me if your some poor fuck preyed on by 30 of these hillbullies who all have hunting shotguns and whatnot you end up paying them protection or working to stay live..same as you would if you were stuck in the ghetto in the inner city surrounded by 30 gangsta fucks...niggas and hillbullies.these whit trash fucks drss lik thug trash too with their baggy jeans their jersys..their backwards cap...same fucks..gangsta niggas and these hillbully fucks..same type of trash.and they are in the city and the surrounding area...the new york city regoin you have working communities..buffalo the surrounding regoing fucking rural dirt poor hillbully shit....they are these small town fucking mini mart nascar beer and sports star pieces of trash that push a bible into your fucking head as they rob you then judge you as their business for having a queer haircut or for aborting their child.. these nigg(er) whipping, gay bashing, idiot making shepards that sell their kids and work with the ghettos worst nigg(a)s in dealing meth and crack to keep their slaves working real fast..they dont generate an economy...create culture...they fucking beat their kids...rob the working...and blame it all on a scapegoat..these fucks love their walmarts and every dirty corporation is considered the american heartland to them..if you dont like mcdonalds or their fucking klan run supermarket den yoo a terrorist!...these people have these disgusting bars where they are whoring and trashing people and doing horrendous shit...these fucks come from these white trash neighborhoods these white trash homes and these trailer parks where they have their hostages in these shitty places that they act like are decent because theyre connected to the bible network 24/7 these are just as bad as the inner city crack houses and in the same people trading business...theyre lame-ing people making people into their holy lambs..they are very dangerous hustlers as dangerous as those niggas on the corner in the ghetto only they rule rural areas and just like those gangsta niggas theyre all connected through the church.."oh JESUS make my sins disapear wash my hands clean with your innocent blood! then they step back into the public eye after having their identities laundered..."

these people are the same gun toting gangstas as 50 cent and tupac only they are white trash. these white trash fucks work WITH inner city gangs.  theyre out in the country 40 minutes outside of the inner city of area theyre dealing meth and theyre white...meanwhile in the ghetto their black "cuz" or "cousin" is dealing crack..and they all go to some fucking church and give a piece of their donation for a blessing wthin the community..meaning the church community that takes a cut of the dirty money upholds a decent reputation for them by word of mouth..
in my opinion the surrounding area is just as poorly policed as the inner city..only these fucking christian creeps get away with threatening and molesting their very children and putting them to work without them saying a word and no blood was shed so you think those country neighborhoods are safe or respectable because there isnt a high murder rate.

back to buffalo

the neighborhoods are disgusting..from the ghetto to these neighborhoods two minutes drive from the ghetto to these streets you cant walk down without a walmart looming in the distance...meanwhile you have snobs living lavishly in williamsville with what looks to me like plantation manors where they have their fucking art deco fountains and their three bmw suvs parked up front. its always nice to be someone with less than what you need seeing people with more than what they makes you feel real valued.

  its got white collar criminals and dirty hustling gangsters..white collar criminals pretend its a big city.. these gangsters pretend its a big city its  ajoke..all to make someone from a town fear this big city...ive been around im not buying this buffalo big city nonsense.,..ive lived in an actual city this is small time..and the communities from amherst to williamsville suck..for christsakes this place is so small walgreens owns half the surrounding neighborhoods eveyrthing is some shopping complex..the town is pathetic and the local businesses suck just as bad... ..there are mcdonalds joints for christsakes and they act like neighborhoods like williamsville and amherst are real high go from one end of the city to the next its the same thing..walmarts and tops markets..and your old navy starbucks shopping area...isnt there some culture..some variety some diversity..its either that or row after row of slums in the inner city.

"niggas and hillbullies" thats buffalo..let me be clear im not talking about white people from the country who hunt squirrel and talking about creeps from the small towns who are in gangs who deal meth in trailer parks and hoe their women and put them to work for a walmart..these people who hate queers and niggers and all that shit then bust out a bible..thats the culture out here in these parts..its like fucking 1950 birmingham

of course there are decent people from buffalo... enough this isnt about you, im not taking about decent people when i say hillbully or nigga...there are nice decent people somewhere in this place but there are also these john deere jesus club klansman..ive lived in some seriously terrible criminal communities and many people may not even be aware of crime in their community or dont drive through the bad parts of town and in their social circles they are not affected by the problems of this city... im not talking about you people..i advise you good people..some of you who dont know this shit is going on or dont see it...when you go to the supermarket at the tops university plaza or you do your're in and youre, no hang around...check out the people in the place..see whats going on..see who is who and who is doing what..look around in line checkout the place somepeople dont know anything is bad because nobody is messing with them and theyre wrapped up in their own business..see the fact is with criminals they dont show their criminal side to everyone if they see someone with means...who isnt diagnosed as a lunatic so theyre taken seriously when they report someone..someone with friends and actual family they dont hustle, stalk, or harrass them...but if they find a kid who moved up to the city to get away from abusive family who has no friends lives in a slum and hardly has 3 cents believe me the mob comes down on them like a fucking shit storm..but theres one thing ive found out there are fucking TONS of criminals...TONS of absolute HORDE...wo.

