Friday, April 1, 2011

Expose the lies: A Piece on GRAND THEFT AUTO

Grand Theft Auto depicts a main character who becomes extremely rich leading a life of crime. Remember the old adage “crime doesn’t pay”.. well the opposite is portrayed here. By the end of the game the protagonist has amassed millions of dollars. It's just a videogame, well duh right, and it's intended for adults. But that's complete bullshit...I played grand theft auto in middle school and high school and what I'm worried about is the kids that pick this up and think this is how the world works. Based on their demographics who it's really intended for are teenagers. "CJ" the main character robs peoples homes, beats up rival gang members and becomes ultra rich..with a diamond cross and a house overlooking the hollywood hills. This is extremely unrealistic for the type of work he is doing.. but then again the game does allow you to just buy guns from a shop right off the street. What I'm saying is a few months of this type of behavoir and you've landed yourself in a detention facility or a prison. You aren't going to be living sweet, shopping at Beverly hills with models around your arms. Organized crime seems to reinforce this rags to riches idea with its many gangsta rap moguls that tell kids, literaly tell them that the way they got off the streets was the dope game "thats dealing drugs" and rapping like that's a realistic career goal. The game is really irresponsible in the way it depicts criminal glamorous. Again, with it’s sequel “Vice City” Rockstar, the company behind the games, gives us a rags to riches tale..with the main protagonist going from a single bedroom to a shoreline mansion through a life of crime. Vice city’s protagonist is a mafia man just released from jail..he amasses millions of dollars, parties on a yacht with distinguished peoples, drives sports cars, wears suits, and ends up in a questions asked. He gets his mansion, his threads, and his cars by dealing drugs, being a hitman, working for various gangs and criminal syndicates, and hustling. This is not a realistic depiction of criminal life…It is a cartoonized version of it made to delude impressionable kids and to create a reality buffer so that such an unappealing lifestyle looks great. The main character is a low level thug however in virtual reality he has a mansion with a view of the ocean. It’s ridiculous…However, the game’s main audiences are "adults." right. Like adults are forking their money over for these stupid optical discs loaded with ads and trash that keep players immersed with the potty humor. Despite the fact that these games are intended for adults..the vendors sure seem to be collecting a lot more money when school's out. When I was 14 I was paying 60 dollars for this shit "intended for an adult." And as an adult I'm taking a look at this shit and I swear it's for kids. So as a kid you don;t really realize that this world created by rockstar is far from reality, To these companies teenagers are fish in a barrel we are confined to school we aren’t out there in the real world as much as we’d like to be. So it isn’t until adulthood when you actually have a chance to get out there and experience the real world that you realize just how warped this world created by Rockstar Games is. I liken it to kids that are not from crime ridden neighborhoods that love gangsta rap. The guy is rapping about drug dealing, beating on people, robbing people,shooting people, and these brats from the suburbs drive around and party to it..However, if they spent one month in a bad neighborhood worried about getting robbed everynight on their way home, having to get new locks for their doors and bars for the windows...having to walk by dangerous gangs on the corners pushing dopes that utterly ruin people.. They might not consider that loud gangsta shit to be entertaining anymore. Of course as young adults understand you can’t just steal cars and drive around hitting people and you don't come back to life but the messages the game gives to it’s audience are wrong. Not to mention that the corrupting influences that dominate the world that they are emerging into might seek to further corrupt. By encouraging risk taking. Hell, some people actually do teach that when you die you get another life. So these games are incredibly unrealistic in the ways they play out but the things in them are founded in the brutal reality that is out there. And despite the fact that it is just a game, the reviews and publicists that give the game press herald it as a gritty piece of crime drama like The Godfather or Goodfellas. It is heralded as REALISTIC Simply because it isn't about a magical blue hedgehog in candy land trying to save a princes thus compared to what else is in the game market..grand theft auto is considered "realistic." Realistic, because it has gangsters and guns and takes place in a city not Mario’s magic kingdom. But these are lies…the game isn’t realistic at all and yet it’s audience is under the impression that it is. These demographics, comprised of young adults do not have a completely formed world view..thus Rockstar easily hustles them because they are like fish in a barrel. By showing a criminal thug living in splendor and glamor which to rockstar’s deluded audience of might seem appealing or possible. Despite the fact that it is absolutely 100 percent a teenager it’s a convincing melodrama…but this is not just ridiculous..It’s dangerous..Australia has even taken the measure to ban the game. The government enforces a ban on it..BRAVO!