Thursday, February 16, 2012

People listen to a rappers cd before forming an opinion of them based on their single

ACT OF VALOR is coming out soon and I watched the trailer with eminem's new single playing in the background. Eminem was one of the biggest artists out there when i was growing up and ive heard his cds...not just one song but the entire cds...and they are fucking disgusting...He sings about killing his wife in detail about how he will murder her...he glorifies drugs from drinking and driving to popping pills and smoking dope...he talks about choking fags..It is awful criminal extortionist hate speech drug dealer propaganda...but then eminem comes along and releases a hit single...a hugely toned down...nice and squeeky clean hit single and when parents or people who dont get around to going into a record store and buying his cd and taking the time to listen to it all the way through hear it and admit to themselves yes its edgy but its really not all that bad. people dont form assumptions dont make judgments until you've examined all the evidence. eminem is a sociopathic megalomaniac monster. he has made songs all about how he will murder his wi fe. he is a criminal gangster low life. but he comes out with these singles that are majorly toned down than the rest of the trash on his albums and mainstream america plays it, but those singles are not eminem's message..those singles are fabricated for main stream america and they are designed to be catchy and to not alienate mainstream america. but those fluffy pop balads are not what eminem is all about. lyrics in which he sings with a church choir background "come on take my hand!" sound decent....take his of his songs is about how he is going to take hyis hand and strangle his wife and put her in sun glasses in the passenger seat and drive around with her. its disgusting it makes my stomach turn..thats what eminem is all about. hes not a decent guy. his singles have been toned down. so when you hear them dont make an opinion regarding his music because you have not heard what he's saying on his albums you've just heard some produced fabricated pop ditty single. eminem is a low life gangster. he shouldnt be glorified in movies or in commercials and his music isnt edgy its criminal bullshit its verbal assault..its hate speech
listen to his albums youll be horrified that you ever thought he was okay because you heard him on the radio and you didnt think it was that bad. i cant believe that gangster gets air time in this country after what he's recorded

eminem should be in fucking prison not in detroit auto commercials..not starrng as the plucky underdog in some movie...not singing singles for movies about america's military...he should be in a fucking cell. when these gangster rappers get on stage and rap about how women are hoes and nothin but bitches ...its basically like a dictater up there on stage. mainstream america needs to open its ears and examine and listen to what these companies put out there and what these radio stations are playing and who they are honoring and idolizing...pimps? drug dealers....bullies

these low lifes aren't street poets for christsake I can rhyme fuck with suck..a monkey could make their songs...because it isnt music..its loud and repetitive and stupid. mainstream america is so pussy whipped and so pacifist that they hear awful horrible shit produced by a pimp scum bag and they give it a shot because they saw emiinem on the grammys with elton john. the question on my mind is why are these companies giving these pimps and drug dealers a stage and a microphone and why are they letting them dictate to kids. do they profit from drug deals ? i mean maybe these gangsta rappers are just have the same sets of values and standards and ethics that these companies do when eminem raps about killing somone who was a bitch by shooting them he does it while looking cool in a pair of sweatshop made addidas.

the fact is people are going to look back on our times and they arent going to fucking believe that crimnals got away with this shit. criminals that blatently talk about pimping, murdering, extorting, and drug dealing have songs that play at your kid's dances...or on tv right after school...or on their ipods etc etc

parents hear the single and its not that bad but i guarantee they have not heard what he was rapping about on his previous cd or else they would be horrified that scum got its foot in the door through a song that all the hoodlums at school say is cool..yeah so are marlboros right and criminal records according to those delinquents but hey they determine what is cool out there ...we should be burning eminem and snoop dogg cds..not fucking selling them. its mafia. 100 years ago al capone had some rag time beat that a jazz band played and it was all about how great hooch and reefer is etc etc and its the same criminal formula at work today. sex for sale, nothing but drugs, and if you dont like it they'll fuckin kill you. the fact is dont give this music a fucking chance.. start reapplying that thing known as your gut instincts. because you really dont want your kids listening to music made by criminals just because its considered cool...fuck cool..there should be a subject in middle school called fuck cool...there's math, there's social studies, there's spanish, and there is fuck cool...fuck cool is a very basic subject..their idea of cool is a criminal that subjugates his victims and glorifies his own mediocrity..or its being a drunk high impulsive fool

if gangsta rap is considered music...then I guess thats what jackson pollack meant when he just threw a bunch of paint at the wall and that was considered a masterpiece

thats what passes for art can just throw a bunch of paint at the fucking wall and that is considered to be art..