if you're an african american let me first apologize when i say nigga im talking about these fucks where every thug out there has this loud black baps trashy black mob attitude where theyre all in the fucking gang pushing dope and rock dragging everybody down with some racket class..fuck dis..fuck dat..fuck da white man..criminal bullshit..smoke this..loud ignorant blackattitude bullshit...then they change their attitude like some boogy man has been keeping their people down when they rule parts of this fucking city..they act oppressed because of rosa park when that was 50 years ago meanwhile just yesterday they "smacked some bitch upside her head"  but yeah there are white wigger asshole supremacist fucks out there too dont mix me up with that shit..those fucks all say praise the lord fags are evil and women shouldnt back talk..and thats buffalo these nigga fucks and these supremacist fucks from the surrounding regoin and they are the same hustlers....converging in one town..this lovely regoin that we all know so dearly that somthing is very very wrong really hurts me if a decent black person gets called a nigger over somthing stupid like curls or some bullshit when i say nigga im talking about these basketball jersey pin wheel cap advertizement shit right in your face chrome grills in their teeth pimps and pushers and finger breakers who rob anyone they can so they can kick it in their crib playing xbox 360 trying to sell drugs to kids in the suburbs who are on the other end thinking their chatting with a real nice dude...these thugs claim to be victims of oppression or racism they rob poor people and say its cause theyre poor...they have an excuse for making a buck off of someone they prey on its :"cuz dey poor"  with all these gang tatoos and shit acting loud and assholish and spreading ignorance they come in white too.. there are african americans i absolutly love but there are so many of these thugs out there calling everybody hoe and bitch calling other people nigger.."yoos a lil bitch you faggot ass nigger ill beat your ass..gimmy yo fuckin wallet" that type of scum..that type of scum doesnt deserve your sympathy america because theyre poor...and there are decent blacks that'll probably get mislabelled nigga these thugs push that shit on people like fucking rats with plague..theyll rob white people and say shit like.."your people robbed us for years!"  horrible shit adding insult to injury..offense is their best defense..because "hey you just fucking robbed me...oh but your offended because im white..."i have met blacks out here as racist as the fucking klansmen who inhabit a different neighborhood two neighborhoods away where those people all bash queers and retards..and the trash in the ghetto does the same exact shit
"Yer people be ownin us we be taking our reparations out of you white devil!"  nevermind the fact that my people were worked as serfs in europe that we were worked all day and everyday when they came to america and never owned any goddamn fucking person but hey were responsible for slavery...
black or white theyre the sametype of fucking people..and they are working this city in a bad way.  These blue collar criminals come from the dirt cheap rural area which is utterly disgusting and they get along real well with these inner city gangsta fucks..dealing drugs, extorting people..etc etc...they form mobs...they dont their own conscience is so fucking nonexistent..dirty business loves this shit..and when they find desperate people working in this economy on their own they eat them alive
It has the cheap lowlife ghetto trash of harlem and the cheap lowlife white trash of a trailer has black mobsters and white klansman fucks..and they are merged right here in buffalo..ahh..,oh and did i mention asian crime gangs indian crime gangs...OH SO INTERNATIONAL...ooooh la la the school is so really america you have no lived around or with these international students who are slum lords and pimps and thugs.  but seriously there are also asian gangs aka triads trading peope and drugs through their restraunt and salon services aka their jerk off parlors and take out dope chains that own slums in the "international areas" aka the university heights where they muslce on poor lil ol white students where they have smuggled workers from toronto or people that get shipped out here from china town in new york to suck dicks in buffalo
..indian gangs you think they are a nice little cricket team on the corner with their little cricket paddles getting fresh air and bringing culture to buffalo.. NOPE theyre here because of the drug money and they are muscle in these neighborhoods trading hoes and drugs right alongside the niggas...or pushing pharmaceuticals for their great uncle who got his doctorate...while the klansman act like this place is hunky dorey..honkey dorey..with their compulsively mowed lawns and their america flag hanging like they aren't blue collar criminals hiding in plain sight.."sorry step daddy i wont say bad things about you when you weild that powerdrill...yes i will get a job at walmart pushing carts for you and give half my pay to the church because youve got that toolbox in the basement" thats the economy out wonder why people are leaving.  fuck, this economy doesnt generate wealth it steals it for it's own means.  if their kid reads a book tht isnt the bible then "you gittin smart with me boy!" and thats punished..they study other languages...thats speaking in tongues boy! they want unskilled labor after they gut whatever he was getting out of his head and they'll take that for their own profit..their followers their "prophets" their holy cows to milk.  these people sell their fucking kids..the kids that mommy and daddy dont sell they turn just as rotten as mommy and daddy.