…why? Because such media is dangerous.VERY dangerous especially when they're claiming it's intended for adults while the demographics show that the majority of people playing it are kids. Talk about manipulative and shitty. It's a candy cigarette. Let's hear phillip morris preach that it's cigarettes are intended for adults but made for kids. The fact that Australia has banned it shows just how corrupting and terrible this stuff actually is..especially when it’s main audiences are teenagers..or worse, even younger. When this type of media that falls under the category as entertainment, and is in the same stratosphere as toys, is disturbing and stupefying. Despite the fact that the game has a Mature rating on the package you can walk into a toy store and find it on the shelf…not a video-game store, not a superstore...but a TOY STORE! That's the equivalent of KB Toys and Toys R Us selling gangsta rap cds. What’s worse is you don’t even need an ID to buy it. I would know I bought tons of M rated games before I was ever 17. The shop keep doesn’t really give a shit because that’s 60 dollars out of his young patrons pocket and if it’s ever an issue he can always blame the parents…never mind his responsibilities he works for a company...and besides the company says the game is "intended for adults"...right? So nevermind individual responsibility he will take a wad of cash from a kids velcro wallet and hand him a hatefull, misogynistic, idiotic, seizure inducing, false reality starring a gangster as the hero...and he will put that 65 dollars away. This violent sickening shit is outrageous and reckless in the way it treats and influences it’s audience. I am not against violence in media like these asshole Christian extremists that want to censor reality...I believe that in a FPS(first person shooter) when someone gets should look like it does on the it does in reality...what I am against are these games that take violence and produce games that are like masochistic cartoons in which they use violence in sickening and insensitive contexts..when they mix violence with comedy and applaud brutality. They handle violence inappropriatly. They use it to desensitize or to offend. As in GTA when someone is mowed down by a car there is a comedic Squish that sounds right out of a cartoon. That's inappropriate. I am not against violence in videogames nor am against nudity. However there are fighting games that depict the only female character in a thong and spandex doing moves that resemble a stripper's routine. That is offensive because its degrading to women. Fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Street fighter, killer instinct, and Dead or Alive feature female characters in stripper outfits...that is offensive. Not because breasts are offensive...or nudity is offensive but this exploitation of women as sexual objects is.. Meanwhile EA produces a game called the SIMS..a virtual life simulater in which you
design a house and a character and live within it...this game blurs the character
when they get into a shower or bath..So natural regular ol' everyday nudity is censored while these stripper characters are deemed just fine...It's fucking idiotic. Women are represented as sexual objects in grand theft auto and it's offensive...not because nudity is offensive but because the company's masogynistic agenda is......this works out well for the pimping and pornographic industry. Drugs are used casually and in celebration...this works well for the dealers and pushers. Fun events are playing pool for money, throwing dice, and gambling at the casino...this works pretty well for the gambling industry. So it's almost like grandt theft auto san andreas was the collaborative effort of all of organized crime..condensed down inside a little disk for all the bastards out there. But hey when you consider the amount of gangster rap our government allows..all the hate speech and criminal bullshit that we have to deal with from Snoop dogg to Eminem to kid Rock to Wu Tang Klan to Jay Z..we shouldn’t really be surprised that they allow this stuff to keep kids under it’s influence. I think the FBI’s interpretation of Laissez Faire is just let the market do whatever the hell it wants….keep your hands off the market no matter how many candy cigarettes, porno tapes, or gangster jingles it decides to make…Boy I wish I had a responsible government like Australia..that actually has the balls to defend it’s own people from corrupting influences..not here in America in America our country needs us..needs us to fight it’s wars and fuel it’s economies..while we get robbed in our own communities or hustled our nation needs us to protect it despite the fact that it cannot even protect us. Try to protect us nation...try like audtralia. Protect us from Rockstar entertainment and grand theft auto...don't inform us that cigarettes are bad when we are lying on our death bed with infected alvelio sacks..don't tell us I told you so...pull those fucking things off the market...when people are dying from lung cancer,on oxygen are so addicted, that they still smoke through the little hole in their throat..then pull those things off the market...When you have kids thinking they are going to be living large in california from breaking into houses and robbing people with bats and knives..pull that shit off the market..To stop kids who live that way and have it glamorized for them..and kids who look up to that shit and end up wasted potential influenced by criminal scum. Grand Theft Auto is just the tip of the iceberg in a whole sea