Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Religion is Organized Crime

Across America there is a network of corrupt organizations involved in massive fraud, extortion, identity theft, drug dealing, harrasment, invasions of privacy, stalking, pimping, and numerous other scams. This organization is....the Christian church.

Shocked? There are two types of church goers...insiders and outsiders and as someone born on the inside I know much more about what the church does than the general outsider does. The general outsider goes to their church once in a while for a charity drive or on sundays and during the holidays and has a wholly positive view of the an insider I see what the church does as it's major dealings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday not just during mass when the show is on...outsiders are given a performance when they go to church...there is a band, there is a stage...

I will start with a few examples and then go into further specific incidents of fraud

Take donations for example, a church may have a canned food drive to feed the homeless and droves of good people in the community donate food to the church to feed the homeless...but they never check up on their donation so there is a massive window for's how it works

Instead of using that food to feed the homeless they may use them as pay in exchange for labor out of the homeless if the homeless person does under the table labor or collects cans all day then they in return get the can of peas for dinner...the peas aren't given away..they are given to the church by the public and make no mistake they are given TO the church not to the needy

Take the salvation army...people with old clothes donate them out of their charitable nature...The salvation army capitalizes on peoples charitable nature and then makes a business out of it..They sell those clothes back to the needy for dollars and they sell them to people that are extremely strapped for cash.

I've seen it...I've seen them taking penny rolls from a homeless person literally freezing without an adequate coat...yep they take dimerolls from single mothers with two kids who need shoes for them without any holes in them..they taketheir money or else no sale. they have those low low prices because they have no production costs..our good will lines their pockets.when you donate to the salvation army you are helping the salvation army..not the poor. i would much rather have the very needy just given my clothes..donated to them not to the salvation army. we arent helping those people we are helping thee salvation army..they make cash off of these very hard working people WITH your donations. ..If you want to help the poor people in your community then go out there and help them..don't support some middle man corrupt organization...there is no cost of production..the business gets its products for free..from us,then it sells them..turns donations into a way to make a of people that want to help/and it rains pennies from heaven from all those angels up there donating their clothing for the needy...then that corporation turns around and sells it to them...may seem cheap..not like much, but for the poor 5 dollars might as well be 50. It's ridiculous but this is just the tip of the iceberg...
make no mistake the church is a Business and their bottom line IS money

They profit off of your charity and your donations. Soup kitchens across America are Christian run and many homeless choose to starve or freeze then resort to these places..why? Because they come in looking for Salvation and they are sized up by their weight, their health, and their skills and they are trafficked in a black market across america throughout other christian organizations..AKA the YMCA..another christian organization that trafficks the homeless on their way to their destination..why wouldnt the homeless say anything or just not serve the church? well incase you hadn't already noticed the Y also has for the homeless man in the cot upstairs he can agree to work for so and so or he can get his balls crushed....some end up working out on farms, some end up in the back of mob run delis, some end up pushing a cart...The fact is they are laborers that are trafficked by the church..The church isnt helping these people at all..many of them would rather starve then resort to going to a christian organization for "salvation"
The amish are in fact used by the church for carpentry construction and they are not paid...their kids are also trafficked and sold across america...keep in mind despite all the different sect of the christian church they all work as one organization and email on another and keep in touch to notify various members of another church that someone they are trafficking is heading their way say on a bus or is hitching a ride...the reason these people aren't saying anything is 1. if they work in the back of a mob run deli in the city..well delis have knives or if they work on a farm, farms have dogs..if they collect cans they may be threatened that when they fall asleep someone will stick them with a dirty needle etcetc and 2. the church also dopes them up with booze and other drugs

Drug dealing is a major factor in the christian empire as well as fraud

here is a story of how the church marrys the two

Flocks of Christians go to a Christian Rock concert to enjoy wholesome christian brand these events there isn't any peddling...instead of a concession stand they have a booth with people who brought freewater for the people and they are handing out bottles of water..instead of a soda standHOW Christian...but get this, some of the bottles of water are actually laced with exctasy....yes they have been spiked...and right in the middle of the rockin performance the lead singer on stage stops, grabs the microphone, and shouts to the great dramatic fashion."It's a miracle!!! I can feel Christ's love! I can feel Jesus's love washing over my body!! PRAISE THE LORD" This is AS the ecstasy begins to kick in and take ahold of the crowd. And the teens honestly believe that a miracle occured and that Christ "Blessed" them. So what does this do? I'll tell you what it does..It makes them followers forlife...It makes young adults Christian Devoutees. They are now devouted to the Christian faith for life and for the rest of their lives. now tht they believe in these holy mi the devil and hell are their fear is They watch christian networks, donate to the local church, donate to christian networks..advertize for the local church, they try to convert other people to join the church, they raise their kids within the church...all because of a little "holy water"

The church is one giant corrupt business

Those are the kinds of tricks organized christianity has up it's sleeve...honestly they're like "carnees"

When you find out things like Jehova's witnesses offer the elderly protection in their neighborhood for a donation...things start to get deadly serious but the fact is you dont hear about this stuff during your 9-5 because you are at work, but the jehova's witnesses are wandering around the communities..keep in mind the elderly are at home all day and they are easy prey for criminals and criminal organizations, but hey god will make sure the cross wearing homeboys at the end of the street wont do anything for a little donation...if they dont pay then they displease god and thus bad things might happen...nice racket church could you get out of our pledge and off our currency the church often goes to the 3rd world to pilfer and plunder...they claim they are going to the 3rd world to save the people. when in reality its where human rights laws are non existent..thats why they go to the 3rd laws in their way.. where their are no legal stop them from buying people..and thus the people can be forced into labor...again donations are used as currency...they claim that they are trying to help thosee people...and they shoot a commercial about it.. they can also milk the public in the us for charity to save the children..and then the money is laundered they arent saving anybody. they are literally buying and selling people you may be fooled but wake up and smell the fraud..listen to what thomas jefferson said..that the church is one of the most vile and corrupt organizations known to man. those churches at the end of everyblock are breaking the law..this is from an insider...fuck em. you dont need a church to feed the hungry. if you stopped getting suckered those corrupt organizations would fade away.people honestly believe their donations are helping..they get involved and they see it helping,but thats just one part of the christian empire...their church may present itself as squeaky clean depending on the people in their congregation..meanwhile on the other side of town a completely different congregation with an affiliated church is hustling labor racketeering and embezzling.

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