 there are great people here but they aren't in buffalo or amherst..if they are they are probably trapped under some slum lords roof...the fucking schools in these neighborhoods are a disgusting wreck with metal detectors for guns and knives these nigga fucks trying to get these women to be hookers by the time theyre 12 any black kid that doesnt hustle is immediately white man's bitch because he isn't buying into hip hop brands...they would bring guns and knives to schools so the state starts buying metal detectors so then they hit the gyms and rule with their fists...its fucking awful..the school's in amherst are no better or in the surrounding area where bullying...snobbery and again drug dealing and corruption are taking place..then you have theyse jesus academys and church schools...theyre fucking warped.  they debate evolution...real educationalthat's the way the mob likes it. the fact is this city is first on america's deadest cities list and that's because everything is wrong with it..fucking EVERYTHING. schools, hospitals, malls, libraries, supermarkets every fucking thing..  if you have kids you dont want them going to school with these gangsters..the "nicer" schools are two miles from complete ghetto and a large percentage are christian that should raise plenty of red flags.  if that doesn't raise any flags in your head your asleep behind the fucking wheel... but then again half you people are so bullshitted you think christian organizations are good things without having seen them selling the homeless in their ymcas using muscle, selling donations through the salvation army to the poor for their quarters and dimes, and mass shame...well maybe you people dont know the church like i do. these abusive christians molest people to shame them...because their victim had sexual desires..thats what they tell their victim after they violate them...youre the bad guy who was doing somthing dirty because you function sexually so we will molest you until your so ashamed and disgusted by sex you will never be able to have an erection again..theres a reason why alot of these nuns all have dried up cunts. somebody made their own body into a cell and they are no locked in celibacy... they are fucking monsters people. these christian organizations have a million fake charities till it "rains pennies from heaven from all those angels that think theyre helping the world out by throwing their change down a well"  they take clothes people cost of production then SELL them to the poor. wake up america! it isnt charity its big business!  thats the "salvation" army.  single mothers with 2 kids choosing not to eat for the week and taking in their nickel and dime rolls to a "salvation army" to buy their kid a pair of shoes without holes in them and the christian pigs behind the counter rake it in.  they dont help poor people.  they make a buck off of them.  its outrageous and the church is big out here.  its the fucking bible belt. it might as well be the fucking bible belt in these rural areas.  the church communities in these small towns are MOBS...telling people what to to to think..judging them.  its atrocious