of obstructions. Australia did the right thing. But here in America the game was criticized by politicians who said it’s up to parent’s to be vigilant but so what? Talk is cheap. Meanwhile they let it become an industry…grand theft auto cds, grand theft auto shows, and grand theft auto movies…billions out of grand theft auto..while in australia they just nip that in the bud..not in America..but hell America isn’t Australia..try surfing off the coast of LA compared to Bell’s Beach Australia..the difference is in Australia you don’t come out with cancer. So in America the politicians talk and talk while Grand Theft Auto pollutes minds just like major industries polluted skies and streams to the point we all need water filters on our taps and to routinely check for lumps. When Hilary Clinton and Joe Lieberman talk and talk about how bad this game is..then they need to DO’s plain to see..we’re in the shit and they’re telling us about it. They don’t do anything about it. They keep their hands off of it and they let the market deal it..hands off the market. It’s incredibly irresponsible. But after being dumbed down by Christianity we are expected to forgive and forget..That cancer lumps are apart of “God’s plan” or some bullshit. You know if we’re dumb..we don’t mind. Well I mind…I mind when I see a store owner telling single parents to be more responsible while he deals this trash to kids right after school. These videogames are full of drugs, prostitution, and violence and the media that sells them calls them “realistic” But as I said before these are not realistic at all..but they are full of beers, cigarettes, prostitutes, and head shots. However, because they are publicized as realistic their audience thinks they are true to reality…but to those of us with a taste of the real world know that’s not at all how the real world works. It deludes people.violence..and sex are not things that should be censored..but when its in the context of sex trafficking..prostitution and women being represented as sex objects than its horribly offensive. Thugs that run around doing hits on people and dealing drugs don’t end up with a mansion. Furthermore thugs in real life are loathsome manipulative pieces of shit..not these charismatic, brave, and honest hardworking protagonists that are just unlucky and completely faultless for leading a life of crime. In real life these people hurt people like you and me. And the game further doesn’t give a shit by portraying all the pedestrians as bumbling morons that are all within a stereotype. They add a comedic squish when the main character runs them over. In reality car accidents are horrible, but in Rockstar land they are comedic. This media is warped…it’s influence is corrupting..but only in America does it become a phenomenon advertized everywhere and talked about on the news and heralded by the fans until it becomes a billion dollar industry. Another divisive fact is that rockstar has a market within the market..a mini market..while the market reads the paper, rockstar's market reads "game informer" or the game paper...while the market watches the news on tv,the rockstar market watches "G4" gaming news that rockstar's market is isolated within the market within it's own market. And what does the game market preach..that grand theft auto is a masterpiece..that it's art equivalent to good cinema such as the goodfellas and scarface..which is just more gangster trash...but in Rockstar's market that trash is brilliant and genious...they call gangsta rap "poetry"..they call grand theft auto the pinacle of interactive entertainment...when honestly it gives me a fucking headache, it's repetitive, and loaded with advertizements...This is essentially garbage..that costs 60 dollars...while they stamp out each and every cd for pennies...PENNIES and when these kids flunk out because they live in San Andreas "Grand theft auto's fictional city" they'll be paying for the sequel with what amounts to two days pay in the minimium wage market...two days pay for something that was stamped out in half a second..and that advertizes to you after you have purchased it...Where isn't the losing end of that stick? It’s clearly bad but “hands off.” the market. The only time the Federal Government does intervene is when someone starts pirating the software and people are picking up grand theft auto on some internet black market and Rockstar isn't collecting enough lunch money. So the FBI essentially ends up working for the criminal company by going after it’s enemies. When last time I checked they were supposed to be working for Americans…but it's not all Americas fault..this game was made and designed by DMA before they became "Rockstar" in Jolly old England, but it got it's legs here in the good ol' USA which they probably see as nothing more than just there market Something to collect off of..but these are futures and potentials that they are so heavily some sad cases these are kids that they are manipulating and exploiting..and criminals that they are glorifying and glamorizing. Just what in the hell are they doing in our market? So when Joe Lieberman or Hillary Clinton tells us
this shit is awful in a news article..after its been in circulation for five years...really!? You're telling us...but talk is cheap..sometimes you have to put a fucking foot down and not just talk and talk and press for a bill that you end up not passing after months of deliberation. I swear to god the only fucking thing are politicians end up doing is just talking. "Grand theft auto is very bad" Really?