rap...and other genres...are so full of corrupt scumbags..what kind of fucking irresponsible psychopathic company would package that shit as cool and play it around kids. its like telling them that russian roulette is cool. the fact is there are gangs at the mall right outside where these records sell that will deal dope twenty feet away from where this shit sells. i cannot believe 20 US dollars goes to those scumbag assholes everytime some brainwashed dumbass hands over andrew jackson for a ten cent stamped cd made by dr dre or some other mediocre thug...some people are hustled and they pay to listen to a gangsta shout at them about what is cool and what isnt. they are gving away a bit of liberty for gangsta instead parents should forbid that shit. dont think its ok because you heard 30 seconds of his song on the radio and thought it wasnt that bad and even thought some of it was even inspirational. THATS THE SINGLE YOU FOOLS..listen to the 17 other tracks on the cd and listen to them closely because half the time you don't even know what the hell theyre saying with their ebonix criminal code..that should send up a red flag..the single you hear on the radio is usually glaringly different than the rest of the cd...meaning it was produced and written to be the single for america..meaning it is designed to be the song that everyone its toned down..nicer...less blatantly criminal, and people hear it and it doesnt sound that bad but you should listen to the rest of the fucking cd before you think its ok if its on your kids ipod

gangsta rap and heavy metal and all the incarnations in between are so fucking corrupt and self destructive, arrogant, ignorant, stupid, and masochistic they literally tell kids to drink a bottle of vodka..then pop some pills.. they glorify themselves because they are playa pimps and women are sex objects to them that they sell and that they only regard as worth somthing for their sex appeal..they talk about assaulting and extorting people...they talk about killing the police. ..and then they say its a racial political issue...NWA doesnt say fuck the police because of Rodney me they dont care about Plessey versus Ferguson they say fuck dapolice because thats who took their last heroin supply thats who is seizing those poppy fields in afganastan. those gangstas dont give a shit about justice..meanwhile they critisize the government..meanwhile they were terrozing their own communities with drive by shootings on houses with families inside if they "ratted" do you really think they give a shit about someone's civil rights... rodney king was an excuse for these thugs to riot and steal..ok..these gangsters are not abolitionists they have slaves of their own..those bitches and hoes that they always rap about smacking are the hookers on the street that they push and pimp. they say fuck "da" police because those are the people that protect us from them. those are the people that make them second guess crawling in your window at night and slitting your throat for a fucking piece of jewelry ..those are the people that take away the poisonous addictive drugs that they try to sell to kids....when they aren't saying fuck the police or the free world...they are sell, sell, selling their own shitty sweatshop brands of hip hop clothing..leather jackets, whatever bullshit is in season that was churned out by some fucking sweatshop and they will just waste your valuable time gushing over how cool their bullshit trash is. that shit you wouldnt be c aught dead wearing in one year because of how fuckng ridiculous it is once its out of fashion. they will spend your time flashing that shit in front of your face and telling you that you gotta have it and that you know you want it...some sweatshop shit made in a country that has no civil rights for anybody that they dont say a single bad thing about...meanwhile its those damn founding fathers that they have a bone to pick with..the architects of a country where people have rights...and freedom. thats what those thug gangstas find most offense
the fact is these "artists"///these "musicians" dont have any talent...they dont play any instruments...they dont write because they appreciate poetry or make music for love of the art..but rather to sell dope...and to shout criminal propaganda and then sell shit and then they ask you to pay for that...thats almost as stupid as paying for drugs...theyll fuck you up and rip you off and make you sick and get this you are the one that pays for them...thats a pretty big fucking hustle. what baffles me is that the fbi protects these cds and forbids pirates out there from burning them because those cds are protected under copywrite infringment laws as "intellectual property"

I shudder at that last part..intellectuals? like I said anyone can put on clothes that dont fit and dance around shouting fuck hoes and suckers for the mutherfucking bucks...its not hard to make up those fucking delinquent degenerate rhymes and to then shout them over a drum loop that you can make in ten seconds on a goddamn casio keyboard..but hey that passes for art these days much like say throwing paint at the wall does. its not art...some bad companies saw some bad guys and they decided that those bad guys deserve the most exposure. that shit is the mafia...shouldnt the fbi be doing better things than insuring mafia recording artists like oh i dont know watching out for terrorists that want to use commercial planes as missiles..or are they just going to make sure that Ghost Faced Killah..or 50 cent gets some more fucking royalties. It really disgusts me... sorry you know what ive accepted that in this fucked up country justice is willfully blind but thats not justice at all