ub is trash..i know i attended it..drugs, booze, organized crime..they have thugs getting degrees in nursing so they can abuse the old folks in the hospital..they try to "psych" out people or make them insecure or sucker them into thinking they have a condition for the pharmaceutical industry thats why "pharmacy" is so big at utterly falsely advertizes itself and is surrounded by dilapidated neighborhoods wioth gangs on campus and dirt cheap yet still overpriced facilities, food, and services...they have concerts with snoop dogg and rick ross gangsta rappers that they bring in to perform with student money..paying a drug dealing pimp that rhymes fuck and suck..snitch and bitch...good choice ub...and you can bet every dirt bag from the ghetto university heights is out dealing dirty dope in the crowds trying to get their dope in your bloodstream.  they drag you out the university heights on a friday night to try to get you to binge drink and hit a bong..meanwhile when they get someone drunk enough they say YO YO hit this bong son!  and you breath it in and it was not fucking marijuana...and it fucking fucks you up..but hey just daze and confuse you can better hustle us but before doing that act like our best friend.. maybe there are some forms of marijuana that are good thats a big MAYBE...but these fuckers pass shit around and expect you to hit it..if you arent being cool you see and they hugely pressure you into being cool or else theyll harrass you call you loser mock you tease you whatever so be cool..UB welcome to college its just fucking high school all the fuck over again.  They lie to you about college that its going to be an intellectually stimulating place where youll meet people you like turns out nope its just as juvenile as high school... so smoke up kids...even though your buddy is using that bud aiming to "rope a dope" when you end up fucked up by it.  see the thing is kids think dope is safe from all the bullshit they hear...from listening to the mammas and the pappas from reading about it in some medical journal out of berkley..get this kids that medical marijuana grown out their in sunshine valley isnt what they push on these fucking streets but chances are 90percent of you are so fucking sheltered you have not seen these streets or you sympathize with the utterly brutal thugs stalking them because they behaved decent to you to bend you on the ear about the plight of african americans living in the inner city and bla bla bla when youve never fucking lived in one of their neighborhoods and you dont know how brutal violent and criminal they you think the thug life nigga passing that shit to you is hip... what these sheltered white sheep dont know is these niggas are two blocks away knifing people and dealing crack and their dope is not safe dope.and they arent doing it because theyre poor but its easy money...there are so many drug dealers on campus its utterly absurd..its a very dangerous school with no culture..once again they got fast food joints on campus and a sheesha bar for smoking..people get robbed at gunpoint all the time and if your weighing the pros and cons considering that its a "city" school...know its not..buffalo has no art,  no culture, no city has nothing more to offer you than a school in a real small town only its got big city problems...say you go to the university of toronto..well toronto is an ACTUAL city and there is ACTUAL culture and ACTUAL things to do in an ACTUAL at not an actual city school its more like a mob town school....with thugs from buffalo flocking to the campuses in droves to sell their dope or to rob students...but the thugs from buffalo certainly will try to intimidate people with this big city bullshit.  "you in buffalo now dis be a city! we be cool and urbane!"  sure sure..your little crack house here right next to the mini mart how big time...this is mind blowing wow what a big bad city..ooh la la. my hat goes off to you thugs from here. this place is much much different then my small town. -end sarcasm
good people are not in the heights or any of these white trash or ghetto sure they are but they are probably being whored and extorted not to say that every whore is good..not by  a long trying to say that there are good people under some pimp whoring themselves to death and they had no choice in the matter while some bad guy fuck is buying up property off their ass...literally..the ghettos are trying to "outbreed" to control their territories..when athletes come to town for sporting events every gang member sends all his women to gt pregnant by them to get knocked up to make tough street soldiers for the future...its that serious a war...maybe thats why they dont like abortions..they want those kids from broken homes to rule the streets..  they are preying on anybody they can while the police are sipping on coffee at jimmy dunkins or whatever the fuck theyre doing crime is hustling all around them.  The way i see it is this small mediocre town requires a city police force the size of new york city's police to actually clean it up..but thats assuming that the police actually clean up the streets..which they dont...Obama came here ate the local chicken wings and took  photo op and left smiling..he should be looking at this place like a threat to the rest of the country and send in national police....instead hes eating the local chicken wings and smiling for the cameras like this shit doesnt stink.  its got a bus line run by nfta..not NFTA a dirty casino marlboro business and a two car tram system and this is what they herald as big city atmosphere...again it's disgustin..amherst acts very urbane its posing as urbane when its white fucking trash.  its no different than the surrounding rural towns that are all these disgusting klan run utterly tied down no culture towns that all revolve around a walmart..and thats amherst too.  buffalo never will become a major metropolitan because it's not one.  amherst is like a small ratty hick town then you have the inner city which is basically just destroying the neighborhoods by attacking people, labor rackateering, dealing drugs all for labor rackateering to make speedie gonzalases behind the counters at the gas station. oh and if those people quit who dont work under those oppressive conditions then "DEY LAZY BUMS! DEY BUMS WHO DONT WANNA DO NUTHIN!  WE work yo we better den a bum!" these fucks in the ghettos hang around on the corners all day long in large groups and the police cant seem to break them up.  its 10 AM on a monday and these hustlers stand around on the corners you'd think the police would catch on to this shit.  I worry that maybe drug money is good for this town that seems to have no other sources of revenue other than the lottery and gambling.  they want to open a casino downtown every neighborhood has ten pharmacies maybe drug money is keeping them afloat...because i dont know why they cant break up these thugs and gangstas pushing shit..theyre catching end users and whatnot but these criminals just hang around all day hustling while other people are busy going to work...problem is too that thousands of these thugs have utterly no fear of prison in fact going to prison increases the respect they get on the streets and their criminals communities...fuck thats not working maybe you should just cut their fuckin hands off uncle sam..because they deal crack rob somebodies house break sombodies face hustle on the corner all day telling other people to get to work and you finlly arrest them and that suddenly makes heros to all the other mob delinquents.  .these fucking gangsters hang out on the corner all day outside of shops hustling people and dealing drugs and stalking good people and "holding it down"  in broad daylight and I honestly dont know why the fuck the police aren't breaking up these rackets.  There is a huge liqour booze bar industry encouraging kids to drink through sporting events and partying where the focus is getting them high and drunk and to smoke and they want to extend the legalization of gambling into opening a casino downtown while they are already dealing lottery tickets to these fucks who will never get a winning ticket and get out of this shit whats sad is most of these people arent playing for a million they play these lottery tickets hoping to win 15 bucks so they can buy a pack of cigarettes or a hit of somthing...and this is all legal.  they have on track betting facilities and bars letting kids in ...i.ts al capones paradise..buffalo is one of america's 20 big mob cities...and its a very small city. its a big town and yet it is one of americas 20 biggest mob cities while its technically the 70th largest city in the country. do the math check out those proportions its alarming how much crime is in this small town.   so the canadian border is right there.  the man migniano the wealthiest man in my home town was caught coming across the border with cocaine in the trunk of his dodge viper and this guy owns a commuter bus company that runs from buffalo to the small town im from in which gangstas ride it all the time to deliver drugs from the city to the surrounding regions.  the bus station itself is an unpoliced mess with gangsters running a muck people just hanging around the station and bags not being checked its almost like the state is LOOKING THE OTHER FUCKING WAY. so consider that before moving here with a family.  ....the mob is big out here and the police are not taking appropriate action in handling this shit.  There should be an utter war with these streets...once in a while you hear about police knocking in a door and confiscating a particularly bad drug house. i declare that entire neighborhoods should be rounded up...houses should be searched en masse..entire businesses should be shut down..but nah its never going to happen...why would they break up that shit theyre not the victims of it ...see the fact is poor people who are victimized early on in life and are born and raised surrounded by cons and hustlers in criminals communities..they dont have two cents..a bullet proof vest...a fucking gun for protection..or any authority at all..when theyre used up they dont even have a thought in their fucking heads..they dont even have the freedom of speech...