no shit..and guess what there is a big bad fucking company that makes it. A company that hires and fires and uses producers and consumers that is getting away with a lot of shit. They're peddling gambling, smut, and drugs to a young audience but hey they said it was "intended for an adult demographic" so let's let them go with a warning...let's keep our "hand's off" the market..but if anyone ends up pirating Rockstar's shit let's send the government's security after them. Let's not make Rockstar get their own security let's give them tax payer's law enforcement so that the FBI can work to ensure that the gangsta's game is a hot commodity in the free market. I mean come on. A lot of these companies are fucking dirty..I don't want the government being their errand boy. It shouldn't be a seems like the government doesn't want to face up to it. Look at Enron. Was that supposed to be a surprise? DMA/Rockstar games is selling this gangsta dope pushing, idiotic shit to kids. That is a bad company. The longer their games stay on sale...the more money..the more power goes to a bad company...That's more magazines, more videos, more mp3s from a BAD company...and when the market gets manipulated by these bad companies you have cynics blaming it all on Capatlism..It's not capitalism's fault..they go against capitalism they violate capitalism with their dirty business practices and when they draw negative attention they blame it all on capitalism. its bad business..these companies monopolize within the capitalist markets and they get away with things they shouldn't. I mean honestly how can you let a company make criminal shit that they influence kids with go on doing so because they said that their product is "intended" for adults. They can say anything they fucking want that doesn't necessarily make it true. But the government tolerates it. Oh see the game is intended for adults and it has a warning on the bottom corner of the package, case closed, good night, problem solved. It's like allowing phillip morris to sell their little packs of cigarettes that sooth like opium, thrill like cocaine, and addict like heroin..because there is a fucking warning on the side of the box. They put a warning on the box and that solved the problem. Meanwhile the cigarette companies are using cartoons and role models to lead kids into smoking. Meanwhile they are flooding the market with cheap cigarettes from the internet to indian reservations to dump cigarettes into the market because people are more wary of them so they want to increase exposure...and these companies do this but hey the government put a little warning on the box so everything is taking care of..if you get sick it's your own fucking fault...never mind if you started smoking before you were even fucking legally old enough to buy them and used to eat candy cigarettes as a kid and picked up the habit because it was cool. Not to mention people on the street and in the poverty line that smoke these fucking things all the time like it's just a way of life. I don't think they got a chance to read the fucking message on the side of the box and I'm not sure if their kids can even read to begin with but the loud cartoon camel with a friendly smile that says SMOKE in his best Bullwinkle impression sure seems to reach them more so then the little type on the side of the box,dammit. They put a warning on the bottom corner of the box that is dwarfed by the cover and that is their solution to a problem? Often times it is simply not as effective as the thing that it's attempting to warn them about. It's good that it's there, but in many cases it simply is not effective. So it's not really a solution to the problem. There may be a parental advisory on SnoopDogg or Eminems album but it's being consumed primarily by people under obviously the advisory doesn't really matter...and when you see all those cds made by snoop dogg and Eminem full of songs about beating their girlfriends up and choking a faggot and drinking vodka and smoking off the shelves to high school students it's a little bit like Mein Kempf selling out in Nazi Germany. Here is a rapper named the kid's candy...but he's intended for a "mature" audience. There aren't any police at the record store...or at the video game store...but why not? They should see what that shit does and how it works. I would rather have a flesh and blood police officer at the store watching the business over a printed warning. The fact that these companies say that it's up to parents to control what their kids watch and that they have an age recommendation on the box doesn't change the fact that they are taking advantage of under privileged youth with no guardian. They say they warned people about the content because they care but then they go and sell it to a kid without a parent present. So are they honest? They claim the warning is to let parents know because the company cares about that, but then they sell the product to a kid who is under the intended age who has no parent present. That's not a responsible company. However, they feign responsibility. So they are basically lying. It's about dollars,and kids with no real parents end up with holes in their pockets. The company that profits off of it says hey there are warnings on the box. However, they don't follow them. So if you don't follow them you are a bad parent...however, if they don't follow're a bad parent. How if you're a kid with bad parent that's never around you're going to end up being the one who gets the game. So essentially there is a market for kids to buy adult oriented material who do not have parents or guardians that care or are around, and surprise surprise once they tap into that market it's a very easy one to manipulate. Do you understand how their advisory system works?If you have a parent or guardian they should be advised about the