drugs on tap...women for sale...and dead bodies for anybody that objects to the tyrants dictating this and that. the mob has been thriving in this country for a long time. al capone was quite awhile ago...the war on drugs ongoing.the music store shouldnt be divided into sections based on genres but how about one that separate music made by criminals...there should be a section of sociopaths, one for for narcissists. maybe then you wont buy little johnny a cd coming from the criminal section...maybe youd be alarmed at the disproportionate amount of cds that are in the criminals section and start asking questions like why are these companies sponsoring so many criminals? perhaps they are...CRIMINAL themselves. those very industries polluted the shit out of the country and are probably why you have to check for cancer lumps in your balls and tits... theyve removed those clean waters and that virgn drink your coma inducing sugar slurpee put on your favorite sweatshop made billboard hat and buy your intellectual property made by killa G and the D block gang and exchange all that worthless cheap shit for the hard earned highly precious AMERICAN your 20 dollar bill for a piece of shit crminal cd that was stamped out for ten fucking cents....i swear middle class white people in this country are like navajo indians they will trade their sweat and blood for some shiny beads....this case a disc..good trade just traded 1 20 dollar bill with the music store for something that is worth ten cents. just another weekend at the mall where there was once a lush healthy heartland that those same industries selling you all that toxic rip off shit gutted, deforested, paved over, sold and shit on..purple mountains for your capones amber waves of migraines. this country went down the tubes...its what that wise old man was saying and it fell on lame deaf ears went down the the point that we sit in front of the tubes and watch one criminal after another. whats even more so dangerous is when this country that cannot even keep things straight here is out there dictating to other countries. ive seen footage of US troops rolling into bagdad playing death metal and gangsta rap while driving their tanks into villages..playing songs like "Let the bodies hit the floor" by slipknot...'ive got house in area codes. the troops that are supposed to be fighting terrorism are no doubt terrorizing everybody in bagdad with that marilyn manson death metal wonder they hate us if they think thats what the country stands for...its not the country or us we the people barely have a voice........its the fucking drug dealer eminem thats on a stage in the spotlight with industrial sized speakers cranked up to 21 megawatts. he should be getting the lethal injection not being amplified. for our distant middle eastern relatives its companies and industries that dont have allegiance to any nation..not dont be mad at us were mad too about this shit too. i dont get it. for some reason in this country the mob has the loudest voice. drug dealers like snoop dogg and dr dre are touring the country in luxury busses.. literally preaching to people once theyve gotten them so high that they cant think straight. thats damaged goods people. thats stolen potential. theyre obstructing brain cells. meanwhile every gang in every city has affiliations with these god fathers that orchestrate criminal networks that literally have large portions of our country under their influence...or off limits as apart of their black market..people that are their ho stages. we shouldnt have to share our cities with scum...but the prisons in this country are overflowing because the law is such a non deterrent for low life thugs across the country. theywill rip you off in a second and not even consider it. put them in prison and they work out and rape other prisoners...goodjob america your leniency has resulted in massive criminal demographics that could give a shit about being locked up, while your at it throw them some crack head that they deliberately fucked up so they have someone to fuck. its real great that the recording industry thought that those assholes deserve a microphone and a stage so they can invade your house on an mp3 to access the computer. they aren't intellectuals..they don't respect peoples property why should the fbi protect their trash. you cant even burn the shit without it producing a toxic cloud of shit which brings my next question why even make the cds to begin with. do we really need ten million cds with a pimp talking about his dope game...couldnt you like make ten million cds about how to perform surgery or how to fix your carburetor but no we need ten million cds by jay z about how glamorous dealing crack cocaine in conclusion fuck that trash..if your kid has an eminem album or eminem mp3 dont be a half assed parent and make a conclusion that its not that bad after hearing his single on the radio...i encourage you to listen to some of his cds...and ask yourself do you want that narcissistic criminal fuck as an influence in your house. eminem, that loser should be out there picking up trash at the side of the road...but somebody decided his mediocre rhymes about doing drugs and beating women and fags deserved to be mass produced..those same fucks probably think its a good idea to burn down the rainforest...its got rich soil who cares about oxygen depletion for the rest of the world..its those same fucks that think its a good idea to make a budweiser frog to be like kermit the frog..or a coors train to resemble the polar express for their target audience of kids...its those same fucks that decided to just dump their industrial waste downstream nevermind the generations of cancer for the locals...its cheaper to just dump it downstream....i really hope people somehow hold these gangsta rappers accountable for what they say..for the future. i really dont want to see future generations seeing these thugs of today glorified like al capone with a cigar in his mouth and a tommy gun in his hands. because those mobsters arent cool...they arent romantic or glorious..they arent rebels or heros..theyre just lowlife assholes plain and simple..they really should not be producing music. i dont give a shit about their freedom of speech they waved that right when they started telling kids dope is cool...that.pimps are awesome..and when they started violating other people's first amendment rights with lyrics like: "bitch shut yo trap" and "shut up slut"

wow how intellectual

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