Buffalo's Wonderful Public Transport

in newyork the majority of people using public transport are a vast array of people working and getting where they need to buffalo gangs ride these fucking busses...gangs of thugs..old ladies and kids affiliated with gangs and theyre guess what... labor rackateering anyone else caught dead on those fucking things..gangs and destitute peoples sucking cvigarettes and working double shifts to pay their protection..fuck sometimes you got a gang member driving the bus...they dont say anything when somebody gets hustled on the thing either..gang members will stuff drugs in somebodies pants make them carry it from point a to point b and the gang member driver looks at the mule like the suspect..when theyre the victim...the nfta is a disgusting fucking joke..they should be utterly ashamed of their public transportation system and their complete irresponsibility regarding the crime that hustles dealing drugs smuggling drugs and hustling people on these busses and trains..however people commuting on these things during business hours generally dont see the same type of underworld shit that goes on during the entire day...and when they ride home together decent responsible people are the majority of passengers during rush hour..this is not the case in between 9 to 5 and after. during  those hours there are still quite a lot of passengers on those fucking things but guess what theye all dealing drugs, following people around town, going from one crackhouse to the next..going to visit their bitch at the store to collect offof them...meanwhile their isnt a fucking cop in sight during these hours..theyre only on the fucking thing after school is out..

  i would rather ride my bike the entire stretch 8 miles downtown and back then be caught dead on those fucking things in between a blood and a crip and some bag lady with crack rocks stuffed down her underpants ......the nfta's tram is actually a disservice. often times the train operators and ticket checkers themselves are affiliated with gangs and do not mention a thing when someone on thetrain gets abused or stalked or mugged or forced to carry drugs because that's apart of their business..these disgusting busses are innefficient and laughable did i mention FILTHY.  the stations ARE FILTHY..why there are 5 fucking stations..maybe the NFTA can get some homeless man real high give him windex and a newspaper and use their bloods to tell him to clean the place up or else they'll cut him..thats probably what theyre discussing as a real way to clean up their dilapidated stations.."gentleman, how cn we use our street muscle out there to clean up these stations of ours for free? by golly ive got it! those fucking bums ride our trains to stay warm..and those newspapers are perfectly good rags! put those bums to work i say!"  good job nfta i cant ride your fucking bus without a casino add in my face... the only people these trains and busses are truly conveient for are gang members that take them into the burbs or the university or some other mob nieghborhood with their drugs on risk of getting pulled over by the cops i suppose if you

Buffalo's Wonderful Public Transport

in newyork the majority of people using public transport are a vast array of people working and getting where they need to go a public that actually has places to go and is buffalo gangs ride these fucking busses...gangs of thugs..old ladies and kids affiliated with gangs and theyre all labor rackateering anyone else caught dead on those fucking things..gangs and destitute peoples sucking cvigarettes and working double shifts to pay their protection...the nfta is a disgusting fucking joke..they should be utterly ashamed of their public transportation system and their complete irresponsibility regarding the crime that hustles dealing drugs smuggling drugs and hustling people on these busses and trains..however people commuting on these things during business hours generally dont see the same type of underworld shit that goes on during the entire day...and when they ride home together decent responsible people are the majority of passengers during rush hour..this is not the case in between 9 to 5 and after. during  those hours there are still quite a lot of passengers on those fucking things but guess what theye all dealing drugs, following people around town, going from one crackhouse to the next..going to visit their bitch at the store to collect offof them...meanwhile their isnt a fucking cop in sight during these hours..theyre only on the fucking thing after school is out..

  i would rather ride my bike the entire stretch 8 miles downtown and back then be caught dead on those fucking things in between a blood and a crip and some bag lady with crack rocks stuffed down her underpants while they blow perfumes on me to make me high against my will with nowhere to fucking go......the nfta's tram is actually a disservice. often times the train operators and ticket checkers themselves are affiliated with gangs and do not mention a thing when someone on thetrain gets abused or stalked or mugged or forced to carry drugs because that's apart of their business..these disgusting busses are innefficient and laughable did i mention FILTHY.  the stations ARE FILTHY..why there are 5 fucking stations..maybe the NFTA can get some homeless man real high give him windex and a newspaper and use their bloods to tell him to clean the place up or else they'll cut him..thats probably what theyre discussing on how to clean up their dilapidated stations.. the only people these trains and busses are truly conveient for are gang members that take them into the burbs or the university or some other mob nieghborhood with their drugs on risk of getting pulled over by the cops i suppose if you have a backpack full of say you're some nigga dope pusher from the streets and you need to move your backpack full of drugs across town all you have to do is give your auntie..the lady who checks the tickets or drives the thing a cut and hop aboard that bus and you can make it the whole way..police dont pull over busses and any fucking thug from the ghetto can get a job working for the nfta..thus crime runs it and crime uses it..they have casino adds on those fucking things and mob radio stations...its fucking insane to ride one of those goddamn things but guess what in this dirt poor city where there isnt much business and the economy is on average worse than the rest of the you have a fucking choice if you dont own a there it is people who get exploited by gangs on those things because they dont have a choice..there should be cops on those fucking things so people can..oh you know...have CIVIL lives..but nah the police have their own fuckin cars..

in nyc people actually use public transportation in buffalo new york people are  scared to...the nfta is actually a disgusting mob run service 40 years ago they were pushing all the negros to the back of the bus these upper class fucks treating these people that thats been swept under the rug theyre doing the exact opposite letting every nigga drug dealing gangbanger identity thief, pimp, loan shark, crack pusher just fucking hang around and they don't say a fucking thing..its still corrupt.. theyre embracing every piece of shit gangsta from the ghetto to hustle with them..they deal so much drugs with that fucking bus and labor rackateer more than ever...just like they always did. they were assholes then and they are today..