content of this media..If you don't then it's essentially the kids that don't have a parent or guardian watching out for them are the ones that get the game..because it is not required to have a parent or guardian present while purchasing the game and it is not illegal for the stores to sell M rated games to kids under the "suggested" age..thus the kids without the parent or guardian end up with the violent corrupting game created for crime by crime are the ones who get it and they are the ones that need to be kept away from it the MOST because they are the ones that it seeks to influence the most. If they have no parental influence then the business has a direct influence with them because there is no parental influence around..thus Rockstar can step right up and dictate what is right and wrong, what is cool, what is good. Why? because there is no parent to say no thus there is a kid who will buy it and be under it's influence. That is why they sell directly too children, because they want to influence them especially if there is no parent. Meanwhile they say to discerning parents in the stores that they put a warning right on the box. Then the parent walks out, in walks a 12 year old kid right after school, hands over 60 bucks, and the clerk that was just advising the parent that it is not intended for kids sells it to a kid it was clearly intended for. So a kid without a parent around is better made for getting the product than a kid with a parent that follows the guidelines. Does that make any sense? Because that essentially is the guideline they follow. They put a parental advisory on the box, but they sell the product to kids without a parent present. Does that make any fucking sense? The fact of the matter is the truth is brutal. These violent M rated games are intended for kids. THERE IT IS FOLKS. No matter what the reassurance the clerk gives you as a parent, You spend twenty minutes in the store at walk out meanwhile all day long he is selling to kids without a parent present. All day long he sells the game to a 15 year old, a 12 year old, a 14 year old etc etc that walk in and buy the game...but when a parent comes in and looks at the atrocious content of the game..the clerk advises them that it is specifically intended for an adult audience...Which is a lie. However, it makes you feel better that the store is not exposing kids to that type of content..when that is exactly what they do. However, you see the warning, you see the advisory so you think good. Then a kid walks in without a parent and the clerk sells it to him, bing,bang, boom. However,the clerk just informed you that the offensive game you saw was not for kids even though it is sold too kids. So what he means is that offensive game is for kids with hardly any parents. Or else he would not be allowed to sell it to kids. Why is their a warning on the box for parents to follow but not the business? The business is criminal. Video games are toys. When I was a kid I played Sonic the hedgehog a blue cartoon character. Sonic and Mario are what brought me into the gamestore but while looking for sonic games there were adult games right where Sonic was. For anybody that has never been to a videogame store let me explain. The games are in rows like bnoks in a shelf at a library. If you are looking for a new game you browse through the rowsof games..and you can find a violent M rated game..right next to a cartoony E rated game. My first thought walking into gamestop the other day was WHY are these M rated games not up high?! There are kids in the stores looking at games and there are M rated games right next to their goddamn fucking Pokemon games? So parents might control which game their kid finally decides he wants but they don't understand that while he or she is looking for their favorite mickey mouse game that they are exposed to other questionable influences. Is this intentional? You would think if you were a responsible company that had these Mature rated games that you don't want kids playing that you would put them all together and have them at least 5 feet off the ground. That is if your intentions truly are to make some games intended for adults and others for children why are the adult ones sprinkled amongst the kid's games. The other day on one of the lower racks I found "Saints Row" a game in which you form a gang and kill other gangs in a virtual city...and it was low on the shelf. If this was meant for adults why is it so low. Why aren't the games categorized by their ESRB rating? The games are arranged alphabetically so a game rated T for teen may be right next one that is E for everyone and another one that is M for Mature. Why not segregate the store and arrange the games by their ESRB rating? this way you have no diffusion of adult oriented material getting exposure while somebodies kid looks for their Pokemon game. Believe it or not this is a genuine market strategy. Kids who see an M rated game may be more interesting than their talking blue squirrel. M rated games have better production values. It's a fact you play a kids game and it's cheap, the gameplay is very simple, and even to a kid it's dull. They use characters like mickey mouse and the lion king to get kids to play these games but they are generally of a lower quality than T or M rated when the kid is looking for his Sonic game he is exposed to an M rated game that is just thrown into the shuffle..and the game looks WAY better than anything he is playing so he asks his mom if he can buy it..but it's an adult game so she says no...So he nags and nags and she either finally gives in and lets him get it or the kid finds a way to get it on his own. Thus the "exposure" worked. If the store intended these games for adults you would think that they would not be mixed in with games for kids and placed on display two feet off of the