Saturday, October 6, 2012

the church and Purgatory

a state of imposed numbness in which positive and negative feeling are purged from the person a state of excommunication in which the person cannot express what is being done with them often imposed by putting them on a substance that takes away any feeling and told to live in that state while any reactions are then purged any emotions any anger from purged for testosterone any love from help is purged for endorphine trafficking and the person is left in purgatory..this spiritual abuse is perpetrated by religious fanatics that are getting high off people they put in purgatory by having religious fundamentals driven into their head by controlling church authorities..pastors that teach them to reject anything else but religion and literally spoonfeed them an answer for its evil reject your bodies own sex drive...anger its wrath you dont need it...happiness its vanity pride in your work thats sinfull etc etc etc this self rejection kills the human spirit..these people arent living their lives at all..then cannot because of religious imposed control of them to such a degree it kills them.attempts to make them comfortably numb from severe emotional degredation and abuse and physical mistreatment and neglect make them in a state of numbness that they are controlled into thinking is comfortable because it isnt the hell inflicted on them by their abusers...when they feel feelings they are like heaven because they are freed from their numbness but then that is purged from them..thus they exist in purgatory...neither heaven or hell. the church selects people to do this to deliberatly to purge them of their feelings for trafficking in drugs, hormones, steroids...other illegal drugs like exctasy made from people who arent allowed to orgasm but try to and have it purged from their system when they try..testosterone from people who are purged when they are enraged..etc etc its spinal tapping if they outsmart their masters and are then sapped for those brain performance enhancers..its pharming

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