Rosa parks was right..boycott that fucker

its got bad cowboys from the country tearing ass in thier rams with their stupid bully stickers these john deere fucks that buy gangs and claim theyre for hunting..and is overpopulated with every ghetto thug out there..the worst of both worlds..theres no place decent to eat..everything is some mini martopolis..its super store go down town its like a ghost town with these mob businesses glitzing it we're in new york city.the tram in this town is a joke..its this rusty shitty cramped two car ghetto piece of shit with thugs that have their bum slaves next to could be hugely conveient but instead these gangstas rob anyone and everyone who rides it..there are so many thugs that arent doing shit during the day so they just follow around other people on their routes..making bitches taking pictures of them with their phones..following them wherever they go to intimidate them because these gangstas 1. dont work but sell drugs all day or 2. sell their pussy to some john they try to corrupt or addict so they can pay for the slum they live in....this is buffalo new york..this place has got NOTHING..its population is declining its businesses are these cheap as dirt pepsi co trash boxes ripping people off...they charge 9 dollars for a hot dog and fries when in new york a street cart is serving up finer fresher cuisine..there is so much organized crime here...white collar crime, blue collar criminals..asian gangs black gangs black mobs white gangs...corporate fraud...they have go down town they try to make it look new yorkish in everyway its a joke..they arent even close to new york they arent even in the same stratosphere as new york..they are imitating new york..this place is a town pretending to be a city. and new york has its underworlds as well with fucking homeless people living in subways..buffalo has the same if not worse shit going on.  you know there are people renting beds out there...not rooms..fucking BEDS underthetable having these extorted laborers rent a fucking BED...the place isnt theirs the fucking room isnt theres and they can only use it for somewhere to sleep at a certain amount of time because OTHER people use it as well...and so they rent a bed that they sleep in when they aren't WANDERING THE FUCKING STREETS/...thats what these cheap klansmen fucks are doing..renting their beds out illegally to desperate peoples and ripping them off..extra cash that they spend..they rent it to go somewhere to sleep in this shitty klansmen owned gang run crack house slums that find these desperate people on the street and say as some act of charity.  "hey my man I can help you out whachu need!"  im disgusted by the fucking slums i have seen. whats even more disturbing is when these houses are owned by tops or fucking walmart employyees renting out beds then reporting back to the company that they got someone for can collecting..there are so many slum lords in the university heights as well taking advantage of naive students its fucking horrendous.  these slum lords dont life a finger and they expect these student tennants to always be working to pay protection on top of the rent and to clean the house and work even when they are at home.  these are the types of "living arrangements" and housing options in buffalo new york. you have people in churches muscling the homeless..these child molestor catholics take battered women from abusive relationships and try to get them to prostitute themselves calling it the world's oldest profession..its the most disgusting civilization imaginable out there. this isn't even a city either.  when this shit happens in a major metropolitan it still disgusts me but fuck there are millions and millions of people i understand that this shit occurs, but when this shit occurs in these small fucking towns where everybody knows everybody then it occurs because they WANT it to occur..the university heights is just one of the many slum lord ruled territorities in buffalo..and its got international gangs from indians thugs muscling on might see a nice little nonviolence begins with me sign in somebodies these neighborhoods as if decent people live in know the one with the dove..that means if you don't want to be hurt you pay me your protection...shit like that.  dont assume these places are nice because of some false impression you get when you dont know what they are all about until youve lived in them and seen what the people do and how they treat other people.  when students go to frat parties in the heights the people in the neighborhood or house act real laid back like students and like they are real nice people to attract students to the area who are impressionable..then once they move in and sign the lease those "students" drop the act and start muscling in on the person turns out they dont smoke pot to have fun at parties but are hardcore drug dealers that work with inner city thugs..hacking computers etc etc..the problem is when you move into some house with other students and theyre total hustlers you have your pc hooked up to their connection as well etc etc these places arent good ideas for students..they may look like good ideas like cheap places with communities of students looking to save money for their schooling and future career...NOPE trust me lived in it these neighborhoods are crime fucking run...a lot of these thugs act like students in the day but have a completely different demeanor at night..its almost like they have multiple personalities a clean one for the public and one their victim me I know just how bad these people really are..they muscle in on men telling them to work to pay protection, try to get them on drugs, try to introduce female students to is absolultly DISGUSTING how much crime flocks to that university so these gangs and hustlers can find easy away from home with no money right next to large communities that are hanging on corners dealing crack and telling other people to get to work or else theyll jump them..what a stimulating intellectual environemnt...sarcasm..the university is right next to the ghetto..with nothing for the students but a tops superstore to shop at that is also overrun by ghetto thugs

what does that Fuccilo fuck say...Buffalo?...itss HUUUUUuuuuuUUUUGGGGggeee. there is a mafia car salesman up here and his commercials feature him saying its HUUUUuuuuuuUUUge...a real subtle inferrence to his mob penis...but buffalo is not huge i think they really are trying to daunt people from the surrounding area because its not that different than my home town except they have this home town pride for their fucking mess...but hell the mob and the gangs up here are sure as cold as people in a big city. i lived in new york and there is actual culture and an actual public that is actually working not robbing...or preying on other people. YES it has its problems too but buffalo is horrendous...if your not "connected" with some crime family moving to buffalo is like swimming with sharks while wearing concrete shoes.