ground? I'm just pointing out the lack of integrity within the store itself. If this shit is not intended for kids they should keep it away from kids. My problem is not with violence or sex but rather of corrupting influences. A video game can be a corrupting influence. one that tries to make criminals look that trivializes prostitution and drug that fuses violence and comedy, one that fosters risk taking behavior in order to increase probability of making the target a smoker etc etc. As a teenager these criminal characters were cool. But once you grow up and get a real look at the people these types of characters really are it sinks in that these protagonists that you emulated in style are not cool but dangerous, bad, deplorable scumbags. In the movie scarface Al Pacino was seen as cool. But when you grow up and take a real look at it, the man is a complete scumbag. In reality drug dealers are the absolute scum of the Earth that want to addict people and kill them with an addiction to steal the dollar. However, The Scarface makes a rockstar out of it's drug dealer lead character. They make this character to appeal to teenagers, but once you move out and live in the city it dawns on you that Scarface isn't cool at all, but a fucking menace. And here is this movie studio packaging him as cool, and the grand theft auto games do the same thing with their thug protagonists..they try to make them cool..when they represent very bad people. Kids shouldnt be exposed to the bad guy and told repeatedly that the bad guy is good. That's what a lot of gangsta media does...from movies about the mob like goodfellas that try to paint a portrait of the mob as this thug gangstas that rap about pimping women and beating people down into extortion being called "poetry" video-games starring someone that opens your car door, punches you in the face, then takes off in your car to do a mission for the mob...repeatedly these mediums attempt to portray extremely negative individuals as positive. Why? In reality, the thug, the mob, the organized criminals out there are very bad people that want to addict, cheat, and hurt decent and good people in order to get something out of them either their money or their body by force and against that persons will. Someone that does that isn't why do these companies repeatedly portray someone like that as cool? Pimps are slave owners..they aren't cool. Drug dealers don't have any this Tony Montana in Scarface. Drug dealers don't care who they hook on their junk, but universal pictures portrays this drug dealer as a veritable hero that cares about kids and looks after his family. A man that simply wants to live the american dream, something impossible for him as a cuban immigrant unless of course he deals cocaine...What bullshit..on the streets drug dealers are the fucking biggest assholes around. They make junkies. They try to get kids to do dope at parties, They fry peoples fucking heads and take their money. They gang beat and gang rape people. They are utter trash, destroyers of potential..but according to universal pictures they are fucking heroes. According to Death Row records Tupac is a "poet"
Jay Z isn't a dope pusher..he's a "musician" According to Rockstar games Tommy Vercetti isn't a lowlife thug he is cool. In reality the gangstas and mobsters are responsible for hurting, addicting,taking advantage of, and holding back people. They aren't cool or wise or talented. They are scum. When they collaborate to make a game like grand theft auto their intent is to corrupt a demographic. As I said earlier in Australia it isn't even legal, but here that gives the franchise notoriety.However, in Australia it's a piece of criminal media that is illegal just like a piece of criminal dope. I liken this trash to Mein Kempf. How could the German people allow such horrible nonsense? But when you listen to eminem rapping about killing his girlfriend and driving around with her body in the passenger seat with sunglasses on it and you think of all the battered women out there under a pimp living in fear you have to wonder how the hell do Americans allow this horrible trash. Gangsta rap is AS bad as Mein Kempf and it's fucking selling out across America. We look at the pictures in our history books and say how could those German's tolerate such fucking atrocity, but drive through your town or cities bad neighborhoods, prowl it's alleyways take a look at the addicts and the abused prostitutes and see how their oppressors are glorified in stores. Look at how these criminals tour the country in a bus promoting dope and drugs and preaching their criminal stranglehold with stupid songs that are stupid perverse nursery rhymes that anybody could fucking write. What's the point of their message..?
"do drugs, don't be a bitch..fuck the police or we'll kill you" That isn't poetry..and that shit isnt cool but kids in high school are told that shit is cool and they pay for those cds and they listen to that criminal bullshit. it's a fucking criminal dictating. One day they'll look back and say how could those Americans just allow those criminals to dictate like that? And while we lock up at night they are out there and they are holding people back and holding people down. They are out there trying to get kids to try their dope...They are out there degrading women that they make into their hoes calling them bitches and selling their bodies. Homeless people strung out on dope...sucking on poison..for some dealer to put gold in his teeth...his junky has NO teeth and he has fucking GOLD teeth...and those are fucking people that are getting held back by fucking scumbags...and companies give these dirt bags a stage and they'll lie right to your face when you look at it with disgust by telling you that the show is intended for adults.

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