lol, its not huge...the peace bridge its this little dinky ratty bridge that they cant even maintain its not huuuuuuuuuuge. as this mob car salesmen proclaims in his adds its not but they want the little people to think that shit.

western new york is a shithole..whats ironic is its communities are JUST AS if not MORE dangerous than new york city's. they have these congregations all hustling for some superstore preaching to make you into their servant. there are so many abused kids, crackheads, homeless people, battered women, mental retards, and whore..s that all gold for these buffalonian fucks..easy money.,people are getting fucked up by these white trash and black trash clans and gangs that run these businesses all demanding protection..the university heights is supposed to be cultured its just a ghetto full of gang run slums trapping poor students trying to get sorority girls to whore themselves trying to addict students to drugs. buffalo isnt on the map unless your some ghetto nigga  or some white hill bully fuck...pardon my french..thugs from every scumhole in the country come to buffalo to deal drugs. the ghettos are doing things like purposely overpopulating to invade the rest of america with their shit dope thier shit culture and their labor rackateering...purposely having as many kids that they raise as thugs to "outbreed" the decent...teaching them to mob and rob people and good people to mob them even more because those people are "soft"..theyre easy to rob and bring that money back to the crime family...we have families of 6 these fuckers have families of thousands...all to gang up on other people and take a piece of them...thats what they do theyre like hornets.hording stolen money in their ghettos investing in drugs guns and beating on hoes and pushing around other people that they addict to shit. they flock to universities to find more softies from the suburbs to intimidate and muscle while they preach this white man's burden shit about what was done to their people by those evil white people. theyre racist as fuck and theyre destroying our country. theyre making slaves..drug addicts...intimidating kids using kids to strong arm people dealing peoples personal information in their fucking black market..then you have these small town america fucks pretending this is a nice place.working that angle..these native buffalonians are fucking hustlers..dressing up their own ratty communities to look like friendly neighborhoods when theyre getting a piece of the action as well..trying to hustle people as well.compusively mowing their lawns and decorating their trash with home depot's fall line of accesories... as if their shit was an entirely different world than that ghetto 5 minutes away. they act real hard that their shit doesnt stinkWHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS they paint their houses act like theyre respectable business peoples.. blue collar criminals put an america flag up then do the same exact shit in the mid class burbia no different then the ghetto no fucking different..only difference is they cant just go right up to yu and flash their gun in your face because that might cost them their house with the two car garage but its the very same criminal organization. amherst works real hard to look classy trying to make it look victorian and with trees and churches and its total bullshit.  its got no history no money and its not urbane..its posing as such.   the only difference is in amherst the population has cars and homes so they wont just go right up to you and stab you because they have shit to lose. theyll stab you in the back rip you off in deceptive ways trying to overbill you and milk you if your wealthy. bums make their village look dirty...that ruins the illusion of amherst town...those dirty bums destroy the illusion that the place is classy its just another ghetto ville but its got an image to uphold..its clean and safe and it wants people to move in and get ripped off..they want families to move in so they can rip them off..dentists and vets...they want to take decent people for EVERYTHING theyve got...the vet here charged me 280dollars for a 5 minute check up a shot and a cat medication that i found at petsmart for 40 bucks..once you explore the surrounding region of amherst you will be horrified of whats so close to your so on foot or on bike walk the streets before moving here..get a taste of how dangerous it is...the mob is alive an well here they arent just in the ghetto..all those thugs breeding like flies in the ghetto are their amherst town these white collar crooks act like bosses..buffalo new york its hardly a city but its got every one of those big city problems without any real cultuire any real food any real communities any real diversity..its people are fleeing they are trying to trick people into moving to this shithole...saying its one of americas safest cities its got one of the most prestigious schools in the world..doing amazing biomedical research..great athletics clubs...bullshit theyre trying to bring in your money buffalo is a big mob town..theyre still around..they act mainstream they act white collar they act blue collar they act like normal americans then they rob you in as many ways as possible...before you move here research its history...the surrounding towns are just as bad trust me im FROM the have biker gangs disgusting hick bars with these white trash fucks pimping little old ladies and selling budweiser..woo fucking whoooo the game is on..thats the biggest thing to these people a fucking sports match..there is a native american reservation every 30 minutes and they all sell cartons of cigarettes and have casinos on them...its so poor in some of these areas they are just as poor as the ghettos but they are rural..they have trailer parks with kids dealing meth these john deere fucks buying guns at hunting stores and hunting in the woods then tearing ass around town in their pick up trucks trying to intimidate people into paying protection...this is the surrounding wny area...then you have the border...the border is smuggling in foreign labor that comes in through toronto..people from india people from asia..people who are sex slaves and drug mules and dont think they are arriving in the land of opportunity...our border is just as bad as the mexican border and its ten times as relaxed..people bringing in drugs and guns and labor..dont be afraid to live in a big city like new york its no more dangerous than buffalo new york its got civilized buffalo a starbucks pops up and all the hustlers in town start pretending to be new yorkers because they work down town and have a starbucks when theyre no better than small town fucks. the native buffaloneans spend their time pushing the delusion that people from the surrounding area are in this great big city when its just a complete shithole and theyre trying to milk peoples dollars with their shithole rat race hustle for  disgusting these girls that go on chippewa and think they are fucking parris hilton out clubbing when they are in some mob bosses ratty barely up to code sleezy watered down drink bar..with every lowlife thug with their eye on them..theyre just nervous that they wont get in like its some real cool exclusive clubs..thats what these lowlife promoters delude them with the notion that these sleezy cheap rip off slummy clubs are hard to get into to get these girls to dress up for these lowlife fucks that flock to these places paying for a blowjob in the toilet room... meanwhile they dont even realize theyre way too cool for those fucking joints. these buffalonians have slogans like "this is our town!"  good for you, you can fucking have it you whored the shit out of it and anyone in it and its a detriment to the rest of the united states..its an uncultured slum and you hustle the shit out of the townies that move up to this place trying to delude intimidate and sweep them up with labor rackets....thats how you keep your own stagnating economy going by robbing decent citizens totally blind..because lets face your shitty town cant make it without doing that...and you blame the economy or uncle sam or some scapegoat when this place is a shithole primarily because of you buffalo mobs and your rip offs and so on and so forth.  so no matter how rich you are off your dirty money you're no different than slum lords..the slum being this city..lotta white collar criminals throwing around their bachelor degree salary using that extra money as muscle to intimidate poor people thatt they tailgate women that they abuse etc etc threatening to sue them degrading them because they are in shabby clothes etc etc..when the people doing this buy their real fancy shit at the fucking super mall and are just hillbully trash

What's worse than Mediocrity?

half the town is like harlem the other half are these white trash supermart wastelands..the downtown is grotesque..its like any real class was run out long time ago...nothing but mob trash trying to make the shit work for them by hustling its image.  indian gangs with shitty stores trying to act cultuired..asian gangs with cheap trucker chinese food claiming its international..theres no fucking culture here besides crime culture...the people are sacrificing their kids out here..its that fucking disgusting..with the casino rackets and the club scenes these disgusting slums with cheap lazer light shows prostitution is big money with big ass thugs pushing around all these women..mean fucks that work out in the ymcas alongside kids that go their after school that put on muscle to beat the shit out of drug addicted women. they chase homeless people in their cars making them cary their drugs sometimes they take their food claiming its their food because it was paid for with government assistance and these hicks claim.."thats our money! BUM!" then when the bum is starving they say "what a dirty fucking drug addict! theyre skinny because they love crack"...when their teeth were punched out.. and some trailer park fuck took their food..nice town..real friendly people...avoid it at all costs. its like if the countries trailer parks and the cities ghettos had a baby..and every dirty monopoly in the world flocked to the area for all the cheap child labor and conscienceless workers thatll hustle and rob for their cheap businesses...spawned here like its gold..supporting those ghettos and mob communities..people are leaving for GOOD reason..more criminals means MORe criminals come to the area..if you're thinking of moving to buffalo because of some bullshit you read about how safe amherst is you are being blatently directly LIED to..move anywhere but this hell hole. if you are a responsible parent a decent person looking to relocate somewhere and its not for your career then moving to this place will most definatly cost and cause you a lot of may see cheap real estate and have a pretty picture painted for you that these people are just blue collar but hell theyre decent right there is a low crime rate and the city isnt THAT bad..again you are being me i live in this shit..once you move in and sign the lease or put the downpayment down THATS when the the vale pulled over your eyes starts coming off and then what the fuck are you going to me there are a thousand hustlers in this town to make you pay protection or to overbill you.. ..seriously dont be fooled..i dont know what the health inspectors are thinking because now that these sleezy places that were once filthy..these dirty little taco joints and these shitty fast food joints were barely up to code now they have an abundance of poison and acaustic chemicals like bleaches and ammonia that are twice as toxic as the fucking roaches that they once had spwaning in the place. these places were once filthy so they get their spick to spray and clean the place at a breakneck pace everynight before close..

some of buffalo's mob owned restaurant...these places are laundering money through their food services dont eat ther..they take clean money and give you dirty money and they call that "laundering" you dont want these fucks giving you somthing to feed your kids or yourself.  boycott past this shit..if you want to refry cheese thats stuck to a piece of toilet paper its right out there in the fucking trash go throw that into your microwave but if you like to pay for that type of shit you can always go to one of these mob establishments..honestly this shit is what buffalo prides itself on..having the nations best chicken wings? what kind of bullshit is're telling me nowhere else in the country can take a bag of frozen chicken wings throw them in a frying vat then dump hotsauce on them like buffalo!? what mediocrity its less than mediocre ooo and wash that down with a nice cold beer or a pepsi right...ugh..fuckin cheap trash served by mob scum..what a fucking thing to be proud of


  1. How did you learn all of this about Buffalo when you just drove down Main St and took a bunch of pictures without even leaving your car?

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